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Why prefer solid wood Sheesham furniture for your home

*The Indian rosewood (Sheesham) is known as the best wood for carving and engraving.
*The Sheesham wood has high tensile strength and heavy in weight that makes it sturdy.
*The Sheesham wood provides durability, modern design, and affordability.
*It’s a tropical weather wood that has the capacity to tolerate the local heat and humidity.
* The Sheesham is naturally resistant to natural decay and dry-wood termites, which increases the age of the furniture.
*The finished product of a Sheesham wood has an outstanding appearance.
* The color of Sheesham wood can range from Golden Brown to Dark Reddish Brown and have a natural dark streak that makes it a unique wood.
* Sheesham wood is one of the best solid wood and is one of the most affordable options in the hardwood category.
* Due to a smooth finish Sheesham wood are easy to clean.
*Solid wood is basically non-engineered wood. its own natural characteristics and also much stronger and heavier than engineered wood.
*The wood doesn’t get effected very much because of moisture as it has a high oil content.
* The Sheesham wood has natural pest resistant and termite control once the wood is properly seasoned.



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