We Love Design and Space

Practically, we get inspiration from daily life and nature that brings best in shape and sizes. We see so many shapes, forms, textures, patterns, etc. on a daily basis – often we pass by them and don’t give them much thought.


Product Designing and Planning

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Marketing and Promotions

Knowledge Centre for Business

Business Management & Skill Development

Digitisation of the Processes

On request 3D Model Printing

On demand Manufacturing

Consultation and Renovation

Our Practical Steps in Designing Furniture
# Inspiration from nature
# Inspiration from humanity
# Incorporate different materials into your furniture
# Use models to work out an idea
# Add some asymmetry to your work
# Add curves or angles to your work
# Feel free to experiment
# Look at other furniture
# Don’t rely heavily on exotic/figured woods
# Use a sketchbook to explore ideas
# Use non-standard dimensions when appropriate
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