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A well-furnished bedroom interior looks incomplete without keeping elegant bedroom like a wooden bed, bedside table, dressing table, wall mounted shelves, etc. The homeowners must take extra care and attention while decorating their bedroom. Since bed and dressing tables are the most significant furniture units inside every bedroom, so make sure it complements your style. Whether you’re planning to decorate your bedroom with wooden dressing tables or a double bed, we will help you to choose the best piece of furniture for your bedroom

Get the Shessham Bedroom Furniture to add style and comfort to your home interior. Getting the best quality and durable furniture for bedroom is a long-term investment, thus must be taken accurately. Check out the best wooden bedroom furniture sets at Khaticraft and refurbish your room.

Bedroom Furniture

Decorate Your Room with Stylish Bedroom Furniture

The kind of bedroom furniture we have kept in our home speaks about our taste and personality. The bedroom furniture must be chosen smartly so that it can have a positive effect on your sleep, mood, and mind. A serene and pleasant environment helps create a welcoming and beautiful environment. The bedroom must have perfectly balanced lighting, a mix of colors complementing each other, a bedroom furniture set, and relevant decor objects.
With so many options available in bedroom furniture, it’s time to move ahead with the latest trends and experiment with the overall décor. Home decor is all about mixing and matching different pieces of furniture and using your creativity to enhance the style of your home. Therefore, check out the best range of bedroom furniture available at Khaticraft. At Khaticraft, you can choose from various options including beds, bedroom storage, bedroom tables, seating & décor, and much more. Moreover, if you want to give your bedroom a personal touch and look for some changes in existing bedroom furniture sets at Khaitcraft, you are free to do so. We provide customization of our furniture and make the necessary modifications as per the needs of our customers.
While checking for modern bedroom furniture, make sure you check the overall quality as well. A bed is an elegant piece of bedroom furniture, whether it’s single beds, queen size beds, wardrobes, dressing tables, or sofa cum beds, all pieces of furniture are important.

Bedroom Furniture Available @ Khaticraft

While at home, we spend most of our time in our bedroom. The place offers cozy comfort and restful sleep, ensuring we stay active and energetic for the next day. Khaticraft’s latest collection of elegant bedroom furniture sets can convert your simple bedroom into your dream bedroom décor!

Wooden beds

Bedroom sets crafted from wood look beautiful and retain their originality for years. The most durable small bedroom furniture sets are made from wood and look perfect in small apartments that have limited space availability. The wooden bedroom furniture sets have universal appeal and they blend with different kinds of décors.

Bedside Tables

Beds don’t look complete without bedside tables that not only help in uplifting the overall décor but are purposeful as well. The bedside tables can be used as nightstands or storage space for keeping small things organized in one place. These wooden designs always remain in high demand and let the buyers decorate their homes gracefully.

Bedroom Chairs

Relax yourself by sitting on good lounge chairs. This relaxing furniture despite taking less space ensures maximum comfort. At Khaticraft, you can explore different designs and styles in bedroom chairs including armrest chairs, rocking chairs, folding chairs, etc.

TV Units

Enhance your viewing experience in your bedroom with our exclusive range of TV stands and TV storage units. The sleek and elegant modern pieces come in various styles and shapes that complement the overall room decor. All the TV units available at Khaticraft are designed with plenty of storage options so that you can easily keep electronic systems, gadgets, and important papers inside them.


The right wardrobe can elevate your room from space being just a place to sleep, to a space where you can lounge around comfortably. If you need a space to keep all the clothing organized, invest in a wooden wardrobe set. The wooden wardrobe is much more than a place to keep all clothes, rather it helps give a cleaner look to the room. The ideal depth of a wooden cabinet must be anywhere between 20-24 inches. So browse through our huge collection and get the best furniture for your room.

Bedroom Storage Units- Chest of Drawers

Invest in a smart and elegant Chest of Drawers for storage purposes. These kinds of furniture can be used as a TV cabinet for the bedroom and can also be used to keep things in it. Another important feature of this storage furniture is that it makes the bedroom look more elegant.

Other add-ons in your Bedroom based on the space availability

  • Dressing Table – A bedroom without a dressing table looks incomplete. In case you have sufficient space, you can buy dressing tables that come with an attached mirror in them. The dressing tables available at Khaticraft also have many drawers where you can keep all the makeup items and other important things.
  • Cabinets: These pieces of furniture have doors and drawers and are used often to store day-to-day items. The dresses have their own place in every bedroom.
  • Armrest Chairs – These are relaxing chairs that are intended to ensure maximum comfort.

So decorate your bedroom with amazing designs in bedroom furniture, available only at Khaticraft.

Factors to Consider While Buying Bedroom Furniture

  1. Space: Space is one of the most important factors that must be kept in mind while buying bedroom furniture. It is important to take the same into consideration before shopping for bedroom furniture. The homeowners are advised to measure the dimensions of the room carefully so that they can get that perfect bedroom set, without compromising on the overall look at all.
  2. Overall Style: Style is another important key factor that needs to be considered while buying bedroom furniture. The way you decorate your bedroom plays an important role in uplifting the overall look. The placing of the bed, the bedroom cabinet, TV units, and side & end tables for the bedroom play an important role in styling your bedroom.
  3. Function: Functionality always remains the top-most priority when buying bedroom furniture. It is crucial to look at the function of the furniture works according to your expectations, whether buying a particular piece of furniture serves the purpose or not.
  4. Composition: When planning a refurbishment, composition plays an important role. All of the elements must work in unison to tell a captivating story of the room. Curate the greatest furniture for your bedroom to achieve a picture-perfect balance.
  5. Kind of Material Used: While planning to buy bedroom furniture, look at the kind of material used. Since buying furniture is a long-term investment, so make sure you invest in durable furniture. The features of the furniture must best suit your requirements and be suitable for the bedroom environment. To ensure maximum usage, we use Sheesham wood for bedroom furniture. However, you can always ask for customization depending on your preference or your style.

Choose from different Bedroom Furniture Designs only at Khaticraft

Khaticraft has a huge range of bedroom furniture for all size rooms. The homeowners can browse through a huge category of beds, tables, cabinets, home decor, and storage options to give their bedroom a new look. The wooden furniture available at Khaticraft is made using Sheesham wood, these bedroom furniture designs come in different sizes to suit your home well.
If you want to give a contemporary look and style to your home, can check out the wooden bedroom furniture that goes well with your decor. If you have a big room, you can buy a king-sized bed, or in case looking for some extra sleeping area in your kids’ room, buy a wooden bed cum sofa. Choose a modular wardrobe that helps keep the place looking more organized.

Invest in Smart Furniture for Kids’ Room

Now you can enhance the overall look of your kids’ bedroom as well by choosing the best pieces of furniture. Give a functional look to the room with the best kids’ bedroom furniture. Whether you want sofa cum beds or folding chairs for your kids’ room, we have all. So browse the best bedroom furniture designs for kids now.

Buy Bedroom Sets Online in India

You get to choose from a lot of unique bedroom furniture options at Pepperfry. If you’ve never done bedroom shopping before, don’t worry. You don’t have to confuse yourself with so many choices. Jot down your requirements and use the filters provided on the website that include brand, price, storage type, material, height, width, depth, color, and discount. Your search will automatically be narrowed down to desired specifications. You can then go ahead and place the order. Pepperfry offers free delivery and has a return policy.

Enjoy Online Wooden Furniture Shopping at Khaticarft


Khaticraft is not just an online furniture store; it’s more. The homeowners who don’t want online shopping for furniture can walk in at our furniture store at Khaticraft. You can get complete assistance regarding the design or customized furniture.
This time, enhance your lifestyle through solid wood bedroom furniture. The fantastic and affordable techniques to refurbish your bedroom is through smart furniture. Whether it is about a modern bedroom furniture requirement or a traditional bedroom requirement, we are here to deliver the best. Besides, we also provide the option to get customized bedroom furniture sets made using Sheesham wood.
So, don’t waste your valuable time hopping from one shop to another, when we offer customization in bedroom furniture. We are a leading provider of double beds, queen size beds, king size beds, single beds, beds cum beds, dressing tables, armrest chairs, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of woods do you use for Bedroom Furniture?

We use Sheesham wood in making bedroom furniture as this kind of wood retains its originality for years.

Before buying wooden bedroom furniture, look at the quality of the material of the furniture. Invest in a solid wood that ensures its quality for years. At Khaticraft, you can find the best bedroom furniture which comes in different designs and styles to choose from.

Yes, you can get good and exciting offers on buying bedroom furniture. We offer good discounts on TV units, single beds, double beds, cabinets, carpets, shelves, and so on. Discount rates offered by Khaticraft vary from 10% to 50% and might go above.

There are plenty of options for bedroom furniture, but you need to first understand your requirement. You can buy a king-size bed, wardrobe, shelves, a bedside table, etc. based on the space availability.

Invest in wooden bedroom furniture like a bedside table, a king-size bed, a wardrobe, etc. for an attractive appearance. You can also get wooden furniture customized as per your needs.

Yes, you can get a bedside table with or without drawers based on your requirement. We curate different styles and sizes of wooden drawers.

Since every furnishing doesn’t require professionals, so many of the furniture items can easily be assembled by homeowners. However, in case a professional installation is required, we make the necessary arrangements for the same.

One of the most important things to be considered while choosing a modern bed is to measure the room in which the bed needs to be placed. Then, decide how much space will be needed for the bed. On average, most people prefer a queen size bed. Once you’ve decided on the size of the bed, look at the suitable material for your bed. Though there is a huge variety of hardwoods available in the market, we suggest Sheesham Wood. It is the most popular, durable, and affordable material for every home.

The cost of the entire bedroom furniture set depends upon several factors like the material of the furniture, size of the furniture, kind of TV units, and much more. Khaticraft offers top-quality bedroom furniture online at the most affordable rates.