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Make your coffee more special by choosing the right outdoor coffee table set

After having realized the terrace, it is time to know how we are going to dress it. Before embarking on the purchase of your furniture, it is good to have some ideas in mind to buy knowingly. Several materials, different textures, a multitude of colors, the choice is vast to satisfy you. Beyond the decorative aspect, this small guide will give you the technical characteristics of the different materials to help you make your choice.

The iron coffee table

Iron garden furniture is back on the front of the stage. Often inspired by Parisian bistros, this type of furniture is light, durable, space-saving, and above all multicolored! Be careful, however, the treatment that will make the longevity (or not) of your furniture. As you opt to buy coffee table online India there are a number of options that you can go for now.

Namely it is that the weak point of iron is rust but that effective protections exist and apply easily. However, we must be very attentive to the first signs of rust to prevent any spread. In the absence of treatment, your furniture will be greatly weakened (and disfigured) by this phenomenon.

The composite wood coffee table

The composite is in vogue on our terraces, which is explained by the many strengths of this material. First of all, what is the composite? It is an alloy of wood fibers and plastic fibers. The advantage of this material is its finish close to the wood aspect (exotic) and its great resistance. I putrescible, it resists the vagaries of time and its color is sometimes guaranteed until 25 years (anti-UV treatment and tinted in the mass). In terms of maintenance, no specific treatment is necessary: ​​simply clean with soap and water. Now that you can opt for the coffee table online buying this will be important.

Small advice, if your garden coffee table is composite, apply a waterproofing on the top, the cleaning will be facilitated. Be careful, however, to monitor the structure of your composite living room because the difference in price is mainly on this point. A plastic structure will last much less than a steel structure. Now that the best garden coffee table set sail the options are wider now.

The plastic coffee table

Plastic is inviting more and more on our terraces. It provides a multitude of shapes and colors to add a touch of fun to your terrace. The complete absence of maintenance and its ease of cleaning make it an ally of choice for your furniture. The price scale is very wide: it depends on the design, the thickness of the plastic and the finish. With the best coffee table set online you can expect the best variations.


The textile coffee table

We are witnessing the development of textiles for our garden furniture. Rarely used alone, it is often mixed with a wooden structure. The advantage is the comfort it provides (it avoids adding a cushion on the seat). Regarding maintenance, it is almost non-existent except for cleaning with water and soap from time to time. As a bonus, the colors are more and more reliable and durable over time. When it comes to this, then you can go for the best with justified coffee table price in India.


Wooden Coffee Table

This is the typical material of garden furniture. There are different species that each has their own characteristics. We will assume that there are three main families of wood: European wood (e.g. pine), exotic wood (e.g. teak) and Indian popular solid wood sheesham. The first, often more accessible, is usually light in color and has some knots. Its maintenance must be regular to avoid any curl or change of color. For this a regular sanding and the application of a stain are appreciable for its longevity. Exotic wood has a more upscale finish. It is a much denser and more powerful wood with very few knots and a red tint. It has better resistance over time and requires less maintenance. Now that you can buy coffee table online you need to be specific. 

Attention, in all cases the wood is a living material. it works according to the heat and the humidity. That’s why there is always a gap between two blades (expansion joint). Exotic wood requires special monitoring of its movements because, being very powerful, it can curl permanently. Treatment with special exotic wood oil is strongly recommended. Then there are the wooden coffee cup and saucer set option that you can also opt for.

Solid wood sheesham coffee table has its own benefits by selecting a local sturdiness that last to the generations. Solid wood sheesham has more life in the Asian countries as it suits to the environment and most grown area are tropics. Being a natural wood that suited to its grown area, make it more popular and best suit for Asian countries in furniture segments. These sheesham wood furniture comes in wide variety with a traditional touch of colour polishes varies design to design. To have a look for these products you can check on many online portals as well as you can check on our web portal where we update 100-200 products design every month in solid wood sheesham furniture. 

Aluminum coffee table for outdoor

Aluminum, increasingly used for garden furniture, has many qualities. Firstly it does not require any specific maintenance: its cleaning is done with water and a little soap to remove difficult stains. This makes it a material with very high life expectancy, which is important when making an investment. It is very light, which facilitates any movement (if you enter your table in winter for example). It is often paired with a textile seat for comfort. In case of the garden furniture coffee table sets you need to be specific now.

Attention, the aluminum of our living rooms is often hollow (for cost reasons) which means that it is better to pay attention to shocks.

Stone made garden furniture

This is an uncommon material in the stores dedicated to the development of our exteriors! Yet the stone has assets to argue as its complete lack of maintenance: no sanding, no stain, nothing!

It is also of great resistance in time. In other words, generations will be able to transmit your furniture. For the coffee set garden furniture this is important now.


Falling Waters Landscape with coffee table set

On the other hand, it is necessary to watch the comfort and perhaps to add cushions, if only to soften its raw appearance. Also think of an ideal location: given the weight of the whole, it is better not to have to change it regularly (or so you have to have a lot of friends). This last point as well as the cost of such parts makes this material very little used. It is also ideal for structural installations such as garden braziers. There you can have the espresso coffee machine placed in front of the wooden made garden now.


Price of a garden coffee table

The price of a garden coffee table varies according to:

  • The type of material.
  • The form.
  • The styles
  • The quality.
  • The dimensions.
  • The brand.

As an indication, here are some examples of prices for garden coffee tables:

  • Aluminum garden coffee table: between 1000 and 3000 INR.
  • Steel garden coffee table: between 2000 and 4000 INR.
  • Garden coffee table in braided resin: between 2000 and 6000 INR.
  • Wooden garden coffee table: between 3000 and 15000 INR.
  • Polypropylene resin garden coffee table: between 500 and 2000 INR.
  • Wrought iron garden coffee table: between 100 and 300 INR.
  • Garden coffee table: between 20 and 200 INR.

Make a plan

Finally, before you start your purchase, prepare the plan of your terrace. It is important to define the different spaces such as the sitting area with a garden sofa armchairs and a wooden coffee table that will allow you to have an aperitif with friends, the relaxation area with sunbathing to relax with a good book or a dining area with a table and chairs to enjoy your family meals. For the coffee pots on sale this is important now.

To decorate its terrace or to furnish its veranda by installing a table of garden has become indispensable there to spend convivial moments, in family or between friends. This furniture also brings a decorative touch to its relaxation area. For the espresso coffee cup set this is important.

There is a wide range of garden coffee tables that you can buy according to your tastes, needs and budget. Here is a little guide that will help you make your choice.

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