How to Choose the Right Color for Your Home Interior With Wooden Furniture?

home interior with wooden furniture

Whether your home is minimalist or filled with color and accessories, you need to have the right coordinate of colors within one space while creating a cohesive design. The best interior designs always look pulled together, and the selection of colors for your home interior depends a lot on the kind of furniture you have inside your home as well. Regardless of how many shades of colors you are using or how many pieces of wooden furniture you have kept inside your home, proper coordination between all of them is important. In case you are finding it difficult to pull together the colors in your home, then you don’t need to worry at all as we are offering some suggestions that will prove amazing for your current interiors. 

Some of the tips which you can follow to match the colors of your walls, interiors, and furniture will help you achieve your goals.

home interior

Start with Flooring

Flooring is one of the most important aspects which need to be taken care of properly, as we don’t change flooring on a regular interval and hence need to take a right decision while finalizing the flooring plan. Start pulling your color palette from the floor, but before considering the flooring color, undertones, and accents, you need to consider the design and color of the wooden furniture which you have kept inside your homes. Also, while choosing the rugs which are quite trending these days, look for a variety of accent color and designs before buying them. 

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Go Subtle or Bold

There are two basic ways by which you can pair up colors of the décor inside your home. One is using complementary colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel and help you in creating a very bold look in a room. For instance, in case you have dark-colored furniture, you can choose light color curtains, cushions etc or else can do the vice versa as well to make the ambiance more impactful. Another way of doing this is by using analogous colors, these colors sit beside one another on the color wheel and give a more subtle look to your place. In case you have purchased dark-colored Sheesham wood furniture then to create a more stubble look, you can introduce yellow, different shades of cream etc and in case you prefer a bolder look, then buying blue, green, grey, and brown colored interiors would be a great idea. 

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Choose Your Wall Color

When it’s the time to pick the color of the walls, start with one of the least trending shades which can go well with your flooring or with the furniture as well. Try to create a mix-match combination of colors, rather than using the same colors experiment with colors, you will surely get amazing results. For instance, if you have curtains with a fleck of gold, then use this fleck for your wall color to create instant harmony between the walls and curtains and then create an appealing ambiance by applying the same skills for the rest of the room.

 home interior with wooden furniture

Match Your Furniture

Matching furniture to the wall and accent colors might seem a daunting task but you have to deal with it if you don’t want to compromise with the overall on anything. You can consider the color of the furniture which you have inside your home while choosing the interior, as you can’t the furniture after every few months. If you have wooden Sheesham furniture then your pick up subtle pieces of interiors and other home décor items and blend the rest of the colors in the room accordingly. In case you have fabric furniture, then you can consider the color of the furniture and can light or dark colored accessories or cushions. For example, if you have a green-colored couch then you consider hanging some canvas wall art featuring pine trees. 

Reinforce your color palette

Whether you are choosing colors for your walls or for your furnishings, you need to consider other items as well which you have kept inside your home. Consider some inspirational images and colors that can work together to give you the desired results. For instance, if you have selected different shades of blue as your scheme, then make sure that the furniture which you have kept there is enhancing the overall look of the place. You can add more neutrals, blacks or greys in the form of cushions, fabrics, linen or accessories that not only will go well with the living room wooden furniture you have kept inside your homes but will strengthen the overall appearance of the interiors as well.

home interior with wooden furniture


You don’t need to feel reluctant while introducing new colors into your home. Just follow some of these tips mentioned above to make sure it all hangs together, and create a colorful abode that looks and feels naturally at home. Finding a complementary color palette is one thing, and applying the same combination inside your home is another thing. Remember that whatever color combination you choose, you have to live with your colour choice for some time, till the time you are not changing it. Don’t get too hung up on the color wheel or trends; whatever color or pattern you choose, just make sure that your colour selection is in line with your personal too.

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