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What is Sheesham Wood? Know A-to-Z of Sheesham wood/Indian Rosewood...

When it comes to purchasing wooden furniture, one of the main concerns among the consumers is to look for quality wood that can retain its originality after years as well. Sheesham wood is considered the best among many homeowners, thanks to its strength and durability. A native of India and Iran, Sheesham wood is the most common name used for the Dalbergia Sissoo species which is also known as Indian rosewood or Bombay blackwood

Another is Dalbergia latifolia, a premier quality timber species, which is also being referred to as the Indian rosewood. It is native to low-elevation tropical monsoon forests of south east India. A few of the common names of Dalbergia Latifolia popular in English are rosewood, Bombay blackwood, roseta rosewood, East Indian rosewood, reddish-brown rosewood, Indian palisandre, and Java palisandre.           

Sheesham wood which is also known as the Indian rosewood or dalbergia sissoo is the timber of a deciduous tree indigenous to the Indian Subcontinent. After teak, Sheesham is the most important cultivated timber tree, which is grown in the Punjab region. Punjab state is the largest producer of Sheesham timber in India and Pakistan. Apart from timber supply, the tree is cultivated along roadsides and canals which brings a welcome, natural shade for tea plantations. Most of the Sheesham is planted across the southern Indian states like Bangalore as a street tree. Since this tree can easily tolerate cold weather and long, hot dry seasons, this kind of tree is ideal for sustainable forestry, agroforestry and deciduous reforestation.

sheesham grains

Sheesham tree is mostly grown along riverbanks below an elevation of 900 meters but can go up to 1,300 m. The best temperature that promotes its growth varies from 10°C to 40°C, but it can withstand an average yearly rainfall of a maximum of 2,000 mm and droughts not exceeding three to four months. Sheesham plant is best grown in pure sand and gravel and rich soil of riverbanks and can also flourish in slightly salty soils.

Sheesham is mostly used within the wooden furniture industry and is considered as the most popular and preferred wood among buyers too. This wood is considered the best quality wood, but it needs to be seasoned well before it is ready for the manufacturing process. This is usually done in closed chambers with hot air for almost a week or two. Throughout this period, the moisture level needs to be maintained at almost 5 to 6 percent for thinner pieces of wood, while for thicker pieces it is about 11 percent. This is the ideal moisture level that this timber is supposed to have to avoid cracks.

Sheesham is kiln dried before it is being used to make the furniture, and the entire process is being referred to as wood seasoning. Locally, Sheesham timber is kept outside so that it dries up under the sun, the entire drying process takes close to 6 months. Commercially Sheesham is often seasoned in kilns with hot air circulation for about 7 days to 15 days for optimal seasoning.

Different Vernacular names of Sheesham wood

SANSKRIT: Aguru, Shinshapa

·       BENGALI: Shisu, Shishu, Sisu

·       ENGLISH: Bombay Blackwood, Sissoo, Indian Rosewood, Sisso

·       HINDI: Agaru, Biridi, Tali, Gette, Kara, Shisham, Sisam, Sissai, Sissu, Sissoo

·       TAMIL: Sisuitti, Sisso, Nukkukattai, Yette, Gette Thai: Du-Khaek, Pradu-Khaek

·       ARABIC: Dalbergia, Sissoo

·       INDONESIAN: Pradu-Khaek, Du-Khaek

·       JAVANESE: Sono WasesoSonowaseso Nepali: Sissau, Sisham

·       SPANISH: Sisu

·       TRADE NAME: Sissoo, Shisham

How Sheesham wood looks like

From an overall description of Sheesham wood, we understand that it is hardwood, but it is not the hardest in the wood category. Appearance wise Sheesham wood’ colour varies from golden brown to a deeper, reddish brown similar to a conker. The wood comes with so many other advantages as well as it gives a unique touch. Sheesham wood is quite popular among the carpenters and craftsmen as this wood is quite easy to work, carve and is not susceptible to termites or splitting and cracking when turned.

In short, we can say that Sheesham wood is tough, hardy and beautiful and can create some amazing pieces of furniture.

sheesham appearence raw

Features of Sheesham wood

Colour/Appearance: Sheesham ranges from golden brown to a darker reddish brown. The pale, straw-coloured sapwood is clearly demarcated from the heartwood, and is sometimes incorporated into finished products—possibly for reasons of economy rather than aesthetics.

Grain/Texture: Sissoo whose Scientific Name is Dalbergia sissoo mostly has a straight grain, though it can be interlocked—sometimes severely so. The texture is medium to coarse with a good natural lustre.

Rot Resistance: Sissoo has good decay resistance and is considered as the durable wood.

Workability: Sissoo wood has good working characteristics, and it acts well to nearly all machining operations. However, sometimes chalky deposits present on the wood can dull cutters quickly. This kind of wood turns, glues, and finishes well.

Odour: Sissoo wood has a different scent that is characteristic of most rosewoods in the Dalbergia genus, though the scent is somewhat milder than other species.

Allergies/Toxicity: Although Sissoo is usually mostly considered as less allergenic than other kinds of rosewoods in the Dalbergia genus, but sometimes it might cause some skin irritation as well.

Pricing/Availability: Sissoo wood is priced higher in India, where its price is on par with Teak. The tree itself tends to grow in a crooked fashion, so long, clear sections of lumber are seldom seen. One of the few Dalbergia species where certified sources are available.

Common Uses: This kind of wood is mostly used in Veneer, plywood, musical instruments (percussion), furniture, flooring, boatbuilding, carving, and turned objects.

Comments: Sissoo wood man a time is being referred to as the “Indian Rosewood,” and though it is a member of the Dalbergia genus, its status as an official rosewood is disputed. It’s density, hardness, and colour intensity are much lower as compared to other kinds of rosewoods, but the wood is held in high regard in its native India, where it is a very valuable timber.


Is Sheesham Wood Good Quality Wood?

Some of the Sheesham wood’s good qualities makes it perfect for making designer and unique pieces of furniture and other wooden products.

  • Sheesham wood does not split or warp easily, which in turn makes it ideal for cabinet making.
  • It has grains that are well defined.
  • Sheesham accepts good polishing making Sheesham wood furniture looks good and all the pieces of furniture show some extra bright lustre.
  • This wood has an inherent resistance to decay, making it an excellent raw material for wood carving and engraving.
  • The toughness and hardness of sheesham wood make it a good material for turnery.
  • Sheesham wood is also used while making aircraft and marine plywood, musical instruments, sporting goods, and ornamental turnery.
  • It is a long-lasting wood that is highly resistant to dry-wood termites.

Sheesham wood is tougher and stronger than oak, but it is not that much expensive. So, Sheesham wood is considered as a better alternative for those who have a limited budget. This wood also requires little maintenance, making it a highly cost-efficient raw material. So, cost and durability are some of the main reasons why many people choose to buy sheesham wood furniture.

sheesham product collage


Characteristics of Sheesham Wood

Sheesham wood or Indian Rosewood, is mostly found in India, but it is also available in available in some of the states in Pakistan and Nepal. Sheesham trees have a life of 22 years, and during that period, it grows till the height of 30 meters. The diameter of the tree is maximum 1.5 meters and the tree are popular for producing heavy and dense wood.

The strength of the wood of Sheesham trees are amazing and unparalleled, which makes it one of the popular choices among the wooden furniture owners. Once the wood is polished, it shows up a smooth and extremely attractive surface, which helps increase the overall ambiance of the place where they are kept. Its grain makes each piece of furniture wonderful and unique.

Few interesting utilities about Sheesham wood which you might not know

Sheesham wood which is also being referred to as Indian Rose wood is a popular kind of hardwood used for different purposes. This wood has originated from the subcontinent, and the wood is obtained from the tree Dalbergia sissoo native to the Punjab states of India and Pakistan. Sheesham wood is known for its strength, class and beauty, and elegance. This wood is not only popular in India or other neighbouring states, but is widely popular all over the world. As per many interior designers working across the world, Sheesham is one of the most common kinds of hardwood used for making different kinds of furniture and other wood work in the country.

In addition to being popularly used while making different pieces of furniture, this wood is used for floors, walls, doors, wooden sheets, in door and window panels and as a veneer. Some of the amazing facts that you must know about this popular Sheesham wood are mentioned below:

  • Appearance wise, Sheesham wood looks golden brown or dark brown in colour. It also has streaks of sapwood which might be white to light brown.
  • Since this wood is very brittle, so to make it look strong and worth using, the wood is first air dried and once it is dried, wood becomes resilient and loses its moisture. Though it still remains elastic and can easily be cut using a saw.
  • Another extraordinary quality of sheesham wood is that it is quite flexible to work with and it works well at polishing and can be comfortably turned around and glued.
  • Since Sheesham wood is highly elastic and flexible in nature, it is considered as an ideal kind of furniture, veneers and door frames and panels. Moreover, it can easily withstand high quality polish which in turn helps create beautiful furniture designs.
  • Sheesham also serves to be a perfect wood for cabinet, desks, chests and cupboards. It is a strong resilient wood with high density because of which it can also be used for making decorative carvings.
  • The wood is also used in some parts of India and Pakistan for making boats and as a fire wood. The malleable nature of the wood also allows it to be used for making paper.
  • Sheesham wood is used to make houses, doors and floors but not always; in smaller towns that have lower temperature, Sheesham wood can be used. But in larger cities and suburbs, the wood is not considered ideal for that purpose.
  • Sheesham might be a strong wood, but it is not as resistant to moisture as other hardwoods are. Since the wood is brittle and moist before air drying, it might retain some of its initial moisture because of which it is not considered suitable for flooring. In cities like Lahore where there is a lot of rainfall, sheesham flooring tends to get destroyed soon.
  • Sheesham is a beautiful classy and elegant wood. It is strong and resilient yet flexible and elastic. All in all, this wood can be used for numerous purposes and remains as one of the most popular hardwoods in the world.



Why is the Indian Sheesham Wood Furniture the best?


There is a lot of growth in the home interior design markets and many Indian manufacturers keep on introducing latest designs in the market to please the home buyers. The Indian Wooden furniture market is quite popular and is known for its unique designs. Over the past so many years, the Indian furniture market has registered significant witnessed. Many people in India look for good quality solid wood furniture in India and for them, durability matters the most.

Sheesham wood is no doubt one of the most popular wood in India and it is chosen for how affordable it can be. You can use Sheesham wood in case you want some good quality furniture that can retain its originality over the years. Moreover, home owners can easily buy Sheesham wood furniture online at the most affordable rates as at this point of time, there are so many people in India who look to get the best wood’s furniture and for them Sheesham is the best.

Why is Sheesham wood is more preferable for furniture making?

Sheesham hardwood wood features an alluring irregular grain formation that is the most distinctive in appearance and can be polished to give an elegant and durable finish. The wood itself is robust and durable, maintaining its original form during handling and construction. These properties make it an ideal material for cabinet making.

We at KHATICRAFT work closely with the suppliers for getting the raw material needed to manufacture premium quality Sheesham wood furniture. We use different but finest quality raw material to obtain the desired results. You can get in touch with us to know more about Sheesham wood and how it helps make the interior look enhanced and beautiful.

List of items that are made using Sheesham Wood

Mira collectionby khaticraft

What items can be made from Sheesham Furniture:

·       Bookcases

·       TV Units

·       Display Cabinets

·       Beds

·       Sofas

·       Dining Tables

·       Bed Frames

·       Bedside Tables

·       Side Tables

·       Console Tables

·       Coffee Tables

·       Sideboards

·       Drawers

·       Wall shelves

·       Shoe racks

·       Display Unites

·       TV Cabinets

·       Cabinets & Sideboards

·       Lamp Tables

Sheesham wood Coffee Table or Indian rosewood coffee table

You can have an unforgettable excellence by purchasing Sheesham wood coffee tables, which are ideal for any living room and act as the perfect centrepiece to hold everything in your living room together.

Some of the amazing features available in these coffee tables include drawers and extra shelving that help personalise your dream coffee table exactly the way you want. Furthermore, you can get customized coffee table by getting drawers with iron cast handles for a functional yet premium approach.

Hana Solid Wood Sheesham Coffee Table by khaticraft

Sheesham wood Sideboard or Indian rosewood sideboard/cabinet

Sheesham sideboards are the fantastic units that can be kept inside almost any kind of room, you can keep these pieces of furniture at hallway or open space, and as such provide a lot of homely potential to your aesthetic. These Solid Wood Sideboards come in different shapes and sizes, and can easily be customized considering the functional aspect.

Sheesham wood TV cabinet/entertainment unit

TV sets are quite a basic addition inside every home, these TV units are installed inside the living room, bed room, etc. Since these Solid Wood TV Units are required in each and every home, so they are designed for all kinds of TC sets, small, medium or large TV sets based on the size, and also feature shelves, small cabinets or drawers for extra storage.

Sheesham wood Study room Furniture

Study furniture made up of Sheesham wood helps offer a more relaxing and better way to do the task. There are diversified ranges available in study furniture that can be added inside your study room.

Mira Solid wood Sheesham Study Table Office Desk by Khaticraft

Sheesham wood bookcase/bookshelf or Indian rosewood bookshelf

Sheesham bookcase is full of strength, support and excellence, and can help keep all the books assembled in neat one place. These bookcases are designed to display your books, trophies or other decorative items, though you can keep these amazing pieces of furniture inside every room but they remain the centrepiece inside the study room so that the place can look more organized and well-structured.

bookcase by khaticraft

Sheesham wood office desk or study table

There are amazing Sheesham wooden desks that can prove more functional, these wooden desks are able support a PC, monitors and extra technological equipment like keyboards and mouse, these desks are the ideal addition for any office scenario.

These wooden desks are a great way to fill up the available open space and as such can be placed beside a wall but also in the middle of a room.

Sheesham Wood Bedroom Furniture or Indian rosewood bedroom furniture

Bedroom is a necessity inside every home allowing homeowners to relax easily, there are different kinds of Sheesham beds available in the market that are perfect for different kinds of rooms. From sofa cum bed to queen size bed to king size bed, there are unlimited designs available in Sheesham wooden furniture that gives you the freedom to relax fully.

Stupa Solid Wood Box Bed By Khaticraft (2)

Solid Wood Bed Frames

Bed frames are perfect for all rooms, they act as centerpieces and circle the attention towards itself. You can use the best quality wooden bed frames that acts as a centre piece.

Sheesham Wood Nightstands or solid wood bedside tables

There are fantastic wooden nightstands that are liked by homeowners. There are different kinds of colors, designs, available in nightstands that are perfect to complement your wooden bed frame.

Bedsides in catalog by khaticraft

Sheesham Wood Dining Room Furniture

The dining room is a place for the household where we meet and interact with your family members, that’s why the need for wooden Sheesham wooden dining room is increasing day by day. There are unlimited Sheesham dining sets that help design your dream interior exactly the way you want.

Hola Tika 6 seater solid wood sheesham dining set online by khaticraft

Sheesham Wooden Chairs

Wooden chairs are perfect to compliment your fantastic Dining sets and are ideal to be kept besides the study table.

Thus, home owners can easily find a significant amount of Sheesham wood furniture available in the market, there are many variants from which you can make a decision. Be sure you get the best Sheesham wooden furniture after exploring a huge array of options.

chairs collection by khaticraft

How is Sheesham wood is different from teak wood?

Sheesham vs teak difference by khaticraft

Both, the teak wood and the Sheesham wood are quite different from each other but both of them are varieties of hardwood only, Similar to the majority of the hardwood trees, these woods are also deciduous. Deciduous trees are defined as the trees that loses their leaves quite often and it also grows slow and dense. Teakwood is mostly grown in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Burma, along with being cultivated in Africa and the Caribbean countries because of the demand.

Teak wood is popular for making indoor flooring, veneer, carving, turnings, etc. and they have higher level of oil content which makes them more water resistant, resistant to, mildew, and fungus. Teak wood is yellowish-brown in colour as opposed to brown of the Indian rosewood and is also highly termite resistant. It can ward off any attacks of the other pests too.

Comparison: Sheesham Wood vs Teak Wood

Many times buyers ask for the comparison between Sheesham wood and Teak Wood. Beneath table highlights:

AspectsSheesham WoodTeak Wood
TextureIt is a natural grain texture and have some chestnut shade.Smooth grain texture with yellowish-brown colour.
Water and Termite ResistanceThis wood has very less water-resistant feature, which can also result in pests and termite growth.Teak has natural oils instilled in it, which makes it water, moisture, and termite resistant.
WeightSheesham is a heavyweight wood.Teak wood is heavier than Sheesham.
DurabilityIts durability is good but not that much due to its high-water percentage.The teak wood has excellent durability, due to its heavier weight and natural oils.
Ease of UseYou can carve the finest details on the Sheesham, but with few efforts.Carving teak wood is easy as compared to Sheesham wood, but it can worn-out tools quickly.
CostSheesham wood is more affordableTeak wood is too expensive.



One of the significant differences between Sheesham & Teak is the texture. Sheesham wood has a natural grain and marking with chestnut colour. While Teak Wood is world known for its smooth texture and grain having a unique and yellowish-brown colour that usually matures into a silver-Gray patina finish. In case you need a solid colour finish, you can go for Teak Wood as it has a tightly-structured grain. Sheesham wood can still be worked upon to gain a similar finish but Teak dominates here.

However, the granularity of Sheesham looks much better as compared to Teak Wood, hence if you desire to have a grainy texture with visible markings, you can opt for the Sheesham Wood. Also, Sheesham wood polishes well and finishes to a smooth surface.

Water & Termite Resistance

Sheesham Wood has more percentage of water inside as compared to Teak wood. Sheesham thus has higher flexibility than Teak, allowing it to bend up to a certain amount without any visible stresses. However, this property can be seen as a negative as it makes it prone to moisture damages. One can polish the whole unit, wax it evenly, to make it resistant but that is something added to the cost as well as the maintenance of the Furniture.

Teak Wood, on the other hand, has more percentage of natural oils making Teak resist moisture, mildew, fungi, and even garden pests and termites. Due to this, Teak Wood is more perfect for Outdoor Furniture than Sheesham. So, in terms of Water and termite Resistance, Teak Wood dominates over Sheesham Wood.


Teak Wood has a denser texture and more tensile strength as compared to Sheesham wood making it much heavier. Since teak is heavy so it is liked more against Sheesham wood while making amazing pieces of Furniture. However, for small or fold-able units, like handicrafts and decor products, Sheesham is considered ideal.


Teak Wood is water-resistant and has a denser structure, and is considered more durable as compared to Sheesham wood. Sheesham wood is prone to moisture as it has a higher percentage of water. Also, Sheesham tends to warp under humid conditions. Clearly teak Wood is a winner here.

Ease of Use

In terms of preference with artisans working on Furniture units by hand, Teak is mostly liked. The reason for this is the fact that designs can be easily carved out in Teak Wood which looks better and distinguished than Sheesham Wood. However, Teak wood tends to wear-out cutting tools easily.


Plain and Simple. Because of the properties mentioned above like termite resistivity, water resistivity, higher tensile strength, and durability, Teak is more expensive as compared to Sheesham. In case you hunt for a cost-effective material, then Sheesham wood must be your choice. And in case money is not an issue, you can opt for the Teak Wood as well.

Post carefully examining all the factors mentioned above, you might realize, there is no clear winner. Of course, when it comes to Teak Wood, it dominates on 4 out of 6 points; but at the end it is your decision, which would you like the most. Sheesham wood can be polished, waxed, maintained well which makes it durable and more long-lasting.

So, we can easily say that both these kinds of woods have their own specialty; the final depends to opt for a particular kind of wood depends upon your requirements and your budget. So, choose accordingly and get the best wooden pieces of furniture that you need.

How Mango Wood is different from sheesham wood?

Mango wood is mostly found across Southern Asia states, though it is believed that Mango Wood has its roots originated in India. Similar to the Sheesham tree, Mango trees also grow taller to a maximum height of about 30 meters and have a similar diameter of a maximum of 1.5 meters. But the Mango tree is treated completely different from Sheesham as the Mango tree first produces fruit. It is allowed to produce fruits and is being referred to as a fruit-bearing tree, but when it stops bearing fruit, it’s cut down and the wood is used for timber.

The wood of the Mango tree is strong and hardy and offers great resistance to water. Though it is not as dense as Sheesham wood, people who look for a different type of wooden furniture mostly opt for the same. This kind of wood is mostly considered as the best dining table furniture because when made with mango wood, it is easier to manoeuvre, one can easily shift it from one place to another.

Comparison: Mango Wood vs Sheesham Wood

The same scene is with the Mango wood and Sheesham wood. So, we created a comparison section between them too. Let’s see our version of Mango Wood vs. Sheesham Wood.

AspectsMango WoodSheesham Wood
TextureDense and coarse grain texture with light to golden brown colour.Natural and dense grain texture with chestnut shade.
Water and Termite ResistanceExcellent water resistance, but not moisture. This results in low termite resistanceIt is better in water and termite resistance as compared to mango wood.
WeightThis kind of wood is lighter in weight.Sheesham is a heavyweight wood.
DurabilityMango wood is more durable.Sheesham wood has higher durability and life longevity as compared to Mango wood.
Ease of UseAs it comes under the hardwood category with a coarse texture, carving out is pretty hard.It is easy to do carving on Sheesham wood.
CostMango wood is more affordable.It costs a bit more than mango wood.


All-in-all the difference between these two kinds of woods tells us that finer things come with a cost. The woods of Teak and Sheesham are ideal for indoor furniture but considering outdoor furniture pieces, mango wood is considered an ideal option.  While considering teak wood and Sheesham, one can opt for any kind of wood based on their budget and requirements. However, if the option is between sissoo and mango wood, then Sheesham wood is the best alternative.

Why to consider best wood in solid wood categories?

Some of the amazing features of Sheesham are divided into the following sections:


  • Sheesham wood’ colour varies from golden to deep reddish-brown.
  • This wood consists of natural wood markings, which look like dark streaks.
  • Sheesham wood includes interlocked grains, which in turns make it extremely tough and durable.


  • Sheesham wood works well with different kinds of finishing, glues, and machinery. This feature makes it one of the most popular and highly demandable furniture preferred for furniture-making.
  • Sheesham is popularly used for wood carvings, while designing solid wood furniture.


  • Sheesham wood is resistant to dry-wood termites and retains its originality even after years as well.
  • Sheesham does not slip or warp and is popular for its toughness and hard texture, making it the perfect choice for cabinets.
  • Sheesham wood is highly resistant to natural decay. However, it is susceptible to wood-boring beetles, and hence, should be checked from time to time.

Benefits of using Sheesham wooden furniture 

Value for money

Buying Sheesham wood furniture is totally worthy. Sheesham wood is quite cheaper than its closest comparable, and honestly it is more beautiful, with its veins of darker streaks amidst the reddish hued golden browns.

Good fortune!

In addition to being harder, workable, beautiful and affordable, Sheesham wood is thought to be associated with good fortune and it has some spiritual characteristics as well. It is believed that buying Sheesham wood brings peace and wealth. Thus, many temples, for this reason, are constructed using Sheesham wood.

Carving Friendly Hardwood

Sheesham Wood is considered as the most common and best rated Hardwood for Carving. Since the wood is hard and has medium coarse texture, its it becomes the best wood for carving and engraving purposes. Sheesham wood don’t warp or bend or split unlike other kinds of wood.

Despite having a granular surface, Sheesham Wood can be hand-waxed or polished in unique shades aiming to get a smooth texture and this also somehow provides a termite resistivity to the product.

Options and continuity

Since Sheesham wood is highly durable and workable, as well as its relative affordability, there are plenty of ways in which Sheesham wood can be used. This makes it easier for all the home owners to renovate their home by adding Sheesham wood furniture of all kinds, allowing for textural and stylistic continuity.

Easy maintenance

Maintaining Sheesham wood furniture is not a difficult or challenging task, home owners buying Sheesham have to spend little in terms of maintenance cost. Easy maintenance is one of the real benefits of buying Sheesham wood in the world. Sheesham wood has less oil as compared to other hardwoods and to keep it protected from water, there is a requirement of a protective coat, which all new pieces will have anyway.

A few disadvantages/cons of Sheesham wood

Expensive: The real Sheesham wood is quite expensive as compared to other kinds of woods available in the market.

Toxicity: During the sanding process of the Sheesham wood, sometimes harmful dust is released that causes the breathing problem and skin allergies in humans.

Best Applications for Sheesham Wood

Sheesham wood is mostly used to manufacture unique pieces of furniture and other decorative items that have high finishing. Similar to different kinds of rosewood, Sheesham wood is prized for cabinet making and other ornamental items as it is available in different colours and grains that can be coaxed out of the wood.

Sheesham wood is used for making wooden sofas, wooden beds, chairs, tables, dining sets, storage boxes, and much more.

Among the homeowners, Sheesham wood is quite a popular choice when it’s about selecting the best pieces of furniture, door and window frames and flooring. In case you plan to make a style statement with your dining table or coffee table, then Sheesham wood is considered as an ideal choice. This wood is rich, comes in different textures, and interesting grain means every piece is uniquely beautiful and uniquely yours.

If we talk about commercial use of Sheesham wood, then it is used for making veneers, the thin layer of ‘true’ wood glued onto plywood or chipboard makes it look attractive and beautiful. its water resistance property makes it perfect for manufacturing marine grade plywood. In India, Sheesham wood is also used to make agricultural tools.

These are just a few applications, besides the ones mentioned above, Sheesham wood is used at different places, the advantages of Sheesham wood are so huge that attract a lot of home owners towards buying it.

How people must treat Sheesham Wood

Traditionally, Sheesham wood is kept for drying in the sun for a period of six months, before its being used. But commercially, the entire process is much faster in temperature and humidity-controlled chambers.

It is advised to store the raw wood away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture, in case you need to use it for commercial purposes, as these conditions might warp, crack, and otherwise damage the wood before you are ready to sell it in the market.

When using Sheesham wood for making different pieces of furniture, always remember that it is a heavy, dense hardwood. And one must use the right type of tools for doing the job, including a good quality saw and drill. You need to buy woodworking screws, as Sheesham wood is not soft enough to drive a screw into directly, drill a pilot hole and a countersink first.

When buying Sheesham wood furniture, the rules of maintenance are quite similar to the ones applied while buying other hardwood pieces. Keep them away from direct sunlight, as it might make the furniture look dull and can even fade the wood’s rich colours and cause the varnish to crack and become dull.

Most importantly, avoid contacting the Sheesham furniture with hot, cold or wet cups, glasses and dishes, and protect the surface as much as you can from scratches and abrasions, to maintain its high gloss. Make sure you clean and wipe it softly using a damp cloth, avoiding using detergents.

It is important to polish the wood with beeswax regularly to seal the surface.

How can one can take Care of Sheesham Wood Furniture?

Although Sheesham wood is world famous for its strength, durability, and resistance against mites, still all the buyers buying Sheesham wood are advised to adhere to some of the tips that help retain the originality of the wood for years.

  • Sheesham wooden furniture must never be exposed to extreme challenging weather temperatures.
  • Furniture made out of Sheesham wood must always be kept away from fireplaces or under direct sunlight.
  • It is advised to use heatproof mats and coasters before bringing it into contact with hot substances, it helps avoid marks on the surface of the furniture top.
  • In order to avoid scratches or scrapes on Sheesham wooden furniture, all the buyers are advised to use a soft covering before directly placing ornaments or any sharp objects on it.
  • It is recommended to dust Sheesham furniture regularly so that dirt doesn’t settle on it.
  • Make sure that you get your Sheesham furniture polished regularly; maybe thrice a year at least, so that it can look new and more appealing.



All the homeowners are advised to use coasters or place-mats so that a watermark can be avoided on wooden furniture. Cleaning stains off wood furniture is not that much difficult; in case water gets accidentally spilled over, you must wipe it immediately using a soft cloth. If you have not cleared a stain previously, use some additional fine wire wool to rub gently in the direction of the grain. You can also use beeswax to restore any scratches and use some DIY natural wood furniture cleaner as well to clean the furniture. There are numerous online videos that are checked to know the detailed process of cleaning wood furniture.


In case you want to place the wooden pieces outside your home, then make sure that you get it painted. You can easily look for the best paint for outdoor furniture; all you need to remember is to match it with the colours of your home’s exterior. Before painting wooden outdoor furniture, make sure that you use the primer before brush-on paint.

Sheesham Wood has religious values 

Sheesham Wood is considered auspicious and it has religious values attached to it. Several ancient relics mention Sheesham Wood as a bringer of peace and prosperity at home. We can easily see so wooden Temples made up of Sheesham Wood inside the Indian homes, and they have some relativity to the Vaastu-Shastra and are considered to be Vaastu Compliant. Most of our Pooja Articles and Temples inside Indian homes are made in Sheesham Wood.

Sheesham Wood is quite an affordable option as compared to other kinds of hardwood available in the market. It much is cheaper and pocket friendly as compared to Teak Wood despite having similar properties. Sheesham Wood Furniture doesn’t require much special care and it most importantly, home owners can easily clean it. Also, another important perk of using wooden furniture at home is the fact that it can actually look good and new by re-waxing it or polishing it with a different shade.

Sheesham Wood is perfect for constructing Sheesham Wooden Sofa Sets, Dining Sets, wooden beds, side tables, dressings, tv trolley, bar cabinets, wardrobes, and much more.

Medicinal advantages of Sheesham tree:

Helps in Dermatoses

  • Mix the mucilage of its leaves in sweet oil.
  • After that apply this mixture on the bruised damaged skin.
  • Or, you can give 50-100 ml decoction of its leaves to the patient, two times in a day.
  • This treatment helps cure boils and ulcers effectively.

Helpful cure in Sciatica-

  • You can take 10 kg powder
  • of its thick bark, and boil it in 23.5 litre water.
  • Boil the water until its quantity is reduced to 1.8th.
  • After that strain the solution through a cloth and cook it again, till it gets thick.
  • Give 10 gm of this thick liquid with ghee mixed milk, three times in a day.
  • Continue the dosage for 21 days, it helps cure the disorder problem completely.

Good in fever-

  • In any kind of fever, it is recommended to take 20 gm of its extract in 320 ml water and 160 ml milk.
  • Boil the solution, until only milk is left.
  • You are advised to give this to the patient three times in a day.

Heals Ulcers

  • Apply the oil of Sheesham on the affected area.
  • The treatment is helpful in curing itching, burning sensation and also heals ulcers.

Normalizes over bleeding in Menstrual cycle

  • You are advised to take 8-10 sheesham leaves and grind them with 25 gm sugar.
  • Give this to the patient two times in a day.
  • Within a few days, it lowers the bleeding.
  • Also, it is good for leucorrhoea and urinary disorders in males.
  • In winters, along with this 4-5 black peppers must also be given to the patient.
  • Diabetic people can use this without adding sugar.

How to Grow Sheesham Trees?

Sheesham trees are mostly perfect for landscaping. These trees can be planted as a shade tree for tea plantations and also are a part of many household gardens and lawns. Growing these trees is relatively easy and only little care and attention is required in growing these trees. Some of the basic requirements and steps that you need to follow to plant this tree in your gardens.


One can easily propagate these plants from both seeds and saplings. Although it is more appropriate and advisable to purchase a healthy plant from a nearby nursery for growing the plants better. But one can also grow these plants from seeds and suckers that are readily available. In case you are growing a nursery bought plant, then you don’t need to look further and directly plant it into the location you desire. So is the case while growing them from seeds. One can directly sow the seeds at their farm or garden. Make sure that you soak the seeds in water before you sow them to get the better results.


Plant them at a location where they get enough space and sunlight. When you plant the seedlings, make sure that enough sunlight is made available for them. However, the bigger plants or trees can survive in full sun.


As these plants are native to India, they do well in tropical and subtropical regions. They can survive the temperatures varying from 4-49°C. These plants are mostly grown in springs or early summer.


These Sheesham plants can survive all kinds of well-draining soil.  Alluvial soil, mixed with gravel or sandy loam that drains excess water but stays moist, is ideal for growing Sheesham trees. They can also grow in slightly saline soil as well.


One needs to deeply water these plants regularly since these plants need a lot of moisture to grow dense foliage. During their growth period, water them thoroughly until the topsoil goes dry. However, overwatering or flooding the tree continuously will lead to the formation of superficial roots in them.

How to take care of Sheesham Tree?


One has to always fertilize these plants for better growth, and routine fertilization also helps in keeping the soil quality in check. For the regular fertilization, you can use citrus fertilizer for these plants is a great choice. Fertilizing them once every 3-4 months, during their growth period, is enough. Sheesham trees are prone to yellowing leaves as they are not able to absorb much iron. One can easily treat it by using iron chelate and magnesium sulphate fertilizers.

Pests and Diseases

Be careful about termites and fungal infections. These infections are quite easy to treat using soap water or neem oil solution.


Sheesham trees require regular pruning in case you want to maintain garden landscapes. Also, they might develop a lot of suckers or basal shoots that needs to be removed, as they can start growing and can make mowing your garden difficult.

What things you need to keep in mind while buying Sheesham wood furniture 

Furniture is not only meant to fill the space, rather we buy furniture to make the place look more spacious and stylish. Choosing the right kind of furniture is not easy especially when there are so many types of furniture available in the market, we need to take a firm decision by looking for the best products. But in case you purchase Sheesham wooden furniture, you can easily get a higher ROI as this kind of furniture can easily retain its originality and durability for years.

But before we start buying the latest wooden pieces of furniture, check out the beneath shopping guide that helps shop for the latest Sheesham wood furniture.

  • Look for the reviews– With the boom in the ecommerce business, reviews play an important role in getting more details about a particular piece of furniture. Customer feedbacks are important and thus all the online buyers are encouraged to look for the reviews. One single review plays an important role in taking the right decision.
  • Look for the hottest selling Sheesham wooden pieces of furniture from the catalogue to ensure they are perfect for your homes. Look for those pieces that provide maximum functionality, comfort, and ease to use in your home decor with minimum efforts. Since buying wooden Sheesham furniture is a huge investment, thus look for the durable and classy in appearance products.
  • Look at the delivery process-While shopping wooden furniture online, customers need to look for the safest delivery options as it is the most important thing one needs to check.  You can also check for those online furniture stores that offer free delivery like KHATICRAFT to its customers.
  • Also, you must check out the returns and exchange policies, especially in case you buy anything online. If you are purchasing anything online then it is important to check about the returns and exchange procedures of the seller.
  • There are unlimited furniture stores that offer the best quality and durable products. These products differ in shape, size, and shades of wood, so you must look at the catalogue are the other essential factors while buying furniture online.
  • Do a lot of research and check out the descriptions available on different sites. Don’t buy anything in a hurry, rather compare the prices at other websites as well before buying anything.
  • Doing detailed research and educating yourself to redefine your home interior helps get the productive decisions. You need to look at those antique pieces of wooden Sheesham furniture that gradually increase in its value with time.
  • You don’t have to blindly keep any piece of furniture anywhere, rather use your creativity and common sense so that the place doesn’t look like a mess. Adding elegance to your home by using the best shades of wood and materials helps create a good and vibrant environment.

Wrap up

Sheesham wood has gained international acceptance as it is considered as the finest quality wood for furniture, like cabinets, beds, etc. Enhanced durability that lasts generations, makes it one of the most popular and most purchased wood not only in the Indian market but internationally as well. Sheesham wood is used to make so many wooden pieces of furniture, from plywood and veneers to flooring to boatbuilding to beds, etc. lots of products can be made using this kind of wood. Please explore our online shop at www.khaticraft.com for having a glance of sheesham products.


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