3 Door Wooden Wardrobe Designs How to Find the best one

3 Door Wooden Wardrobe Designs How to Find the best one

If you look for a stylish and affordable way to keep the place look organized, then invest in a 3 Door Wooden wardrobe that gives your home a new look. Presently there are many numerous wooden almirah designs available online, all of which are stylish and affordable. If you look for a wooden wardrobe design, then you must explore the designs at Khaticraft.

3 Door Wooden Almirah Designs

There are many online stores like Khaticraft offering a great variety of modern wooden almirahs with mirror designs at the most reasonable prices. The wooden almirahs have a great storage option and retain their originality for years. One of the most popular designs is the three-door almirah, as it is meant for families who want to store large items. This kind of wardrobe bedroom design is ideal to store clothes, bedding, or any other household items.

Modern wooden design of 3-door Almirah

Are you looking for stylish and affordable 3 door wardrobes wooden? If yes, then look no further than the online store Khaticraft. Here, you can explore a great range of designs at the most competitive prices. All the homeowners looking for something classic or contemporary can get the best wooden almirah designs here.

Choose from Classy 3-Door Wardrobe Designs

The homeowners can browse through a variety of options for wardrobes at Khaticraft. From wooden almirah to 2-door to 3-door almirah designs, you can find the right choice to suit your home style. The wooden bedroom wardrobes come with locks and drawers to store all the necessities efficiently. So all the fashionistas can now arrange their outfits based on the type of event, traditional wear, casuals, and so on. The lower or small sections inside the almirah can be used to store makeup and beauty tools like hair dryers, hair stylers, straighteners, etc.

So grab the Exciting Offers on 3 Door Wardrobe Now

3-door wooden almirah prices differ based on design, and material used. At Khaticraft, one can avail of great discounts and offers on wardrobes for bedrooms as well as other products.

Factors to keep in mind while getting a wardrobe design internal layout


Always keep ergonomics in mind while getting a wooden wardrobe designed. For instance, since the deeper end of the lowest shelf is difficult to access, so get a drawer there instead. The shelf height must be 12 inches for stacking clothes. Take care that shorter shelves are difficult to access, especially the ones at the deeper end. Since the taller shelves are not used fully as stacks of clothes generally tend to fall beyond 10 inches, so get the height adjusted accordingly.

Don’t get short shelves on upper or lower extremes made as you can not access them easily. Try to keep them in the middle. Consider keeping one tall shelf in your wardrobes in bedrooms as you can keep odd-sized items in it.


The wooden wardrobe drawers are ideal to store small items as accessing them is very easy. Though the drawers take more space as compared to shelves, still they are multi-functional. Based on the type of channel mechanism you have used in the drawer, you can get the height of the drawer adjusted. Always look for the most appropriate height of a drawer rather than its overall height when allocating space for storage. Instead of two narrow drawers placed side by side, you can keep single wide mirrored wardrobes.


Numerous modular wardrobe fittings are available in the market which adds a lot of conveniences if it matches your needs. Though some of the fittings are quite costly, people look for alternatives before buying. For instance, you could get a separate trouser-hanger fitting in a separate section done inside your wardrobe, hang your trousers along with your shirts, or even keep them folded on a shelf.

Keep a gap of at minimum 2.5 inches above the hanging rods, so that there is sufficient space to keep the hanger. In case you have lesser space in your wooden wardrobe, you can use a pull-down wardrobe lift to utilize the loft space to hang clothes. It is a very important fitting allowing you to pull the hanging rod down for hanging/removing clothes and then let the rod go back up once you have completed the task.

Though it is convenient, the fitting takes up some space on the sides. So this fitting would make sense only if you have broader space for hanging clothes.

Check Great Designs at Furniture Store- Khaticraft

Though choosing the right wardrobe design is not easy, it requires patience and you need to consider a lot of factors. But if you have the furniture expert Khaticraft, you can get the best wardrobe bedroom design for your home. And with the aspects, we discussed in this blog you can rest assured that you can get the best wardrobe designed suited for your needs by considering all these factors.

In the end, we can say that there are numerous kinds of wooden wardrobe designs that you can buy online at a great price. Be sure you look at your preferences first to find the best design for your needs. Take some time to think about your requirements for a wooden almirah and what features you want to get included. Consider the size, the color, the pattern, the material, etc. before making the final move. 

At Khaticraft, choose from the top designs of 3 door almirah or wardrobe for your bedroom/ drawing room/ living room for proper design and keep the place more organized. If you want to know more about the available wardrobes online, talk to the experts at Khaticraft.

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