Things to Know Before Buying a Wooden Wardrobe For Your Bedroom

Wooden Wardrobe for Bedroom

Storage is an important factor that we need to consider while buying furniture for your home. Your essentials will look more organized in case you have selected proper wardrobes, cabinets, and dressers for your bedroom. As long as bedroom storage is considered, wooden wardrobes or closets are considered as the perfect pieces of furniture in which you can keep your things and other essentials. Wardrobes can be used to store clothing, bedding, warm clothes, toys, and make-up items, shoes and many other things.

There are various factors that you need to consider while choosing the correct closet for your home, some of the factors which you have to consider including the size of the room and your storage needs as well. Also, prefer buying Sheesham wooden wardrobe rather than buying plastic wardrobes as they can be used for years without retaining its originality. Solid wood wardrobes are the most popular type of wardrobes that are preferred by home-owners around the world because of their classic style, functionality, and enhanced durability as well.

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Types of wardrobes which are available in the market include

Based on the size and number of doors, you can choose from different types of wardrobes based on the number of doors. You can choose which one you need according to the size of the room and storage needs.


Single door A solid wood single wardrobe is perfect for a small room, like your kid’s room or a small bedroom for a single person or a guest room in your home. You can buy a single door Sheesham wood wardrobe from Khaticraft. These elegant and small-sized wardrobes will fit into corners and will occupy very little space. You can also keep these wardrobes in your bigger room, and can use them to keep other things that need extra storage.

Double Door — These are the most common type of closets that can fit into all sizes of rooms, including small and medium as well. A solid wood double wardrobe by Khaticraft is perfect for medium-sized bedrooms which are useful in keeping all the essentials. These types of wardrobes have enough storage which allows you to organize clothes and daily items in a mess freeway and will make your room look more organized.

Triple Door — These types of wardrobes have three closed compartments and are ideal for master bedrooms and spacious guest rooms. You can keep a variety of items in a triple door wardrobe which ranges from clothes to bags and shoes. Though people having rooms with smaller space prefer single or double room wardrobes, instead of buying these triple room wardrobes as they are quite spacious.


Four-Door A 4-door solid wood wardrobe is perfect for the families with kids, as this wardrobe offers much space allowing you to keep your essentials along with your kid’s important and daily items. A four-door closet would be perfect for the families having a large bedroom and can be a very worthy investment, as Sheesham wooden wardrobes retain its durability even after years as well.


Pay detailed attention towards the size of the room 

The size of your room plays an influencing factor in determining the size of the closet you want to buy. Before buying a wooden wardrobe online, measure the height of your wall against which you want to keep the furniture. The closet which you have kept inside your bedroom should not make the place look crowded. You can get the beautiful and functional solid wood assembled wardrobes customized as per your needs by buying them from Khaticraft to complement your bedroom décor. So choose from a variety of wood wardrobes that are available in different sizes, wardrobes are essential in all rooms as they help in keeping the stuff at a proper place.

Storage needs 

Make sure that you know the purpose of buying a wardrobe for your home, you need to invest in that kind of wardrobe which can keep your dresses in a clean and mess-free way. For instance, you need to consider which kinds of clothes you want to organize in your wardrobe, whether you want to store coats, suits, shirts, dresses, ethnic wear in the wardrobes or planning to store shoes, towels, or bedding inside them. You can use a solid wood wardrobe and chest of drawers together so that you can organize your clothes easily. In case you are living alone, then you might not have much storage at your place, a solid wood corner wardrobe in your bedroom will suit your minimalistic lifestyle while if you live with your family or have children, then you can choose three-door wardrobes which have separate sections allowing you to keep your clothes separately. Analyze your storage need before buying any kind of wardrobe for your home.

Look for additional Features

While choosing a closet for your home, you can also look for the additional features that you are getting along with the furniture. For instance, you can buy a solid wood wardrobe that has a mirror so that it can solve the purpose of buying a dresser separately. In case you want to separate smaller clothing from bigger ones, then you can pick that wardrobe that comes with drawers so that you can easily organize the stuff. Also, you can ask for customized features like vertical storage space, option to include rods and hooks, number of shelves and much more as per your need. If you want to buy a closet that can easily organize almost everything in the bedroom, then look for a spacious solid wood wardrobe that comes with shelves and drawers to utilize the available space effectively.

A wooden wardrobe will surely add a great value to your place and it is absolutely worth buying a wooden wardrobe than to invest in any other kind of furniture that comes with inferior quality. So consider each and every criterion before taking the right decision.

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