A Guide to Choosing the Right Lights for Your Home

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Did you know that lighting is one of the most important points of the house? We often forget that it exists, but the truth is that it makes all the difference. It helps to delineate spaces, make them more or less comfortable, ideal for working or reading or sleeping. Light is such an important element that it has been thought of since the beginning of building a house along with the architectural design.

How to take advantage of natural lighting?

Natural light is ideal for any home because of all types of light is the most comfortable for humans. Often, and when it is not possible to change the windows of the house (doors and windows), it is ideal to take advantage of natural light by painting the walls in white or light tones, so that the rays of light reflect in greater amount making the brightest space. 

How to get around the limitations? Is it possible to create more light spots?

If you are building a home from scratch to think about lighting, this is definitely the best time to do it. Remember to create direct light points in the most important areas of the home, such as the kitchen and bathrooms, and create indirect light zones in walkways or rest areas. One can purchase hanging lights online India and decorate as well.

If you are unable to create new light points from scratch, you can always create them artificially by pulling out electricity. These new light points can be hidden by “false” plasterboard ceilings or walls or simply with gutters or electrical cables that should be painted the same color as the wall/ceiling in order to neutralize them to the fullest. For these changes it is advisable to contact a specialist technician for your home wall light.

Which lamps should you choose?


You should always buy led lights online. Reduced consumption, durability and eco-impact make LED lamps as well as led sensor light the ideal choice for your home. 

Firstly, you should choose the right bearing for the bracket. That said, you should choose the shape of the lamp. Please note that this aspect is very important when it comes to wall mounted fancy lights where the lamp is visible. In these cases, you should choose the globe or drop shape, as they are aesthetically balanced shapes. 

Last but not least, you should choose light intensity (lumens) and color temperature. For ambient light, living and resting spaces you should choose lamps up to 400 lumens, with a yellow color temperature. On the other hand, for work spaces or those requiring brighter lighting you should choose led tube light online with more than 600 lumens and white. You can search for led light online price for the better information.

How can you tell if the house is well lit? Where should there be better lighting?

Who has never complained of headaches watching TV or reading? Probably the problem is related to poor lighting. We therefore suggest that you confirm that you have at least these well-lit areas: kitchen countertops, dining tables, desks, reading areas and bathrooms.

What to consider before deciding the type of lighting?

The first step is to plan

Lighting and decoration must be complementary. That’s why it’s important to plan lighting spots, power cords, sockets, switches and the location of all these devices in your home.

Set the lighting points

Take into account the four lighting needs of any room: general, temporary, functional and decorative. From here, you need to define the type of lighting to use.

Think about the different atmospheres

Let us imagine two atmospheres: a soft and tranquil atmosphere for the moments of relaxation and an intense and well-lit atmosphere for the moments of work. For the relaxation division, opt for yellowish-colored lamps to create a feeling of comfort and tranquility. For the division of labor, opt for lamps with white and blue tones to convey an idea of ​​concentration and focus.

Avoid excessive lighting

If you want to avoid excessive lighting, choose to hide the light sources. Place the lamps in the corners of the rooms or opt for filtered lamps or buy wall lights.

The devil is in the details

Lighting has the power to make your life more comfortable. For example, installing lights in the wardrobe and drawers can make them easier to organize. At the top of a mirror, at the entrance of the house or in a pantry, these types of lights are necessary and make life easier while contributing to the atmosphere of the room and the house.

Do not forget the Intensity regulators

Yes, they are your best friend when it comes to lighting because they let you adjust the atmosphere of a room simply and quickly to suit your needs. Even you go for tubelight buy online with regulators.



Often homeowners choose rulers or panels to brighten their kitchens. Although they are a good light source, the fact is that these direct light beams are responsible for excessive room illumination, casting shadows in the surrounding areas.

In the kitchen the important thing is to properly lighten worktops, islands and dining tables. In this case, hanging lamps are a good option. To complement the main lighting, you can choose spotlights or rulers inside and below the furniture to properly illuminate the workbenches. Hanging led small tubelight online is also a brilliant option.


The room is the division of the house we choose to rest and recharge our batteries. That’s why the lighting you choose should help create a stress-free environment, inspire tranquility and relaxation.

Therefore, there are several options besides the traditional ceiling lamp, such as flush mount ceiling light. You can choose lamps on both sides of the bed. They can be table lamps, pendants or even wall lamps. You can also choose to have a lamp standing in one corner of the room as a complementary light source for activities such as reading.

If they have an even better-articulated arm, they allow you to optimize their use according to your needs, whether they are surfing the internet or watching TV.

The light should be yellow, as it transmits a feeling of warmth, proximity, which we want to feel in such a space.


We usually just opt ​​for a ceiling lamp when it comes to bathrooms. But this option makes no sense. The main lighting, in the form of a ceiling lamp or several recessed spotlights, must be combined with the secondary lighting in the form of wall lights for room, spotlights or strips distributed as needed. For example, around the mirror, to avoid, unnecessary shadows.

Living room 

The living room is one of the rooms in the house where we spend most time. Whether talking to family or friends, watching TV, reading or taking a nap, it is important that the lighting is pleasant and flexible.

For this reason, choose to illuminate three of the four corners of the room by focusing one of the lights on an object (it may be a piece of art, a plant, a decorative chair). In addition, combine traditional ceiling lamps with table lamps and floor lamps carefully scattered throughout the room. This option will help create a soothing, peaceful and welcoming atmosphere.


The opportunity has come to play a little with the lighting. As it is a passageway, it is the ideal place to get away from traditional choices. A pendant can be a good option in order to get away from the obvious, the ceiling lamp or the wall lamp.

Do not forget that the choice of lamp is also very important since the color of light has the power to completely transform the space and atmosphere of the decoration. Avoid cold colored light bulbs as they will make the corridor cooler and impersonal.

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