How Can a Mirror Make Your Home Big


Developing a small space often requires a little imagination to make it a place as functional as it is comfortable. Better, the ideal is to manage to make it appear spacious despite limited dimensions. The furniture save space, for example, is a first response to the problem. Ingenious and modular, they allow optimizing the space, but it is not always enough. Creating an impression of volume in the room is just as important. Installing a mirror can be an excellent idea for visually transforming places.

Placed in the right place, a mirror allows to play with the perspectives, and to create an illusion of depth. The room thus appears larger, and wins, in passing, in brightness. Installed facing a window, it reflects the light and diffuses throughout the room.

Used by architects and decorators, this simple trick is ideal for giving its interior a new dimension. These 10 examples, from reports published on House apart, are the perfect illustration for the house decoration items. The result is stunning. Focus on these achievements easy to implement at home.

A collection of mirrors to boost the dining room

If it plays the functions of reflecting your image and bringing notes of extra brightness, the mirror is also a great element of decoration. Proof of this is in this dining room, which houses on one of its walls a collection of mirrors of different sizes which catch the light in fragments. The decoration of the dining room will gain both in temperament and practicality by displaying one or more mirrors. One can order urban furniture online or visit the stores physically.

A XXL mirror for larger space

As we know, the mirror is the ideal ally to increase the space. In this small room a large mirror was leaned against a wall to give a feeling of volume. This impression of grandeur can be recreated in a small room by hanging one or more mirrors on the wall. However, care should be taken to choose the proportions of the mirror for a bluffing effect.

A suitable mirror for collecting the light

Light sensor, the mirror is perfect for intensifying the brightness of a room. Placed in front of a window, it will reflect and flood the room of light while giving a sense of space. 

The mirror on the fireplace of the room catches the light

To recover light and light up a room painted in khaki green, a large mirror located just above the fireplace reflects the clarity of the window. Fixed in front of the machardani double bed, the reflection of the white ceiling makes the room appear more spacious and higher.

A large framed design mirror in the entrance widens the space

To enlarge the entrance of this Victorian house, a large designer mirror has been installed. Attached to a large part of the wall, it reflects the seating area. An effective process to give the impression that the set “entrance and living room” is a large room. It can goes well at your house bar too.

A mirror to enlarge the living room

Reassured to create a room, this studio saw his living room slightly reduced. Mirror doors, installed on the wood furniture wardrobe, suggest here a` beautiful impression of volume which considerably enlarges the room. An easy trick, to implement to transform a small area.

A mirror to enlarge another large living room

With its large rooms and a generous height under ceiling, this large Haussmann apartment already benefits from beautiful volumes. To accentuate this impression of grandeur, old-fashioned mirrors reflect its haute couture elegance, transforming the living room with the latest living room furniture into a gigantic luxury setting.

An arty flight of round mirrors behind the sofa gives height

Placed behind the sofa, the wall mirrors set back the wall. Voluntarily placed in series round mirrors of different sizes reflect the rest of the room several times with lightness. A way to attract light and illuminate while subtlety, small touches and perfect with modern sofa set design.

A designer mirror in the staircase acts as a rear-view mirror

Choose to animate the low and narrow staircase with a long vertical mirror. Clever, with its inspired form of car mirrors, it reflects a corner of the library, gives height and enlarges the perspective.

A mirror accumulation to wake a white wall

Nothing is better than an accumulation of mirrors, to animate a simple and white wall along with the small wall cabinets for living room. The interest, of this collection is that the models are all of different shapes and sizes just like the materials. Positioned at different levels, the mirrors punctuate and decorate this flat surface while multiplying the brightness.

Asymmetrical composition of square mirrors decorates the wall

Attached to the wall above the sideboard, several modern mirrors hung on the wall are like a frieze, placed symmetrically next to each other, in two rows. They match the entire furniture of the dining area. Decoration element above all, this accumulation of mirrors also reflects the light coming from the kitchen, and enlarges the room.

A mirror for multiplying the width of a piece

The mirror has the advantage of doubling the width of a room, a deco tip that makes it possible not to have to push the walls. But be careful, its positioning is important to get the expected optical illusion. As in this room where the mirror was hung on the wall to better reflects the large windows and thus multiply the width of the room.

A mirror sham to open new perspectives

The mirror is a wonderful optical illusion. Not only does it give a feeling of space but it plays with your visual perception. Among the most prominent mirror models, the workshop-style mirror with its glass or window look, according to the reviews, is a real eye-catcher in the decor. Especially, if it reflects white colour wall stickers on the opposite wall. Like here, where this optical illusion mirror looks like a canopy installed between two rooms.

A horizontal contemporary mirror framed in black on the side of the bed is like a window

To visually enlarge this room, a horizontal mirror can be placed on the wall to the left of the bed. It will perfectly go with the latest bed designs. Installed facing the window, it reflects the light and gives scale to the room. You can choose solid wood almirah as well and keep the mirror opposite.

The partition mirror in the middle of the room cheats with the prospects

In the entrance, a large mirror flecked with chips, fixed on a partition base, serves as a screen. Side partition, it allows to isolate the main room of the rest of the place. Side mirror, it makes forget this separation by reflecting the space kitchen and dining room with only dining table chairs and gives a perspective.

A mirror to gain space in the office

Transformed into a comfortable two-room apartment, this former maid’s room has been cleverly furnished. Converted into an office, the former storage room offers a beautiful perspective and visually gains a few square meters using a set of mirrors, which creates an illusion of depth in this room with reduced dimensions.

Mirrors for an infinite effect

The bathroom is the room dedicated to get under every angle and it is probably the most suitable room for all fantasies, including mirrors. The walls of this bathroom have been covered with huge mirrors giving a feeling of infinity and oversized room. Note that the bathroom mirror has a function more than necessary in this piece of water. You can order designer mirror online for your beautiful bathroom.

A mirror to create volume in the bathroom

To gain a few extra square meters, this house has been raised, in which is nestled a master suite, with a bathroom. The piece gives an astonishing impression of grandeur through a mirror that runs the full width of the wall, creating, a perspective full of volume.

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