Why To Buy Solid Wood Sheesham Furniture

sheesham wooden furniture

While looking for furniture, new or used, modern, contemporary, space saver, or vintage style, you would certainly get a huge variety of choices. The numbers of choices are really good enough to make one puzzled about whether to go for solid wood furniture, or to go for engineered wood items, or to look for ply wood-based items. It’s true that every kind of furniture has its own set of pros and cons for both using it and at times avoiding it. So does solid wood furniture has? Yet, there are a great number of good reasons, due to which there are huge numbers of lovers and admirers of solid Sheesham wood furniture. That’s why, if you have been speculating about the choice of wood, or the overall materials and make, then you must go through the points here, which describes the many benefits of using solid Sheesham wood furniture. This may perhaps help you make better decisions about purchasing your furniture.

Knowing Sheesham wood

Before delving into the topic further, it’s good to introduce Sheesham wood to those readers, who have heard enough about the reputation of this wood in furniture making, and yet didn’t get a chance to know the wood facts well. Well, Sheesham is the common Indian name for a wood derived from the Sheesham tree. The tree has many other popular names, by which it is known in India, the Asian subcontinent, and also in other parts of the world. The most commonly used names are, Dalbergia, Sissoo, Indian Rosewood, Penny Leaf Tree, and also the Himalaya Raintree.

The tree grows to a height of 30 meters in wet climates and in dry climates may grow between 10 and 15 meters. The characters of this wood described below do self-advocacy to tell why this wood has a special place of itself in furniture making and why thus have so many admirers.

The colour

One of the most important aspects of wood to be seen while selecting it for solid wood furniture is the wood colour. Every wood has a natural tone of its own. And this tone is its characteristic colour, which makes the wood recognizable. Yet people do get the wood tone covered and totally changed by tinting it with other stronger and different colour pigments. But it’s the original colour of a wood, which often brings it, followers. Sheesham wood has reddish to golden brown colour. The colour varies upon the place the wood has been derived from. But this brown tint, which looks bright due to the reddish or golden hue, makes the wood look gorgeous after a varnish or wood enamel polish.

There are darker stains on the wood, which are visible on the planks. After a varnish, they look more bright and dark and add to the visual texture, which makes solid wood Sheesham furniture look really attractive to eyes.


The next most important point that makes Sheesham wood a great choice for solid wood furniture is its natural hardness. The core of the heartwood in Sheesham trees is very hard and tough. The density of the grains which stays interlocked is too high to give in the way to wood-eating insects and even the toughest termites. That’s why Sheesham wood furniture made from truly matured and seasoned wood has a very long life. Once made it would go on and on for years, and even generations can use the piece when it’s maintained well.

Easy to carve out

Tough and durable from the core, and yet easy to shape and carve is what makes Sheesham wood a great choice to make aesthetically nice furniture. The wood can be given any shape and carvings of intricate patterns. That’s why it can be designed in any modern or vintage way and is a great material for carpenters doing artwork on wood.

Moreover, the wood can be worked on with a variety of finishes, glues, and paints, thereby making it versatile and comfortable to work material.

Value for money

value of money

Now, when you get great longevity, awesome quality, elegant looks and style, and any design you are looking for, that you certainly get the right value for your money. Getting or buying a furniture in solid sheesham wood ensures, that you have invested in the right thing to give you comfort, ease of use, and the best looks through life. Hence investment on this wood for furniture always yields. The furniture are made strong, stylish and attractive without chances of termite attacks and other problems like mold, mildew, and other insects.

No warping

One great thing about Sheesham wood is that it does not warp. It doesn’t bend or lose shape too due to seasonal temperature and humidity changes. Hence expanding and shrinking of the wood in extreme temperatures doesn’t affect it in the way of warping, splitting, bending etc. However, beetles do get attracted to the wood, and therefore one must keep off the wood boring beetles. Buying your solid sheesham wood furniture from a reliable brand would ensure that you overcome such small issues easily.

Polish, shine, and texture

Polish wooden furniture

Sheesham wood can be given polish and texture very easily. After a coat of polish it shines graciously, and thus attracts all eyes on it. Therefore if you own a sheesham wood made furniture at home or office, you are bound to get many eyes fetched on to it due to its elegance.

Use of sheesham wood

Sheesham wood is widely used in the making of a variety of furniture. Ornamental furniture, special furniture designs, custom furniture, sports goods, Musical instruments, and many such things are made from the wood.

To sum up the benefits

Therefore the various benefits of solid Sheesham wood made furniture and items are:

  • Highly durable materials
  • Great looks due to attractive and bright colour and stains.
  • Easy to carve, shape, and design.
  • Doesn’t warp and split.
  • Very hard and tough.
  • Looks even better on polishing

A sign of elegance and taste

It’s a known fact that solid wood has always been attached with royalty, elegance, style, and class. Having solid wood furniture and that too of a good quality wood like Sheesham, is a good thing to take feel of. You can represent your special choice and taste for quality furniture, when your sheesham wood furniture are at display. 

Things to remember

While you are selecting solid wood furniture made from Sheesham wood you must keep in mind that, you have to take care of the pieces itself, and do some maintenance. There are things to be remembered, like you cannot expose the furniture to fire flames, direct sunlight for too long, and staining agents. These would alter the quality and colour of the piece. Therefore one must go for this kind of furniture only when they are ready to take some such steps to keep their furniture in the best shape.  Little maintenance, dry wiping and care can keep your sheesham wood furniture sparkling clean and durable for years.

To show off your taste and class, and to make a mark in the minds of your visitors while enjoy quality living, sheesham wood made solid wood furniture is always a great choice.

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