Why Khaticraft For Your Project


Material Warranty

All our products comes with a 5 year warranty for any manufacturing defects.


45 Days Installation

Get your chosen products installed in 45 days.

Expert Designer

Expert Designers

Create your dream home, fitting your lifestyle, with the help of our top designers

Why Khaticraft for your Interior Design Project
Accurate Excecution

Accurate Execution of Design

Our execution process creates 100% same what we design for you.


Payment Accountability

We provide a complete break down of your payment with product cost.

Post Installation

Post Installation Service

We take care of all our projects for 5 years and provide maintenance on demand also

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Design Process

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Excecution Process

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-Interior Design Process –


The designed project determines the success rate upto 99%. Drawings become the terms of reference for builders, an exact instruction with complete information.The designer thinks through all the details of each square meter, agrees with you in 2D & 3D visualization in each step. And to make the information as clear as possible to builders, he carries out working drawings. Designing is a guarantee of accuracy of miscalculations of all volumes of materials, and all the technical issues that fall into the process.

Stage 1


  • At this stage, you get a choice of several options for successful and logical layouts.
  • A successful layout is the basis of a comfortable interior.

The designer zones the space taking into account the wishes of all family members, thinks through the functionality of each square meter.

3D Interior design
Stage 2


You will receive a designer’s offer in the form of photorealistic images.

  • Make corrections, add elements that have long been dreamed of – all these experiments can be carried out now to avoid expensive stylistic mistakes later.
  • Here the designer preliminarily selects finishing materials and furniture from the current collections of manufacturers.
Stage 3


It is here that the design turns into drawings verified to the millimeter, without which builders do not work.

  • Literacy, error-free drawings – an indicator of the quality work of the designer.
  • Only with the availability of drawings you can plan the budget for the procurement of materials, calculate their exact volume.
Micro design
Interior Design
Stage 4


You get a specification for furniture and a list of finishing materials.

  • This is a table with a complete list of all materials and components that were planned in the design project.
  • In the specification you will find all the necessary information that will be needed when selecting and purchasing materials and furniture: volumes, products, manufacturers.

-Design Execution Process –

-Design Execution Process –


Product Warranty

Construction and product comes with specified warranty that is provided as the standard brandsoffers on.



Finished project also requires few services that we offer free of cost such as wood polishing, termite and borer treatment and woodworm treatment.


Maintenance & Renovation

Every product or construction has a life span that we can increase by maintaining and renovating after the warranty expires.

-Areas we work in –