Prepare Well for Your Exams by Buying a Study Table From Kirti Nagar Furniture Market

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We never want to perform badly in our exams and rather want to score good marks by studying properly before the exams. Now you can focus your positive energy at one place by buying this solid Sheesham wood study table with drawer for your study rooms and have prepare for the exams in a stress freeway. Scientific studies support the fact that by using study table to read and write, the individuals can focus on their studies in a more positive way. Besides making the place look well organized, this Sheesham wood furniture will ensure durability along with giving a modern feel to your place. This glossy finished Sheesham wood gives an outstanding appearance which can enhance the overall ambiance of the place as well. So make it a special attraction of your home by keeping it in the study rooms, this sturdy table with drawer will be perfect to store important papers, stationery items and much more at the right place. You can buy this from KHATICRAFT at the most reduced prices. 

  • DimensionsinInches:L20”XB30”XH34”
  • PrimaryMaterial:Solidwoodsheesham
  • SecondaryMaterial:Hardware,glue,adhesive
  • FrameMaterial:Solidwoodsheesham
  • LegsMaterial:Solidwoodsheesham
  • StorageType:Closed
  • (IncaseofClosedStorage)
  • TypeofStorage:DRAWER
  • DoorDimensions:L12”xH4””
  • TotalnumberofitemsinaProduct:1
  • PolishedType:Gloss
  • Colour:Naturalhoney
  • AssemblyType:CarpenterAssembled

4. Product Description

  • This classy and elegant study table is a designer piece that comes with a closed storage.
  • The drawer below it enhances the look of the study table.
  • The product is designed using premium-quality Sheesham wood. This product is made using 100% non-toxic materials and come with rounded corners. 
  • Sheesham wood furniture is easy to clean and will give a contemporary feel to the place. 
  • The dimensions of this study table with drawer is Length 20 cm x Width 30 cm x Height 34 cm 
  • Primary Material used is Sheesham Wood. It comes with a glossy touch
  • The product requires self-assembly at customers end and we provide a self-assembly instructions as well along with necessary accessories.
  • Each piece is crafted nicely; we prefer only the premium sheesham woods as we care for you and know that it will perfect furniture for your perfect home.
  • The color of this study table is natural honey. 
  • You will get one year warranty on the product on buying it from Khaticraft which owns furniture showroom in Kirti Nagar.
  • Furniture bought from Khaticraft is shipped for free. So buy anything from us and it delivered at your doorsteps.
  • This finished coffee table with stool has no rough areas when you run your hands around the edges and sides.
  • Perfect for study room furniture 

So get the best of study table with drawer which is made of solid rosewood (Sheesham) to allow your children kids to focus on their studies. 

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