Invest in Premium Dining Table to Get Better Value for Your Money

Invest in Premium Dining Table to Get Better Value for Your Money

Buy Premium Dining Table from Best Furniture Market in Delhi

It is rightly said that the furniture we select for our homes talk a lot about our personality, dining table is such type of furniture that speaks a lot about our homes and personality as well. In case you also want to mark an impression on your guests and let them know that you eat in a designated place, then you can buy this elegant dining side table for your homes. Sitting down and eating together with your family can promote a healthy home and having a dining table where you can talk about your day long activities with your family members also promotes cordial relations. This Sheesham wood dining side table is much more than being a place to sit and dine, Dalbergia Sissoo which is also known as Indian Rosewood is the main source of Sheesham wood. This tree grown in all over the Sub-Himalayan Regions and the wood has gained popularity across the world. So make your homes classier with this dining table that comes with a glossy finishing and needs no professional help regarding the assembly. You can buy this from KHATICRAFT at the most reduced prices. 

  • Product Name: dining side bench V paya 
  • Dimensionsin Inches: L52”XB15”XH18”
  • PrimaryMaterial:Solidwoodsheesham
  • SecondaryMaterial:Hardware,glue,adhesive
  • FrameMaterial:Solidwoodsheesham
  • LegsMaterial:Solidwoodsheesham
  • StorageType:Nostorage
  • TotalnumberofitemsinaProduct:1
  • PolishedType:Gloss
  • Colour:Naturalhoney
  • AssemblyType:CarpenterAssembled
  • Producttobeusedinroomsection: dining room 
  • Disclaimer ActualProductmightvaryslightlyfromtheImage.

Product Description

  • Sheesham is the premium label that’s gives a classic and contemporary feel to the place. 
  • The dimensions of this dining side table is Length 40 cm x Width 18 cm x Height 18 cm 
  • Primary Material used is Sheesham Wood and it comes with a glossy touch
  • The product requires needs self-assembly at customers end. We provide self-assembly instructions along with necessary accessories.
  • The Color of the product is natural honey 
  • We offer 12 Months Against Manufacturing Defects if any.
  • Furniture purchased from Khaticraft is delivered for free. So you can purchase anything from us and it delivered at your doorsteps.
  • This finished dining side table which is available at furniture shops in Kirti Nagar has no rough areas when you run your hands around the edges and sides.
  • 100% safe and hassle-free payments through secure payments gateway.
  • Perfect for dining room furniture 

So get the best of Sheesham furniture that comes with most attractive designs perfect for your home. The longer the lifespan of the furniture is the better value for money you will get.

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