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Latest Living Room Furniture Design From Khaticraft

When it’s about decorating your home, the living room furniture is the first and foremost thing that comes to the mind of every homeowner. To fulfill the different needs of homeowners, we at Khaticraft design every kind of wooden furniture for your drawing room. From a relaxing sofa set to the dining table, you can explore a great variety of living room furniture as per your comfort.

The living room would be incomplete without a display TV unit, a wooden bookshelf, or a lazy couch. Get an endless options for your living room furniture by browsing each and every range of living room furniture.

So scroll the versatile range in living room furniture at Khaticraft. Get inspired by our wonderful range of living room furniture for home and blend it with your home interior. With so many living room furniture designs, style, and colors, you will never feel disappointed while buying it from us.

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Best Living Room Furniture Pieces For The Living Room

Choosing the best living room furniture pieces for the living room is not an easy task as it requires a smart plan. The overall look of the living room can improve manifolds by arranging the wooden pieces in a smart way. Hence, we at Khaticraft offer a huge variety of the best living room furniture units for the Living room matching the existing décor of your home. Ranging from sofas to dining tables to wooden TV cabinets, all the pieces of furniture enhance the look of your home ensuring maximum comfort and luxury.
So all homeowners can get inspired by our incredible range of living room designs to make their home interiors look beautiful. With a number of designs in wooden furniture, style, and sizes, to choose from, you can give your home a classy look.

Things for Your Living Room

A Comfortable Sofa

A stylish sofa is one of the most important furniture pieces in any living room. It’s where most of the guests spend their time, and it’s also the place where you spend most of your time relaxing while watching movies or spending quality time with family. Thus make sure you buy the best designer two-seater sofa, 3 seater sofa, or bigger sofa set that matches your needs. A big, stylish, and cozy sofa is ideal for bigger families as well as people who host parties and very often host social gatherings.

Wooden Benches

Wooden benches are also a good idea for any home, especially when you want extra sitting space. Whether you have some unexpected guests, or some extra kids visiting your home, extra seating is critical for every living room. Even you can place these wooden benches along with dining tables to get extra seating.

Wooden TV Cabinet for living room

If you don’t find any desired place for a wood TV stand in the living room, then you must but a modern TV unit. TV and media units mostly are a combination of cabinets and drawers that help keep the place looking more organized. Khaticraft has numerous functional and good-looking wood TV units in modern styles. So this time, select from our fantastic range of living room TV furniture and enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies over the weekend.


Accent chairs, bar stools, rocking chairs, arm rest chairs, statement chairs, etc. are some of the options in chairs that you can keep in your living room. If you want a stylish coffee table near your balcony to keep a flower vase, consider buying the same with some rocking chairs to create an interesting combination.

Chest of Drawers

No living room is complete without some storage space and for the same, buying a chest of drawers is an ideal option. To have that space to keep all the files, papers, etc. organized in one place, a chest of drawers is a good option. A chest of drawers ties your living room together and also creates a welcoming place for your guests. Consider getting a chest of drawers or nested tables, if you require some extra space.

Cabinetry and side tables for living room

What’s a living room without storage space? Obviously, it will look empty and boring. Thus it’s smart to invest in some extra storage space so that you can better manage all things. We at Khaticraft provide the best and most classy storage option if you want some stunning pieces that compliment the rest of your furniture. Whether it’s a TV unit, chest of drawers, wall shelves, or something else, all these come with enough storage enough to store important documents.

Living Room Furniture: Create Amazing Looks with Right Furniture

Now all homeowners can get an endless option in furniture for their living room by browsing every range of seating drawing room furniture at Khaticraft. We curate the best sofa set, TV units, recliners, display cabinets, etc. using high-quality Sheesham wood to beautify the overall look. At Khaticraft, there are numerous furniture ideas available to choose from to give your home a new look.

Choose From A Variety of Living Room Furniture Designs

At Khaticraft, you can choose from a huge range of living room furniture designs. Whatever your existing design aesthetic is, you can explore the widest range of furniture online at Khaticraft for your living room. Some of the designs you can buy include:

Modern Living Room Furniture Design

Spaces and lines need to be considered while choosing a modern living room. A modern living room can help maximize the overall space giving you enough space. Pieces like sofa sets, side tables for living room, sofa cum bed for living room, TV units and so on, are useful in every home. The homeowners can maintain a balance with more straight lines and modern designs. Glossy stone, solid wood like Sheesham, and other similar materials can be used to make the furniture look clean and polished.
At Khaticraft, we can help you choose the best designs for living rooms complete with beautiful, functional furniture.

Contemporary Living Room Furniture

Contemporary furniture design looks good when you want to add a variety and a combination of colors and patterns to a living space. Furniture, decor items, etc. give a modern and trending look to your home. You can use artwork, patterns, or some textures while keeping the elegant look as it is. From a classic L shape 5 piece sofa set to TV cupboards, Khaticraft has a fantastic range of contemporary living room furniture. So this time, give your living room a contemporary look with some beautiful furniture and home decor ideas.

Traditional Living Room Furniture


If you want that traditional look for your living room, then we at Khaticraft can help you out. At Khaticraft, you can give your living room the desired traditional wooden look with a unique selection of the best furniture pieces. So this time, enhance the overall look of your home with beautiful furniture.

Buy Customized Living Room Furniture


Whether you choose a single living room furniture unit or a whole range, you can easily explore endless options according to your requirements only at Khaticraft. The experts at Khaticraft design the best pieces of furniture as per the needs and requirements of the customers. Along with tailor-made furniture, we provide on-time delivery and assembling services for every product.

Living Room Furniture for All Sizes Rooms


Choosing the best living room furniture depends a lot on the space available and the key to making the space look great is to check the availability of the space before buying the furniture. Whether you have a small living room or a huge living room, you can get your kind of furniture at Khaticraft.

Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces


One of the simplest small apartment living rooms can also look great to create a focal point. With dynamic wooden furniture, you can create a clear view by placing furniture around that makes it the focal point. If you’re searching for small living room ideas then a small TV unit, a one-two seater sofa, or a small dining table, can help. Browse our huge range of wooden TV unit designs for the living room and make your choice accordingly. Another popular modern small living room design consists of folding furniture, folding chairs, and accent chairs that draw the attention of all homeowners.

Living Room Furniture For Large space


In case you have a big living room, then you have to worry when choosing the right furniture. You can divide the large living room into two conversational groups with a bookshelf in between to use each corner purposefully. You can also highlight the separation between the two sections by placing one sofa or some book shelves. A large-size sofa also works great in a big living if you don’t want to keep other furniture. From sofa cum beds to console tables to temples to folding chairs, living room sideboard, and coffee table for living room, you can choose from an exciting range of living room chairs to revamp big spaces.

Why Choose Khaticraft

Khaticraft has numerous ranges in well-curated living rooms that can bring a smile to your face. Living room design can be tricky, but with curated furniture, you can create a stylish living room for your guests, family, and yourself to enjoy. From basic sofa sets to relaxing chairs to wooden benches, we at Khaticraft cover all.

Call us now to get your customized furniture

Khaticraft is India’s leading online custom furniture store where we also design furniture as per our customers’ needs. Right from choosing the style to the size, we make the furniture look the way you want. Whether you want to buy a sofa set or look for a dining table, we promise to maintain our quality and standard.
Moreover, our experts help choose the best piece of furniture as per your ideas, which can suit your interior or the ones that can completely enhance the overall look of the home.

What furniture options are available for the living room??

There are various furniture options available for the living room, such as living storage units, sofa sets, chairs, tables, etc. are main categories of furniture options for living rooms.

What furniture options are available for the living room??

First of all, you need to look at your requirements, the style of furniture you want to keep in your living room, and various other important factors like overall budget, pricing, etc. No matter what kind of requirement you have, we at Khaticraft have a huge range of different types of living room furniture.

What is in style for living room furniture?

The modular living room furniture and the ones that are good in aesthetics & functionality are in style for living room furniture.

What is the most comfortable furniture for the living room?

For living rooms, you can buy sofa sets, coffee tables for living rooms, and TV units to look the place more organized.

What is the average delivery time?

We have tie-ups with leading logistics companies and through that, we deliver the furniture pieces on time. In most cases, all the products are delivered approximately within 5-7 weeks.

How can I make my small living room beautiful?

Anyone can make his/her living room beautiful by choosing the right selection of furniture and decor items. First of all, look at the space available and finalize a design aesthetic, then choose living room furniture and decor items based on the overall look of the home. Choose the best and most beautiful living room without any worries only at Khaticraft.

Can I keep a TV unit in the living room?

If you choose a living room TV unit that compliments your decor, you can easily enhance the overall look of manifolds. For instance, if you have a LED TV, you can use a TV unit that will work wonders.