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How to find the best Study and Office Desk in 2022
  • Muddassir Uddin

How to find the best Study and Office Desk in 2022

Do you look for some productive ways to work? If yes, then you must invest in a new computer and wooden study table design as it boosts you with the motivation to work hard. This time buy a new home wooden office desk and stay more productive. In the growing work-from-home culture, it is crucial to own a proper desk at home, so that you can easily work for long hours. Whether it’s work, study, or a hobby, investing in the right furniture helps make us more productive.

But before buying a wooden study table and an wooden office desk for yourself, check out some of the quick tips that help buy the perfect home wooden office desk.

Why do you need a good study table? Here’s why.

Study room and Office Furniture is not a luxury, but rather a need. They are a necessity in today’s modern life where we all stay connected to our laptops either for work, study or for some other reason. So here’s why you need a good study table:

  • The right kind of study table or work desk helps improve productivity greatly.
  • It also ensures a good posture and reduces back pain issues.
  • It allows you to work and study with utmost efficiency.
  • Gives a dynamic look to your office and improves your work-from-home experience

What are your requirements?

When you want a desk, you need to figure out your requirement, and how many hours you need to sit on the computer. You must invest in a desk that fits your PC without making the surface look more organized. Invest in that wooden office desk that comes with many drawers, so that papers don’t flutter and fly out here and there. We recommend you buy Sheesham wooden office desk that has enough surface to keep your laptop, stack your papers and keep your keyboard too.

  • Also make sure there’s enough space under the desk to keep the USP and other things.
  • Make sure the drawers and hardware are made of sturdy material. The drawers must be reachable in a sitting position without strain.

Take care of the space as well

Apart from the surface area, you need to take into consideration the total space of the table as well. If case you have so many things around you, you’d probably require a lot of desk space to organize all the things. However, if you have limited things on your table, you can buy even a small desk as well, which is ideal for your work requirements. Khaticraft’s Office Table will make the work easy for you as it offers just the right amount of space needed to explore your creativity at work.

  • For a small size room, where the purpose is to save floor space, invest in a linear-shaped study table. You can easily push it against a wall or can use the corner space. For matchbox rooms, investing in a wall-mounted desk is an ideal option.
  • In case you have larger rooms, you can experiment with your creativity as well. You can buy a luxuriously large U-shaped or L-shaped desk which is multi-purpose and can help keep the place looking more organized

Check Out the Ergonomics

Apart from keeping all the important papers and PC on the desk, you need to sit on the chair for the entire long day. So make sure that your legs have enough area to stretch and rest, while your back should have no problem sitting continuously for hours. The desk must be comforting all the time. Invest in a wooden study table design that can adjust as per your needs.

Make sure you check the desk height. Ideally, a study table must be between 26 to 30 inches in height to ensure a comfortable seating position. If the desk height isn’t appropriate, buy an adjustable chair.

Check out the wooden office table design

While you look for the perfect wooden office table design, invest in an appealing design. If you want to enhance the overall look of the place and stay more productive at work, invest in Sheesham’s wooden study table design and wooden office table design. You should carefully check out the designs of drawers, edges, and corners. Invest in a well-curated wooden desk that has no uneven, sharp edges, and comes with longer durability as well. If you look for safe and stylish options, you can check out Mira Solid Wood Sheesham Study Table to take your home décor to the next higher level.

Child-friendly designs

If you have kids at home, you must look for a wooden study table design that comes with a child-friendly design. Make sure it has no pointed and sharp edges and is made using non-toxic material. Purchase a desk made of sturdy wood and one that can bear all wear and tear. Also, take care of cleaning the study desk regularly else it will lose its charm.


If you are the kind of person who moves furniture a lot, rather than keeping it in one place, buy writing desks that are fixed with casters. The wheels ensure easy mobility of the study desk, especially while cleaning the room or rearranging furniture. At Khaticraft, you can explore unlimited designs in wooden office desk that meet your specific requirements. But make sure you choose that study table that has the correct height and depth to accommodate the chair.

wooden study table design by Need

  • Wooden study table for students: If you look for a single table that your kids can share, you must buy a bigger size wooden computer and study table so that it can easily accommodate all of your needs. A big-size study table can help keep all the stationery items, books, etc. organized in one place.
  • Work desk for professionals: If you are a working professional and work as a graphic designer, software engineer, or someone else with so many papers all around, buy a bigger size work table. Those who work on laptops though can select a smaller size desk.
  • Work tables for hobbies and activities: Those who want a study desk to fulfill their hobbies like painting, crafts, etc. must buy a work table that has enough space.
  • Study table for home: Always consider the size of the room or office cabin while deciding the best study table for home or for the office.


Your back will hurt in case you spend long working hours in front of your computer sitting in the wrong posture. If you are among the ones who are experiencing regular backaches, an improper desk is the reason for the same. So hurry up, it’s now the time to buy that table and make your workspace lively.

How Khaticraft Can Help You?

If you want beautiful interiors for your home, and want to create a more productive and comfortable working space, choose the best wooden study desk from Khaticraft. Also, we offer customized products. By getting the computer and study table customized, you can be sure that it matches the overall decor, and also serve all your requirements for a table.

Customizing a study table is an ideal option in case you are not able to find a ready table that meets your requirements. So choose everything of your choice while getting the table designed at Khaticraft.

Book a consultation with our experts today.

Reasons Why Khaticraft is the Best Place to Buy Furniture Online
  • Muddassir Uddin

Reasons Why Khaticraft is the Best Place to Buy Furniture Online

Furniture is one of the most essential elements of your home, and having just one elegant piece of furniture may provide you with a lot of delight. Buy furniture online becomes a difficult task in case you are not familiar with the kinds of woods and finishes available in the market. Furniture shopping trends have evolved with time, and the latest trend in furniture shopping is to buy furniture online.

Shopping online has become quite easy for most people in today’s world. Buy furniture online is now as easy as buying groceries online or buying movie tickets online. Things have become easy with online purchases, especially true when buying furniture where customers are particular about choosing the best quality products.

Previously, buying furniture was a time-consuming and laborious task, which involves visiting and hopping from one furniture store to another. Thankfully there are numerous websites like Khaticraft that have made the entire experience of buying furniture easy. To help people make buy furniture online easy, Indian furniture portals like Khaticraft have given an opportunity to online shoppers to buy from a range of furniture. To help online buyers in buying the best furniture, we at Khaticraft give numerous reasons to all buyers to shop for the best products.

Wide range

This may seem like a no-brainer, but still, online buyers can choose from a variety of products at Khaticraft. This list of products available at Khaticraft not only features boutique furniture products but also customized products that cater to specific rooms in your house. Khaticraft is one of the one-stop destinations for all your furnishing requirements, pampering all homeowners with a variety of options in home and office furniture.

Customers’ shopping experiences increase manifolds when they are provided with the option to choose from a wide range of products.

Freedom to design your own home

While shopping from an online furniture store like Khaticraft, online buyers can get vital information right on the page. The buyers can get all the information regarding the product available right in front of them. So, the buyers can decide as per their convenience whether it will fit easily in the required space or not. Also with the mentioned dimensions, you can make an effective plan to manage your space. In this way, planning interior design becomes much more effective and easy.

Ease of discovery

Many times we land on furniture sites with no clarity about what to buy. That’s where the ease of shopping at Khaticraft helps improves a customer’s shopping experience. The ability to help shoppers use filters to customize their choices is the USP of Khaticraft.

Detailed product descriptions

The site’s real credibility comes from its ability to completely describe the product. It helps customers decide whether the furniture they plan to buy meets their requirements or not. We have focused on enhancing users’ experience by presenting shoppers with all the relevant information on a variety of areas like durability, dimensions of the product, materials used, etc.

Clear communication channels

Nothing irritates a customer more than not being able to get in touch with the customer care executives on time. Site like Khaticraft provides their customers with immediate customer care support letting the customers get in touch with the company and share their issues with the hope of a quick resolution.

Easy delivery

Buy furniture online has never been so easy and comfortable, all thanks to technology. Now with the internet, you can have the entire world at your fingertips and can explore a ton of options in online furniture. So, if you find something that you want to buy, you can easily order it for your home. Everything you order will be delivered right to you within the committed time. Just place the order and wait for the product to arrive at your place.

Useful Pictures to choose from

Unlike furniture stores in your city, where you see the furniture, online stores give you a lot of photos that are almost identical to the real product. This helps make the right decision while buy furniture online. Customers can choose the best product by viewing it from several perspectives while buying it online.

Clear and straightforward return policy

Most customers quote this as one of the main reasons for trusting a site while shopping online. In case any retail site’s description of the product does not match the delivered product, then you can get it replaced. If the product doesn’t match up to their expectations, a fair and reliable return policy can help online shoppers in trusting the company. To enhance the customers’ experience, Khaticraft has a fair and transparent return policy.

So enjoy Online Shopping from your Own Comfort Zone with Khaticraft

With Khaticraft, the main benefit of ordering furniture is that you can place an order from the cozy comfort of your own home. You need just a good internet connection, and you can then explore unlimited designs in furniture. While buy furniture online, you not only can save your money, time, and effort, but you can explore the latest furniture trends.

 So in the era of technology when buy furniture online has become a boon for the current generation, why not take the benefit of the same in exploring different varieties of furniture? What’s more, is that you get check out a variety of designs and ideas in furniture at Khaticraft, and you can get the best products for your own homes.

Khaticraft provides you with a wider range of quality furniture online. So, this time choose the best furniture and blend it with style and comfort. Explore our latest collection and dive into the world of premium furniture to give your home a new look.

How to Design the Perfect living room with 7 Must-Have Furniture
  • Muddassir Uddin

How to Design the Perfect living room with 7 Must-Have Furniture

The living room in our homes is the most ‘lived-in’ place, the one where we spend most of our time. The living room furniture plays an important role in enhancing the overall décor, it has the greatest impact on the appreciation of the entire home. And all the homeowners want to make their homes the best place on Earth. In fact, the living is the ‘multi-functional’ room of the house, which is used for reading, watching movies, playing games, and for welcome guests as well.

Also, we want to create a comfortable and welcoming space for our guests to feel at home.  So, comes the role of having a perfect home that has a living room as well for entertaining guests. But, before we go into more intricate details about an inviting and luxurious guest room design, let’s understand the crucial role of living room furniture. The kind of wooden living room furniture we have placed helps create the perfect guest room décor. So lets out the basic home furniture that everyone would appreciate.

The main attraction: The Sofa

How to Design the Perfect living room with 7 Must-Have Furniture 7

When you start planning the ideal living room furniture for your home, think about the importance of a sofa in the room. If you envisage a starring role, the main thing to look at is to build the furniture design around it, so that it can be the focal point of the room. It doesn’t matter how big or small the room is, all matters is how you can enhance the overall picture. The wooden sofa which is stylish can become the main attraction of your living room

For 2022, the style trends speak of a return to wooden soft, improving the overall seating area. The Sheesham wooden sofa gives your home a mix of style and warmth, along with elegance at the same time.

Invest in some storage option

How to Design the Perfect living room with 7 Must-Have Furniture 8

Always create some storage option for your guests, there must be enough space to keep their luggage and suitcase. For this, you can invest in the wooden chest of drawers that serve the purpose. Also, it ensures convenient access to the guests and helps them store all of their belongings in their chests. Also, the tabletop can be used to keep suitcases or some decorative pictures and artistry objects.

In a classic or modern living room Furniture, never underestimate the power of wooden storage options. Whatever your focal point is, make sure you place some storage options like the chest of drawers, side table, etc., and arrange furniture around accordingly.

Invest in a good Reading Lamp

How to Design the Perfect living room with 7 Must-Have Furniture 9

Ensure there is enough lighting in your living room. Invest in a good and stylish table lamp in your living room for reading purposes. To serve the purpose, buying a pair of stylish lamps is a good option. Indeed, it will intensify the aesthetic appeal of the overall living room design.

Kinds of lighting in the room

The living room should have lighting for reading, TV watching, and parties. Avoid any single light fixture overhead. Though getting enough living room lighting is not an easy task, but still you can try to pull the whole look together. You can use the perfect blend of lighting including overhead lighting, natural light, etc. In case the living room lacks light, you can place mirrors in front of the windows so that natural light comes into the room.

A multipurpose TV Unit

How to Design the Perfect living room with 7 Must-Have Furniture 10

Keeping a wooden television unit inside a guest’s room is highly appreciated and it helps make the place look more organized and clutter-free. A wooden TV unit from Khaticraft is a must option. Make sure you select the ones that ensure maximum storage options to manage all your TV organizational needs in one place. With Khaticraft wooden TV unit, you can ensure the perfect blend of style and ambiance.

Invest in foldable furniture

Why should your living room look fully occupied all the time when you can explore a great range of folding furniture for your home? It’s time to buy foldable tables and chairs for your living room interior and take a step further by not buying that outdated furniture anymore. Buying foldable furniture creates an incredible space to make the living room look more interesting. Also, you can fold and keep the furniture aside when not in use.

Invest in a Cozy Space

How to Design the Perfect living room with 7 Must-Have Furniture 11

Quality sleep is important for the comfortable stay of your guests. Thus, don’t keep the same outdated bed for your guests. If you look for quality and durable living room furniture, then invest in a wooden sofa cum bed that serves the purpose. Also, make sure that you change the bedsheets before the arrival of your guests so that they can feel fresh and receive a warm welcome.

Also, place some cushions and pillows complimenting the style of décor.

All the above-mentioned furniture pieces are handy and give the desired results in uplifting the overall look of the place manifolds. For shopping and more details, you can visit our furniture store Khaticraft located in Kirti Nagar. Hold on to your creative brushes to create that imagined look of your living room.

The golden rule says that every item has a purpose and thus it occupies a special place inside every home. Room dividers, chest of drawers, floor elevations, and sofa cum beds, all serve the purpose. So it’s not just about order or disorder, rather it is important to give your home that much-desired look.

With Khaticraft’s exclusive range of wooden furniture, you can add that aesthetic and emotional value to your place. By choosing Khaticraft as your furniture store, you can get the best pieces that are best suited to customization and in general to reflect your personality gracefully.

Looking for signature furniture pieces? Explore Khaticraft
  • Muddassir Uddin

Looking for signature furniture pieces? Explore Khaticraft

Consider your home as a place to showcase your style, presenting your vision of life. So how about revamping your home with some signature furniture pieces that can make the environment beautiful? Styling up your home can fetch good returns, whether you want to rent it or want to live. Here’s the ultimate guide to styling your house with some signature furniture pieces like a bar cabinet, coffee table, sofa set, dining chairs, etc.

The first and foremost thing is to focus on a style when it is about selecting the best furniture. If your home is transitional, then you must pick a hybrid of modern and traditional pieces. However, in case you want to give your home a modern look, earthy wooden furniture will solve the purpose. For bigger homes, invest in cozy and comfortable furniture since there is no shortage of space. Try maintaining a customized theme and color combination for every room, and you will see that your home will transform in no time.   While revamping homes, the finishes of wooden furniture play an important role in deciding the overall aesthetics of any space. When selecting wooden furniture, the overall tones, finishing, and look are the most important things to consider. The home-style preferences play an important role in deciding the finish to be used.

Some creative ideas to select Signature Furniture Pieces for Home

Have a look at some of the ideas mentioned below to select Signature Furniture Pieces for different corners of the home:

Compare and Contrast

The choice of finish can make a dramatic or more subdued statement regarding your style and help you make a firm decision. For instance, you can install a brown finish TV unit in your living area and form a focal point.

Similarly, you can use a bedside table with a wooden finish and glass top and pair it with some other furniture. Try black and white contrast which always remains in fashion.

Look Down on Floors

If you have wood floors, then it can really work wonders. Invest in some dark wood finishing furniture like a chest of drawers or vertical bar cabinets and pair it with the lighter tone wood floor. You can even use the opposite color combination.

Same Shade

Always give importance to shades as using the right balance of colors inside the home is very important. Buy some dark color furniture with lighter color accessories to give that desired dramatic look to your home. But, in case you don’t want contrasts, then without a doubt go for a single color.

Start Big

Invest in a stylish room’s anchor piece. For example, a coffee table in the center or a study table near the desk can do wonders. To give that desired look to your home, you can choose custom-made pieces from one of the popular Indian websites, Khaticraft which has a lot of wooden Sheesham furniture available at a pretty affordable rate.

Main Signature Furniture Pieces

A Comfortable Couch

Looking for signature furniture pieces? Explore Khaticraft 6

A stylish couch or a lounger with enough sitting offering maximum comfort, is a perfect choice for a living room, in all-size homes. The homeowners can accessorize the couch with designer cushions and throws. In case you live in a small apartment, you can buy a sectional sofa for the living room. This kind of sofa is compact in size and comfortable as well. You can choose unlimited designs and styles in a designer sofa at Khaticraft.

Soft-Edged Bed

Looking for signature furniture pieces? Explore Khaticraft 7

Always choose an ergonomically designed bed so that you can have relaxing nights and good sleep. Invest in a bed that is fully upholstered and doesn’t have any hard edges. A wooden bed equipped with a storage unit doubles its purpose, making it ideal for small rooms as well. Invest in a durable Sheesham single bed, double bed, or king-size bed with storage beds as Sheesham beds are easy to maintain and retain their originality for years.

A Statement Chair

Looking for signature furniture pieces? Explore Khaticraft 8

For all design enthusiasts, one thing that never goes out of fashion is a signature chair like the ones showcased at Khaticraft. You don’t have to burn your pocket while buying a cozy armchair for your room. These kinds of chairs ensure maximum comfort and also adds style and sophistication to your space. A statement chair can quickly enhance the overall look of your home.

Console Table

Looking for signature furniture pieces? Explore Khaticraft 9

Invest in a console table to showcase your prized memorabilia or artifacts in an ideal way. You can choose console table designs as it is the perfect accessory for your living room or entryway. In case you have limited space, you can buy nested tables which are a great space-saving option. You can use them as center tables as well as side tables.


This furniture store stocks curated pieces within a budget suiting all kinds of interior requirements. The company offers customized furniture based on the requirement of the customers. It has a huge range of furniture options to choose from when it comes to large furniture or transitional pieces. The homeowners can buy elegant pieces here that can add an element of drama to their homes.

Moreover, one can get online consultation and take suggestions from experts while revamping their home with the best décor. Khaticraft sells only wooden Sheesham furniture at affordable prices as Sheesham is one of the best materials used to make wooden furniture. So if you look for some unique and outstanding pieces at a good rate, you must definitely check out this online store. Khaticraft also has its store in Kirti Nagar where you can check out their collection of an exhaustive range of furniture with Sheesham wood finishes.


If you are planning to buy a property, you must consider furnishing your home with the perfect blend of traditional and modern furniture. Browse through Khaticraft, take your pick, and design your home in your style. Fromwooden beds, bed study tables, bar cabinets, side tables, 3-seater sofas, etc., you can have a full range of wooden furniture to choose from.