How to Set Your Restaurant Dining Room

Restaurant Dining Room

The heart of any restaurant is the dining room which holds a special place and is the most frequently visited place inside a restaurant. A dining room is much more than keeping a few tables and chairs over there. The ambiance, lighting, décor, etc play an important role in making the place look more vibrant and welcoming as well, besides offering tasty and healthy food items to your guests, you must choose the right kind of furniture as well. The furniture you choose for your restaurant plays an important role in uplifting the ambiance of the place greatly. The furniture should be sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of a busy restaurant, while at the same time it should look attractive and should be capable to offer a welcoming ambiance to your guests. Some of the ways which will help you in planning a restaurant dining room include:

restaurant dining room

Make sure you leave enough Space Between the Tables 

Be careful while choosing the tables for your dining room; while designing the floor plan of your restaurant on paper, you need to consider the size of the furniture you are buying for your property. Though make sure to calculate the exact size of the available space before buying the furniture as what works on paper might not work in reality. Also, you need to have plenty of seats to accommodate your customers but at the same time, make sure that none of your customers is feeling discomfort while sitting on those seats. A good rule of thumb which you can apply while keeping restaurant tables is to leave at least 24″ gap in between the corners of the tables.

Make waiting area more portable 

The festive season is the time that brings more guests, and sometimes they have to wait as well for their turn. More guests mean a business that all the restaurant owners want to have, but sometimes the restaurant owners don’t provide a comfortable seating area to the guests which makes them feel a little uncomfortable. By offering a portable waiting area to your guest, you can make them feel more comfortable and they can quietly wait for their turn rather than looking for space impatiently to sit. Rather than trying to relocate a table into a less desirable area of your dining room, its better that you provide them with a portable waiting area.

You can use Room Dividers 

In case you are planning to offer a private space to your customers so that they can spend special occasions like birthday, anniversary, etc in a quiet and peaceful way then you can use half wall dividers to separate the area from a big open dining room.  Also, this is an economical way to make changes inside your restaurant without spending much on its renovation cost as well. You can use room dividers to create small nooks for two tops, or larger alcoves for big parties.

Check Every Seat before offering it to your guests

One of the best ways to test the durability and comfort of the furniture you have recently brought is to sit on every chair before offering it for sitting to your guests. Also check the view from each seat and seats should be placed in such a way, that each of your guests feels comfortable while coming to your restaurant for dining purposes. One seat might have a direct view inside your kitchen, while another gets will allow the guest to enjoy a nice and beautiful décor by the side of the balcony, in case your restaurant is not on the ground floor. Sit on each seat to experience the feel and to make changes before your customers complain.

restaurant dining room

Prefer wooden and Sturdy Furniture 

When purchasing tables and chairs, along with looking for classy designs, pay detailed attention towards its durability as well as it is important in offering the best experience to your guests. Avoid styles with lots of intricate carvings and crevices as they are harder to wipe down and even your guests will feel uncomfortable while sitting on them. If you are purchasing chairs or restaurant booths with fabric seats, be sure that you are buying soothing fabric which will neither look neither too bright nor too dull. Also in case, you have the perfect restaurant location but the small inside your restaurant us less, then you can install rows of booths to maximize seating capacity. Like the restaurant chairs, booths also come in various sizes and color and even they can be customized to fit any restaurant design.

What kind of restaurant you own 

How loud your dining room is, it is an important question which you need to ask yourself before finalizing the furniture. Some restaurant concepts are perfect for a loud environment, like a bar or other casual setting while some other restaurants offer a peaceful ambiance to its guests. Also, in case you have wood or tile floors, the sound will produce echo and during the peak season when there are more customers, obviously the sound will be a little louder than you anticipated. In case you want to reduce the echo effect inside your restaurant, you can use area carpets which will dilute the noise to some extent.

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Select Appropriate Window Coverings 

Summers are the days when you need to offer god and relaxing ambiance to your guests, as its already hot outside and in case you are unable to offer them a relaxing ambiance, obviously, they will not come to your place. If summers are making your restaurant dining room too hot or uncomfortable for your customers, then you can use some shades or window coverings which will help in reducing the temperature inside. Make sure that you are investing in those window treatments that are easy to clean and easy to open and close.

These are some of the ways which can help in setting a perfect restaurant dining room. The dining room sets a scene for your guests’ dining experience and makes you unique from your competitors. Also, your restaurant seating layout plans must meet government regulations, accommodate the proper capacity, and work with your floor plan so that you can create a welcoming ambiance for your guests.

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