Return & Refund
First, If you have a need to consider returns & refunds, you likely ordered a product from us. Which means we own you a “Thank You!”. Nothing makes us happier than a legion of happy customers. And as such we promise to do our very best to deliver an amazing product and customer experience, and rest assured, to make right any hiccups along the way. That said, here are the some things you might want to know….

How do you track my order?

The ideal way to track your order is to sign-up at and then visit the track your order page. Or, as a guest, you can visit the Track Your Order page at  and enter your Order ID and your Email address or phone number linked with the order.

What is the estimated time for a delivery?

Once we receive the order confirmation, products are typically manufactured and dispatched within 2 – 4 weeks. We will notify you once the product has been dispatched for delivery.

Are there any delivery or installation charges, or any hidden fees?

Absolutely not. Delivery and installation of a product is free of charge for all orders above INR 5000.

What should I check when the product is delivered to me?

1.Correct Product 2.Complete Product 3.Unused Product4.Undamaged Product 5.Undamaged Packaging

Will the product be exactly as shown on the Website?

Khaticraft tries its best to deliver Products and Services exactly the way they are described on the Website. However, the nature and tendency of natural material-based products is that each piece of furniture is unique in its own way. That may be different in appearance almost similar to the original display at website. Minor changes in appearance can be there because on the nature of the material.

When can i place a return request on my order?

If there is a damaged product at the time of delivery. You may generate a request of return through email at [email protected] or by calling at our customer support centre.After your request, we will check with the delivery services and a executive inspection will be done on the same and then we will decide that whether the receipt product of yours fall under refund category or others.

Can you cancel an order?

Yes, You can within 12 hours of your order request time. After that it will be decided by our delivery team. If at all product is dispatched or packed that cost will be deducted from your amount paid in advance. Remaining  balance will be reflected in your bank account within seven business days excluding the government holidays.

Is there any form of cancellation fee?

If you cancel your order within 12 hours of request, there will be no cancellation charge. If you generate a return request within 3 days after the delivery of the respective product then the shipment charges of two ways will be deducted from your order amount and remaining will be processed in your bank account within seven working days.

Who will be responsible for delay in any ways and means of my product?

Khaticarft solely provides a platform for sellers to sell and customer to buy from sellers directly through a middle guarantee of services. All the financial claims in case of penalty will be borne by seller and customer as per the agreement of terms of use on this website.