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Who we are

Khaticraft is a team of Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Product Designers and Business Executives for a revolutionary initiative in the furniture and décor industry. This initiative is to consolidate and save the small and medium manufacturer in this globalized e-commerce era. With our simplified technology and support, we integrate and unite the furniture industry against global competitors in a fair share partnership. Honesty and Transparency is our strength. To know Us more, please take an initiative to work with Us!


We provide a service that facilitates a customer to buy his products straight from a manufacture. In India for a small or a medium manufacturer owning its personal courier services for PAN-India, managing logistics, running an e-commerce website, managing technology, hiring product designers, digital marketing and other technological and legal issues becomes so hard and time taking. We are the solution to all the problems. You get your product from the factory itself that saves your money and a genuine promise of Quality.

Hotel Furniture
Home Furniture


We, at Khaticraft, offer PAN-India free selling option at our website www.khaticraft.com to all the selected manufacturers. We also have our premium services to grow your business faster. We work with third-party companies also for best utilization of your time and money. The channels we help you in selling are both retail and wholesale with a well-connected network.

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What we really do?

By the changing time, so as the needs of the people we are bringing an innovation in the field of furnishing and decor while considering the modern growing culture of India.

Our Vision

Smallest sheltering shall be in touch with the modern innovation and daily livelihood shall be more easy and most utilized. We focus on portability, space saving, easy assembly, uniqueness, and personal touch in lifestyle Furnishing and Decor.

History of the Company

We as a company new but our working profiles are very experienced in their relevant segments. Past 5 years market researches and studies have given birth to this modern idea of furnishing company.

Cooperate with Us!

We as a group of many manufacturing companies and designing schools collaborated together to change the face of Indian furnishing culture. We have all kinds of work expert groups to perform a specific project as per the need of hour.

What can we do for you?

Our support services are available both on a call and a online ticket submission methods. Our dedicated call centers will help your generated request on the spot. Whether you are a seller or a customer, your request will be processed at similar urgency level with in 24 hours.

Our raw material used for the manufacturing the product is premium one after going through the several quality measures. At each step of building we examine the quality measures.

Our delivery services is really very fast for the ready to ship products. Products those are custom made could be shipped within 10 days from the order placed. We try our best to make it as soon as possible under all circumstances.

Our support team is very quick. We provide the live chat option, support ticket generation as well as the telephonic assistance. All our support services goes for both our customers and sellers at equal importance.

This list of Verified Customers is going big everyday. Our customers feedback and their honest reviews are the backbone of our product designs and other services.

Our security encrypted layer for your data protection is up to date. We use high level of security certification and encryption under all the cyber laws domestic as well as international.

how khaticraft works

A Name for Portable and Space Saving Furniture to You

Backhand work

Market survey and product research

This task of knowing the customer behavior through all kind for survey- online and offline-and a keen watch over the recent demand help us to innovate new designs.

Thorough studies for selection

Once the demand is understood carefully, design team make a proposal for the products which suits our company motto to be under gone for a thorough studies considering the pros and cons for field utilization.

* Seller Team Collaboration
* Testing under live environment

Teach and build

Final finished product by our jointly manufactured process goes for live sale which takes the open and close feedback and opinions for the same. These are put into the innovation club for the next cycle of modification to upgrade the present product.

Manufacturing Process Elements

Factors in Consideration-in terms of Percentage
Common Product Selection 80%
Customer Behavioural Studies 94%
Space Saving Analysis 70%
Portability Factor Studies 99%
Product Roboustness Test 99%
Maintance Cycles Calculations 60%

Packaging and Final Testing

Export level packaging and level 3 testing

labeling of the products

This is the final step in backhand work where the finished product is stored in our warehouses for the dispatch.

fronthand work

Combinations of work processes

Technology Management

Administrative Management

Content Management

Update and Maintenance

Sales Team Department

Marketing and Promotions Department

Design & Development

Marketing and Promotions

Social Media Platform Promotion

Paid and UN-paid Marketing

Customers References

Seller References

Print and Digital Advertisement

Agency Support

Third Party Collaborations Include








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