What Are the Different Types of Sofas?


Different Sofa Types: Your Deals

The choice of the sofa is one of the most important decisions when it comes to furnishing the room. A sofa should be comfortable, first and foremost, but also fit into the space we have and, of course, have the right style so as not to clash with the rest of the decoration of the room. In today’s article, we will show you different types of modern living room sofa set. If you are thinking of renovating your furniture or buying your first sofa, as well as to buy outdoor furniture read on!

The armchair or sofa of a square:

sofa of a square

It is a type of sofa ideal for furnishings very small rooms such as small apartments or personal spaces where we want to enjoy an individual rest, such as a reading corner, a relaxation area in the bedroom or in the living room in front of a window. You can check home furniture online sofa set. It offers a very personalized comfort, to give those times of deserved rest that everyone deserve after a day of work, therefore, many people choose them conditioned with mobility and relaxation systems that allow them to couple them in different postures, so they take it as your personal furniture and are not always willing to share it

The two-seater sofa and the triplets:

two-seater sofa

They are the most traditional types of living area sofa set and those preferred in all decoration for their versatility and ease to combine and adapt to different environments, the most usual will be to see a 3-seater sofa plus another 2-seater sofa in the largest rooms, in this way We will achieve a good place for meetings with numerous guests, even adding an armchair or two armchairs, as space allows. They are also ideal for smaller rooms, placing only 2 or 3 seater furniture, such as small 2 seater table and accompanying them with some puffs or pillows on the floor if we want a relaxed and informal atmosphere. They are also the type of sofa that will look great both in interior and exterior spaces, so it is possible to decorate a terrace, balcony, tea room or the reception of an office, without major inconveniences, and with timeless furniture that never happens fashionable and allows us to adjust to different trends by adding some colors or accessories such as blankets, cushions, paintings, art pieces, and others.

L sofa:

L sofa

This is the type of sofa that we would appreciate having at home if you have large living room storage and it is usually used for very busy social gatherings, they are usually large and bulky furniture with the capacity to accommodate five or six people without difficulty. Its characteristic shape in L is given because it has one of its sides longer than the other, so it can be used very well to divide environments and define different areas in large spaces and without walls such as those of the Loft or industrial style ; for example, by placing this furniture in the middle of the living room we can easily distinguish the dining area behind the sofa and the living room in front, leaving the corridors necessary to move and move from one place to another without problems, with this it will not be necessary to add shelves or walls that make the divisions, and the amplitude that characterizes the decorations will not be lost Modernity. You can have sofa set under 25000. This is an option to achieve an effect similar to that of an L-sofa is to combine a 3-seater sofa with a 2-seater sofa and take advantage of the space between them with a corner table or a high lamp.

Corner sofa:

This furniture is very similar to the sofa in L, with the difference that its sides have the same extension and form an angle that fits ideally to take advantage of the small corner unit for living room, taking into account that their proportions do not exceed the length of the walls. Its presence will turn the corner space into a cozy and pleasant place for meeting and enjoyment, it is ideal to host groups and share if we have a large family, so it looks great in an environment dedicated to recreation, such as a lounge of entertainment in a room of limited dimensions, where we must render the available meters.

Modular Sofa:

A boring decoration is something that will always be very far from a living room where we have a modular sofa, since this type of furniture is ideal to give rise to creativity, dynamism, and adaptation at the time of setting. This 3 seater sofa set has the particularity of being composed of movable and attachable parts or sections that can be moved at ease, integrating or separating to adapt to the space and help us create different styles with the same furniture.

With these modules you will have the advantage of giving it different shapes, being able to accommodate it as an L- shaped sofa, corner, U-shaped, or simply separate the parts and place them according to your preference. In general, in addition to the seats, this type of sofas incorporates scrollable modules that can function as extra seats or hex coffee table, and even to extend the legs. 

Chaise Longue sofa:

The Chaise Longue sofa is furniture linked to luxury and opulence from its origins, its name in French means “long chair” and precisely it was a couch especially used by royalty and their guests, this comfortable extended chair allowed them to rest and keeps your legs elevated during the gatherings, and goes well at home living room chairs. Inspired by this comfort, current models have incorporated an extension in one of their seats, which in addition to maximizing comfort, gives you a modern and distinguished presence that dresses any room with a very glamorous image.



The so-called western futon is a relatively new piece of furniture that appeared in the early 80’s for the creativity of the American designer, who was inspired by the Japanese futon, a type of thin and foldable mattress that lies directly on the floor to sleep and roll up during the day to free up the space it occupies. According to this concept, the American designer designed a modern and very functional version of a practical single-block foam cabinet, which with a movement moves from sofa to bed or vice versa, providing a very effective solution for comfort in very small environments such as small departments, the office or the small rooms.

Sofa Bed:

It is a piece of furniture designed to solve the problems of space and functionality that modern life demands. Although there is no certainty about its first appearance, it is known that its use spread in the mid-1930s in the midst of the economic crisis in the United States, when an Italian furniture merchant Bernardo Castro devised an advertising campaign to sell a sofa bed model designed by him, this in response to the needs of American families for whom buying a bed and living room furniture was very expensive. In this way, by synthesizing the two uses of bed and sofa in a single furniture, the client was given the opportunity to save and make the most of the space.

In any version, they are very useful furniture in holiday homes, wooden sofa set in hotels, front room sofas in hospitals, the office, and the house to attend the stay of family and friends.

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