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Wooden Beds

Wooden double bed provides a place of comfort which all of us look forward for. The beds make any bedroom feel lavish and glamorous. It not only brings an upliftment in your living style but also ensures additional comfort. Sufficient size and durable is something we consider while buying wooden beds.


Buy Wooden Beds Online at Khaticraft

Certainly, the kind of bed we have placed inside our home plays an important role in improving our sleep. A bedroom would not be complete without the right double bed. A good bed not only enhances the overall décor of the room but ensures maximum comfort, which we all require after working hard.
The bed is where we rest after a long busy day. Therefore, buying a bed is even more significant for all of us. We need to consider a lot factors before purchasing a bed. Variables like wood type, type of bed, etc. are very important. So, this time make sure you buy the best bed for your home.
. While shopping at Khaticraft, you can explore a diversified range of bed double bed designs from king size bed with storage to queen size beds with storage to beds with/without storage at the most competitive prices. We use Sheesham wood while designing the bed as it assures longevity, sturdiness, and retain its beauty for years.
Whether you look for a traditional Sheesham wooden beds or some modern engineered bed for your modern home, we’ve got covered all. So, this time choose the best beds online from Khaticraft especially when there is an unlimited variety to choose from.
At Khaticraft, we completely understand that no two people have the same requirements, thus addressing all the requirements of our customers, we offer a diverse range of furniture options. Our wooden bed design collection is ideal for bachelors and families with kids. The best part about shopping for furniture online from Khaticraft is that you can get a wider range of options to choose from. Browse our exclusive bed designs and you will be amazed to see the best quality beds here.

Benefits of Buying Sheesham Wood Beds

There are numerous reasons of buying Sheesham beds out of which a few are mentioned below:

  • Sheesham wood is sturdy and hence retains its originality for years.
  • Each piece of Sheesham furniture has its own unique color and you need to get it polished after some years.
  • Sheesham wooden bed is also used in the construction of cupboards and other furniture apart from beds as it does not crack or warp..
  • These beds have amazing shining when polished and offer a smooth touch
  • Due to the hard texture of Sheesham, this kind of wood does not warp or slip, making it the best choice for wooden cabinets..

Once you have understood the benefits of Sheesham wood, you will no longer think about other kinds of furniture.

Wooden Sheesham Bed: Good For Health

At Khaticraft, you can find wooden beds that are made using good quality wood. No toxic chemicals are used in the making of wooden beds. The single wood beds or king/queen size wood beds are made using 100% pure wood and the beds are constructed by well-skilled engineers.
At Khaticraft, we believe in nothing but excellence. Thus we use hardwood which has many more advantages as compared to other kinds of wood. We have solid wooden beds made using Sheesham wood, all with unique features and styles.

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying a Perfect Wooden Bed?

The bed in your bedroom is an important piece of furniture, thus the selection must be taken wisely. The kind of bedroom décor and quality of sleep depend on the kind of bed you have in your bedroom. So, beneath we have mentioned some of the things that all homeowners must keep in mind while buying the right bed for your bedroom.

The purpose

The first and foremost thing that needs to be considered is the purpose of buying the wooden bed. You must make the decision based on the room space you have. For instance, if you have a small space, you can opt for a sofa cum bed, and in case there is no space issue, invest in a premium king size bed after checking the king size bed dimensions available at Khaticraft.

Bed with storage or not

Many homeowners have enough space inside their homes, so they don’t want beds with storage as they can keep essential items somewhere else. But in case you want to use the bed for storage purposes as well, then you can buy king size bed with storage. The homeowners can check the unlimited variety at Khaticraft and manage the available space smartly.

Carefully look at the Style

While buying a wooden bed for your home, don’t neglect the overall décor and style. Make sure you select the best bed design that gels well with your existing decor theme of the bedroom. Also, make a decision whether you require traditional style beds or wooden beds with storage based on your personal interest and the overall décor of the place.

Look at the Material

The quality of the material used to design the bed is of utmost importance as buying a bed is a long-term investment. Choose a value-to-money product, rather than compromising on the overall style and quality as well.

Storage Wooden Beds: Help keep Place well-organized

With increasing technology, people are becoming modern and urban, but the house space is becoming smaller and more compatible day by day. So, most of the homeowners, especially the ones living in urban areas prefers wooden beds that come with storage options. These beds are space saver storage options and give luxurious premium appeal.

Khaticraft’s Sheesham Wood Double Bed with storage creates a compact living environment and offers smart organization solutions to give your home a stylish and elegant look. Some of the beds available at our store are divided into four equal compartments like queen-size beds and King Size Bed that help keep bedspreads, pillows, blankets, toys, and other essential items. This kind of bed is brought by the majority of people.

The luxury Sheesham wooden bed design with storage gives royal appeal inside the bedroom and by choosing wooden furniture, you don’t have to compromise with the storage. The sleek storage design of our affordable beds gives you the comfort and aesthetic you look for.

The Kinds of Beds Available at Khaticraft

At Khaticraft, we have a huge range of beds that are perfect for all-size homes


Single Bed

We have amazing styles of single bed designs that completely meets your requirements, even in case you have limited space. It’s a great addition to bachelors and students, plus the storage option in these beds helps you organize all the clutter in a more systematic way. All our single-size bed designs are designed with premium quality for utmost durability and strength. With our reasonable single bed price, you don't have to compromise with the quality. We offer everything designed using Sheesham wood for longer durability.

Double Bed

Double beds are quite a popular option because every home wants to have sturdy and beautiful pieces of furniture. A double bed is big enough to accommodate two people comfortably and this comes with a storage option as well to keep extra bedding sets and other accessories easily. We Khaticraft have many double bed design and patterns of high-quality wooden beds that are made using amazing fine craftsmanship.
All those families who look for a sturdy and long-lasting double bed can refer to the official website of Khaticraft to get the best designs. Now finding the right double bed design and size has become much easy. Khaticraft offers superior quality double beds made using premium quality materials that make your bedroom more inviting. The double bed price can be best described as reasonable for the kind of quality it has. So browse through our huge collection of double beds and get the best home furniture right away.

King Size Bed

King size bed is one of the most common choice among the families who don’t have any space related concern. The visually appealing bed designs available at Khaticraft are quite spacious and comes with additional storage option. You can choose from hydraulic and pull-out drawers to king size bed with storage to accommodate your items after checking king size bed dimensions. Further, all the beds made using Sheesham ensure longevity and durable investment; therefore, they can be kept as it is without any flaws.

Queen Size Bed

A slightly little bit smaller than king-size beds, queen-size bed designs are liked by couples. The range of king size beds available at Khaticraft comes with long-lastingness, style, and visuals that you might not find anywhere else. Also, these queen size beds online at Khaticraft are available with a storage option as well letting you keep your daily stuff organized in one place. To get the best bed, measure the space so that you don’t end up buying the wrong product. You can consider purchasing this we after checking queen size beds dimensions from Khaiticraft as all the queen size beds are reasonable priced.

Beds with Storage

Whether you have big or small bedroom space, beds with storage go well in all cases. Khaticraft presents a different and unique range of beds with storage like pull-out drawers, hydraulic storage, king-size bed with storage, sofa cum bed with storage, etc. that helps you keep your bedroom neat and clean

What is the Ideal Size of the Bed?

The wooden Sheesham beds at Khaticraft are available in various shapes and sizes, which helps buyers buy the one meeting the requirement. A single bed is ideal for those who are staying alone in a room while a family can opt for a king/queen size bed based on the space availability Apart from the wooden bed users, one must also consider the type and size of the room. Make sure there is enough space to walk in the room after keeping the furniture.
For instance, in a large bedroom with limited objects, you can easily keep a 6x6 wooden bed easily. A square-shaped bed without storage keeps a neat look. In case you have limited space, you can buy a 4x6 bed for mid-sized areas. Designed for kids, we have special beds for kids as well with box storage options for belongings, drawer storage for keeping important articles, etc.

Why Choose Khaticraft?


We stay committed to designing the best pieces of wooden furniture that retain their originality for years. To us, our customers are our top-most priority and we never compromise on that. Therefore, we design high-grade material beds that ensures maximum durability and sturdiness for even a long time.

Wider Choices

While buying the wooden beds, now you don’t have to compromise on anything as we have an unlimited range of beds. Now you can explore all the options and varieties of beds online only at Khaticraft.

Attractive deals

To pamper our customers, we keep on announcing various deals on regular basis. Khaticraft provides special benefits like discounts and deals very festive season, which helps you save a huge chunk of the amount. Now you can have a more memorable shopping experience with Khaticraft.

Online shopping

Our aim is to make Khaticraft a user-friendly platform for buyers looking for online shopping. Home delivery, easy EMI options, timely delivery, round clock customer support are some of the benefits one can have by shopping online.

Sheesham Beds

Getting the perfect Sheesham wooden bed design online now has become much easy, all thanks to furniture stores like Khaticraft that make online furniture shopping easy and hassle free. Khaticraft has an unlimited range in Sheesham wooden beds suiting the needs of all the customers. Whether you look for a sheesham bed with storage or bed without storage, you can get the best range in beds for your own home.

This Time Place Wooden Beds in Your Room

Your bedroom experiences really become wonderful post buying the best wooden furniture online. The polish, touch, finishing, exterior coat, furniture upholstery, etc. of the wooden bed give you the much-required luxury and comfort. You can experiment with Sheesham wood for the kids’ room. Along with that, you can also choose leather or foam, or even velvet upholstery to give a special look to your wooden bed.
You can now select the best wooden beds online at Khaticraft. Along with beds, you can also buy a wooden dressing table, wooden wardrobe, rocking chairs, wooden dining table, etc.

Get the best Beds at Reasonable Prices Only at Khaticraft

At Khaticraft we completely understand the significance of wooden furniture in your homes and is a huge investment, which all of us must take wisely. Whether you are revamping your home or moving to a new home, you will be overwhelmed with the so many styles and designs at Khaticraft. Our huge collection of wooden beds assures superior quality craftsmanship and highly competitive prices. So, don’t wait for any, rather shop for the best quality furniture for your home.


The standard size of a bed is 91 cm × 198 cm (36 in × 78 in). You can choose the bed size as per the space availability.

Though there are a variety of wooden bed designs available in the market, buying a Sheesham wood bed has its own perks.

One can opt for king size bed for spacious rooms. However, make sure you check the dimensions of the room before placing an order at Khaticraft.

In order to measure the king size bed dimensions or dimensions of any other bed accurately, you can use a measuring tape. Place one end of the measuring tape on the left side of the bed while the other side at the right edge of the bed. Pen down the measurement carefully. Now keep the measuring tape in the centre of the bed and pull it down from the top to the bottom, again pen down the measurement. This way you can take accurate measurements of the size of the bed.

Yes, wooden beds come with drawers as well. It depends on the model you have selected from Khaticraft. We have a wide range of wooden beds with and without drawers. Please refer to the product description before placing the order.

No, wooden beds are made from wood so they can get damaged if they come in contact with water.

No, the customers will get wooden beds only during delivery. The mattresses don't come with the bed.

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