Make the Space Look More Organised With This Round Bookshelf

Bookshelf Round

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While filling out your home or office with a variety of pieces of furniture or accessories, you cannot afford to miss including a bookshelf or bookcase after all it helps in making the space look more decent and well organised. If you also aim to provide a sense of organization at your homes and offices then this round bookshelf which comes with five towers to keep things is for you. Besides providing a space to your books of all shapes and sizes, this Sheesham wood furniture will also be perfect to display picture frames and décor items as well. Sheesham wood furniture retains its originality years on years and is one of the best solid woods in the hardwood category. The Sheesham wood is obtained from the Dalbergia sissoo tree and due to its strength and beauty, sheesham is popular all over the world. This glossy finished sheesham wood furniture is easy to clean and open storage option makes claiming of the items and books much easy. Make it a special attraction of your home, you can add fashion and style to your home by buying this round bookshelf that has 5 separate towers. Check for kirti nagar furniture market review so that your money can be invested in a wiser way.

So when searching for the perfect piece of furniture for homes and offices, you can visit KHATICRAFT and can add beautiful and stylish furniture to your homes. 

  • DimensionsinInches:L18”XB18”XH55” L18”XB18”XH44”
  • PrimaryMaterial:Solidwoodsheesham
  • SecondaryMaterial:Hardware,glue,adhesive
  • FrameMaterial:Solidwoodsheesham
  • LegsMaterial:Solidwoodsheesham
  • StorageType:OPEN
  • TotalnumberofitemsinaProduct:1
  • PolishedType:Gloss
  • Colour:Naturalhoney
  • AssemblyType:CarpenterAssembled
  • Producttobeusedinroomsection:Anyroom
  • Disclaimer ActualProductmightvaryslightlyfromtheImage

4. Product Description

  • This classy and elegant study round bookshelf is an elegant piece that comes with open storage.
  • The product is crafted using premium-quality Sheesham wood. This product is manufactured using 100% non-toxic materials and comes with round and soft edges. 
  • The dimensions of this round bookshelf is Length 18 cm x Width 18 cm x Height 55 cm 
  • Primary Material used is Sheesham Wood. 
  • The product requires self-assembly at customers end and we provide a self-assembly instructions as well along with necessary accessories.
  • Each piece is crafted nicely; we prefer only the premium sheesham woods as we care for you and know that it will perfect furniture for your perfect home.
  • The color of this study table is natural honey. 
  • You will get one year warranty on the product .
  • Furniture bought from Khaticraft is shipped for free. So buy anything from us and it delivered at your doorsteps.
  • This finished round bookshelf has round corners so that you don’t get hurt. 
  • Perfect for study room furniture 

So customise the ambience of the place by buying this round bookshelf which is made of solid rosewood (Sheesham) that fits your room and home. 

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