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Wooden Chairs

Wooden Chairs are an important object in our homes and always remains in demand as it serves various purposes. A comfortable chair for home is one way to showcase your style of living to your guests. Investing in durable wooden chairs is a life time investment for every homeowner.


Choose the best Chairs For Your Interiors At the Best Price Online at Khaticraft

A wooden chair is one of the most important elements of the furniture set in your interiors. No living space would be complete without the addition of wooden room chairs in the rooms. The kind of wooden chairs you have for your home helps improve the overall look of the place manifolds. Handcrafted and curated by the experts, we at Khaticraft have a great variety of chair designs that bring a sense of satisfaction to all homeowners.
If you look for a comfortable chair for your home, then we have mentioned some of the most relevant factors that need to be considered while shopping for chairs online.

Before buying any wooden chair, you must understand the most ideal size of home chair that you want for your home. The right size of the chair depends upon the space available in your interiors and the purpose of buying the same. Based on the space availability and space you have, invest in dynamic dining chairs, folding chairs, and wooden armrest chairs.

Once you decide on the right size of chairs for your home, look for the comfort you can have. So, for example, if you look for a reading chair, buy the one that comes with armrest support. In case, you have limited space in your home, buy a folding chair.

The overall height of the wooden chair is an important and crucial factor that needs to be considered while making the final selection for a chair. While most of the chairs carry an average height, still there are a lot of variations among all. Some chairs come with a height adjustable option while some don’t. So based on the purpose for which you want the wooden chairs, you can decide how best to choose the right height of the chair.

Resistant Frame
The resistant frame of a chair is the main thing that needs to be considered. The frame of a chair decides how resilient it really is and impacts its overall durability. While shopping for the chairs online at Khaticraft, you can get the appropriate specification about the resistant frame, which can give you an idea about the quality of the chair.

You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get the best wooden chair for yourself. Now you can explore a great variety of chairs online at Khaticraft and that too within your budget. Shopping online for chairs can give you the freedom to choose from great option in different chairs that best fits your budget. You can get affordable and reasonable options in wooden chairs while shopping them at Khaticraft.

While looking for some furniture for your home, there is no harm in looking for some innovative designs that could enliven your private space. You can buy a stylish wooden chair rather than buying some outdated designs anymore. The chairs available at Khaticraft comes in different design with their unique texture, aesthetic structure, and harmonic patterns.

Perfect craftsmanship determines how well a chair is designed and curated. While shopping online for chairs at Khaticraft, you can get the best-customized chairs to have a pleasant experience.

There is no point in investing in chairs that doesn’t meet the desired quality standards of durability. So it’s better to buy a quality wooden chair that retains its durability and uniqueness for years. Pick the one that is designed using the best quality materials. Look for fine wood like Sheesham as it ensures durability and is liked for its sturdy designs and durability.

Kinds of Chairs Online @ Khaticraft

The search for designed wooden chairs ends at Khaticraft. We have the latest designs and styles available in chairs that give your home a modern look. Here you will be thrilled to explore an amazing range in chairs for personal and commercial purposes. Some of the variety of chairs available at Khaticraft:

Arm Chairs

Arm chairs are among the most comfortable kind of wooden chairs that you can find online. Now you can complete the overall look of the place with designer armrest chairs that gives maximum comfort even while working for a longer period.

Folding Chairs

The most prominent feature of folding chairs is that they can easily be fitted in small homes as well. These chairs are used in dining rooms, placed near the bar tables, or can also be used as outdoor furniture.


With some amazing designs, these benches can be easily adjusted to your seating position. These wooden benches can be used as outdoor sitting furniture and also along with dining tables. The benches are relaxing and comforting and when placed with dining tables, they provide maximum sitting space.

Dining Chairs

Most important area of the room is the dining table where all the family members sit together to enjoy their meals. These wooden dining chairs are ideal for dining tables. The simple yet elegant wooden dining chairs stand out from other kinds of furniture. You can buy these wooden dining chairs with a dining table after considering the overall design and color of the two.

Wooden Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are ideal for spaces having limited space availability, like balconies, study rooms, etc. These foldable chairs are highly functional and purposeful and help enhance the overall look of the place.

Bar Chairs

These bar chairs are exclusively meant for interior spaces where you can come and feel relaxed. Bar chairs are a stellar addition to your rooms and give a new look to your bar. They are an elegant choice of furniture for your home and make the place look more inviting and welcoming.

Office Chairs

Each office needs some seating chairs so that staff can settle down and work in a productive way. These wooden chairs are basic in design but ensure maximum comfort while working. You can also find study chairs in the same section, which are intended to offer comfort and durability. Besides the usual options, you can also get the chairs customized as per your needs. With a huge range of customized options available at Khaticraft, you can check out various finishes, designs, and quality chairs based on your budget.
The homeowners can browse for some of the best chairs online at Khaticraft and give your home a new look. You can browse different varieties and styles on this platform to make your search easier.

Sheesham Wood

The wooden chairs at Khaticraft are made using good-quality wood, Sheesham wood as it retains its originality for years it any decor, wooden chairs are a perfect choice, as they are durable, sturdy, and possess a classic finish.
The buyers can find finely carved designs of Sheesham wood chairs at Khaticraft. We are specialized in Sheesham wood which makes us the best shop to purchase Sheesham wood chairs in the most affordable range. The durable nature of this wood chair allows us to innovatively curate purposeful designs with ease. Purchasing a Sheesham wood chair is a long-lasting investment that multiplies the overall beauty and functionality of your space to a greater level.

Reasons why you should choose Sheesham wood furniture?

  • Longevity and durability: One of the main reasons why more people choose Sheesham wood furniture is due to its durability. Furniture made of Sheesham lasts for years without any kind of damage. Sheesham wood is long-lasting and sturdy.
  • Variety: In Sheesham wood, there are unlimited designs and styles to choose from for your home. Sheesham wood furniture is available in different types at Khaicraft that will suit your needs.
  • Best designs: The Sheesham wood is the most amazing hardwood for carving. It is not only hard but also has a medium-coarse texture that looks great with other kinds of furniture. Sheesham wood chair designs online are very economically priced and come in different designs. You are bound to find the perfect ones for your space and on a budget.

Choose From A Plethora Of Stylish & Designer Wooden Chairs

The buyers shopping for wooden chairs at Khaticraft can easily customize the furniture as per their needs. Visit our store at Kirti Nagar for orders. The wooden chairs with a contemporary style can be used at home or at the offices as well. These chairs come in trendy designs, which would surely enhance your lifestyle and modern home decor. You can always look for wooden chairs with a simple design and minimum costing that suits your budget.

Choose From Various Price Range

We understand the need and budgets of every buyer and thus customize products as per the needs of the customers. To make it easy for you, we've listed below the different price ranges so that you can easily buy the one that suits your style and budget:

Wooden chairs price under INR 5,000

There are different wooden chairs designs and options that fall under the Rs. 5,000 chair price range. For chairs set at a low price, you can consider buying benches, folding chairs, and affordable and high-quality chairs within the price that suits your budget. For more sitting space, opt for wooden benches at a low price that come under this price band.

Chair price under Rs. 10,000 prices

This time, innovate the overall look of your home with mid-range chairs that fall under the price category of Rs. 10,000 for setting up your home. Wooden armrest chairs, dining chairs, etc. comes under this price category. You can choose from a wide range of modern, contemporary, and traditional designs in chairs available at Khaticraft.

Chair price under Rs. 15,000 prices

If you have a higher budget to spare, then look for premium designs like rocking chairs, etc. will fall under this category. At Khaticraft, you can always explore unlimited designs and styles in Sheesham wood that are an excellent way to enhance the overall look of the place manifolds.

Why Choose Wooden Chairs At Khaticraft?

If you look for a designer and stylish chair for a shop or your home, then you must check out the best options in chairs at Khaicraft. At Khaticraft, you have a wide range of designs for wooden chairs and modern chairs across multiple styles and varying price ranges. You can browse for a huge variety of chairs online only at Khaticraft.

Why choose us:

  • Great Discount Deals: We offer good deals and discounts throughout the year, so you can always get chairs within your budget. We try to motivate our customers with these offers so that everyone can have the luxury of premium-quality products.
  • Customer support: Our support team is available round the clock to solve the customers’ queries.
  • Luxury of Premium Quality: We believe in serving our customers with the finest quality possible. All the products curated by us are thoroughly checked to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Home delivery: We deliver the ordered furniture to your desired destination, no matter how many products you order, everything will be delivered to your doorstep free of cost.
  • Free Installation: No matter how many products you buy, all the products ordered by the customers by securely delivered and installed in your house

Furthermore, with bespoke quality stands as a standard on which every product is designed at our store. There are unlimited designs in wooden chairs to choose from, all these designs are curated using the finest quality of wood and raw materials.
So what are you waiting for? Get started and explore the never-ending range of furniture that we have designed for you. .


Buying the best chair for your living rooms, study room, dining room, etc. is quite essential since chairs are the most comfortable piece of furniture. If you look for a trending chair to buy for your interiors, then Khaticraft has the best solid wooden chairs that can become the highlight of your room. So choose from a great variety of all kinds of chairs, which you can easily place in your interiors and display your taste in decoration.


The different types of chairs available at Khaticraft include armchairs, rocking chairs, cantilever chairs, barrel chairs, wing chairs, lounger chairs, cafe chairs, iconic chairs, slipper chairs, office chairs, folding chairs, and plastic chairs.

An office chair or cantilever chair is best for studying.

You must invest in an Ergonomic Office Chair as you have to sit on the same for long working hours. These chairs provide maximum support and help maintain a good posture for long hours without straining the muscles.

At Khaticraft, buyers can discover beautiful and functional kinds of chairs online. Whether you look for Dining Chairs, Study Chairs, folding Chairs, bar chairs, or something else, you can get unlimited designs and varieties here.

The first and foremost factor that needs to be considered while buying a wooden chair is to determine the size of your Living Room. Also, look for comfort and your budget while buying the right kind of furniture for your home. Invest in a chair design that blends and complements the overall décor of the place.

Some of the factors that you must consider while buying office chairs include • Proper Back • Lumbar Support • Pneumatic Hydraulic Class • Adjustable arms • Adjustable Handle

Ergonomically designed wooden chairs are the best. These kinds of chairs help enhance the sitting posture and improve work productivity as well. Not only office chairs, ergonomically designed living room chairs, and bedroom chairs, have also gained wider popularity.

First of all, measure the space availability of the place where you want to keep the chair. Check the seating height needed for the chair based on the height of the already existing furniture. And then select the colour and design of the chair based on the décor of the room.

Bedroom chairs play an important role in enhancing the overall look of the place manifolds. Make sure the chair you want to buy offers maximum comfort. First of all, measure the overall area where you want to keep the chair, as some wooden chairs with armrests are more spacious. And then select the color and design of the chair that coordinates with the overall décor of the room.

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