How to polish wood

How to polish wood

There are different types of methods to polish bare wood. The reason being we use wood polish to maintain the healthy glow and its overall life. Whether you have a piece of furniture or wooden object, polishing wood will keep it well and new. It also saves wooden furniture form cracks, splits, and dryness.

Let us look at all the materials to be used in the process:

  1. Clean dry cotton clothes

  2. Sandpaper of 100,220,400(As required)

  3. Rubber Gloves

  4. Superfine steel wool

  5. Golden Seedlac Lakh Dana

  6. Spirit

  7. Wood Filler

  8. Polish Colour

  9. Thinner

  10. Sealer

  11. Lacquer

Overall Solutions to make in the process:

  • Make a solution of Golden Seedlac Lakh Dana and Spirit

(Approximately half liter spirit with 100gms Golden Seedlac Lakh Dana)

  • Make a solution of wooden color and spirit

(Make it even smooth solution for better results, also prescribed on colors bottles)

  • Make a solution of sealer, hardener, and thinner

(Approximately one-liter sealer with 200gms hardener and 200gms thinner)

  • Make a solution of lacquer, hardener, and thinner

(Approximately one-liter lacquer with 200gms hardener and 200gms thinner)

Process to be used in wood polish:

Step1: Cleaning of the bare wood is necessary for a smooth surface and clean finishing. That can be done with the help of sandpaper. At the beginning sanding the bare wood opens the wood grain and fillings. Use suitable sandpaper according to the wood, in case of solid wood use 100 number for sanding the bare wood and 220 or 300 number in case of ply and veneer board.

Step2: Once the sanding is done, clean the surface with the dry cotton cloth thoroughly and apply wood fillers if required. Wood filler is the substance that is used to fill the holes and uneven surface of the wood. After the filling let it dry for a while and sand it again to make it a smooth surface. If the wood filler is not used on the wooden surface skip this step and jump on to step 3.

Step3: In this step, we apply the golden seedlac lakh dana and spirit solution on the wooden surface with the repeated coating. These coating can be done manually (with the help of super fine steel wool) and also with the machine. Apply as much as wood soaks in and makes an even surface. Let it dry for two hours approximately. Again, sanding is needed for a better finish.

Step4: In this step, we apply the color on the sanded wood. For this, we have already prepared a solution which consists of wooden color with spirit. We apply this evenly with the help of a machine or manually. Manually this can be done with the help of super fine steel wool. After an hour or half let it dry completely and jump on step5.


Step5: Once the color of the wood is completely dried enough, we use another solution which consists of sealer with hardener and thinner as mentioned above. This coating is also done 2 to 3 times for better result. Sealer is used to seal all the wooden open grains with the colour insides. After the sealer dried up in 2 to 3 hours, we again use the sander on the sealed surface. Here we use the fine sandpaper according to the wood generally in case of solid wood 220 or 300 number. This can be done with dry and wet sandpaper. Wet sandpaper is more preferable after the sealer for better results.

Step6: After the sealer solution, we put the lacquer solution with hardener and thinner on the top of the wooden surface. This lacquer is for the protective shield on the top of the surface that protects the wood and its finishing. This also can be applied by the machine (with gun paint spray machine) and manually (with super fine steel wool). This is the final stage of wood polishing. Here your product is ready with a different color (Rosewood, Walnut, Charcoal, etc.) and different finish (Matt, Glossy, etc.) as we use according to our choice.

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