Party Decor Ideas That Can Be Done in 10 Minutes

Party Decor Ideas

We all love to party, and organizing a party inside our homes is one of the best ways to show our welcoming gesture to our friends and relatives who have become a part of our celebration. But before hosting a party, we need to consider so many different things which include exploring some great party décor ideas that can help in enhancing the look of the party which we are hosting. To double, triple the fun, we are discussing some of the great and innovative party decor ideas that can be done within few minutes and will help in having an everlasting impression in front of your guests and relatives.

Party Decor

Keep things simple

Large, grande, out of the world are the ones that look great while hosting a party at a large party hall, but when it comes to the house parties, we need to make things look simple and decent. For Christmas or New Year party, we can decorate the table with a few stacks of plates, a candle, and a runner, all under the holiday theme and we are set to host the party in a simple and sophisticated way.

Use seasonal leaves and flowers as a center of attraction

Flowers are the best ways to make the home look refreshing and vibrant, you can decorate the centerpieces o your home with local leaves, flowers, and foliage and you can add some uniqueness to your table by using a combination of fresh and colorful flowers while hosting a party at your place.

Use attractive lights

If you want an instant way to make the party look more appealing then you can use fairy lights in your room and even on the table as well. By using these fairy lights, you can light up your table with a soft glow, and can let know guests know about your style of decorating your homes. If you want something more permanent, you can also use gorgeous pendant lights. Moreover, you can also add colorful washi tape to the bottom of the table so that your guests can easily pick their favorite drinks.

Unique cakestand

No party is complete if it does not have a cake ceremony if you have cooked a wonderful and delicious cake and want to show off your cooking skills to your guests, then make your own cake stand with a candle stand and a plate. Don’t forget to add some strong/hot glue to the base of the plate so that it remains on its position and allow it to rest for some time to have a long-lasting impact. Though cake stands can surely look amazing, just to be more creative in approach, you can add flowers on it.

Use balloons

To add an instant party vibe at your place, use balloons and fill them with H2. You can also use gold or silver ribbons so that it can make the ambiance look more attractive and appealing. Give a dreamy look to your place by fixing them on the ceiling, but don’t forget to turn off the fans, else all the time and efforts invested by you will get waste.


Use Props

With a last-minute party, it looks tempting to offer much more to your guests, besides good food and drinks. You can use props to spruce up the party, there are plenty of ways which you can explore while selecting the best props for your party. You can use simple, but effective touches to add an additional layer of excitement to your party.

Sequinned cushions

Sequinned cushions are quite in and are an instant way through which you can enhance the overall party vibe: In case you need a quick party decor update, you can use throws and cushions and can pair them with bright solids or with neutrals, metallic shades are quite trending these days and using them in your party will surely mark an everlasting impression on your guests.

Thumbtack Candles

You don’t need to invest in expensive home décor items while hosting a party at your place, sometimes all you need is creative thinking and ability to think out of the box. You can turn your plain pillar candles into designer ones with thumbtacks. Just heat the pin and tack it on to your candle and repeat it. You can choose any kind of pattern which you like the most and can use your innovative ideas while creating different kinds of patterns or designs on your candle.

No matter what you’re celebrating, the party which you have hosted should be memorable and most importantly, manageable. You are the host of the party and therefore you need to make it more welcoming so that all your guests and relatives can enjoy to their fullest. Use the above-mentioned arty décor ideas while hosting the party next time at your place and see how you are getting appreciated for all your efforts and time spent on arranging each and everything.

If you are not planning for the party several weeks ahead and had no preset idea of what the party would look like, it would be a great idea if you use some of the above-mentioned party décor ideas to have stress free and fun-loving party at your place.

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