Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Wooden TV Cabinet

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Television is the most comforting addition to all homes. In this era, where every individual is attracted to media-influenced technology, televisions have become the central hub of every home. But simply hanging a TV unit against a wall does not make it attractive, you must look for some innovative solutions. And that’s where the wooden TV cabinet comes into action.

Indeed, a TV is usually the main point of your dining area, making the overall home look much more much attractive. But the wooden TV unit is that piece of furniture that not only gives you a place to place the TV but also allows you to store more things in the showcase. The wooden TV unit is the most important piece of furniture that helps store items like cable units, DVR equipment, etc.

While choosing a wooden TV stand design, make sure you measure the space at your home. What kind of showpiece do you want to display the items and how much space you have is most important. In case, you look for some aesthetic designs and want to store multiple stuff, follow the following tips for buying a wooden TV cabinet.

Measure your space

Measure the space, and make sure there is enough for others to pass. The TV unit must not be so big that do blunder your interior.  Consider the size of the TV before buying your TV stand in the pre-decided place. The total width of the wooden cabinet for TV must be more than the total width of the TV to give it a sturdy base.

Height of TV showcase

The height of the wooden TV cabinet must be measured, a person should be at a height of below half of the screen while sitting.

Distance between human eye and showcase

The ideal distance must be between 1 – 2 inches so that one can have the image of the picture accurately and stay protected from the rays of light a TV emits. It also helps maintain a gap to pass by in between both.

Material for uplifting weight

What kind of items you want to display on wooden TV unit design must also be decided before buying a led TV showcase. The material used must be of durable quality so that it remains as it is for years. Sheesham wood is one of the wood which is made using durable wood.

One must invest in a wooden TV showcase which is liked the most by the homeowners. If you look for some unique and durable designs, visit the online store Khaticraft for more colors. There are different colors available.

Numerous wooden tv cabinet designs for living room

There are various designs available in Sheesham wood from minimal to designer to choose from. For every kind of home, the latest TV showcases are available in different patterns. A wooden TV cabinet design also comes with two shelves that can be used as an item to display and store. 

Choose that wooden TV unit that has towers for storage, or is compact and takes less space, yet come with multi-functional drawers. You can opt for wall-mount options. Make sure that take care of the overall look as well, while choosing the design of wooden TV cabinet interior.

Color combination

Make sure that the color and design for TV cabinet wooden contrast your decor, it will be complemented. Also, if one chooses a minimal color make sure it blends with the overall decor of the place.

Extra Features

Some other features that you need to look at while buying wooden TV cabinet designs for living room include shelves, glass doors, drawers, cabinets, etc.

TV showcase designs to Check Out

Wall mounted TV

Wooden TV Cabinet
Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Wooden TV Cabinet 5

The wooden TV is mounted on the wall, while the rest of the cable box is set on the wall wooden TV cabinet. You can also keep numerous decorative items on these. It will look contemporary and suits modern decor. The color combination must be according to your space color.

Two shelves TV showcase

Wooden TV Cabinet
Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Wooden TV Cabinet 6

The shelves are placed on the sides of the wooden TV stand design and the table in between is used to place the TV. The shelves are used to place other stuff such that they can be displayed properly.

Open & close storage TV showcase

Wooden TV stand
Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Wooden TV Cabinet 7

These kinds of wooden TV cabinet designs for living room consist of both open and closed storage that help display your stuff. The color must be attractive enough to make the place look pretty. Every choice of the individual and accurate enough care must be taken. The homeowners can visit the online furniture store- Khaticraft and take the suggestions of the experts in perfectly lifting the space.


Certainly, a wooden TV cabinet can enhance the beauty of your TV and the room it is in. Many times, we overlook this piece of furniture, which in turn makes the wood TV unitlook dull. Find the best wooden TV stand design or get it customized through Khaticraft. You can get in touch with us, we will cater to all of your TV Unit-related queries.

Check more informative buying guides by Khaticraft to make your furniture purchasing process more knowledgeable and unique.

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