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The families that eat together around a dining table are likely to stay closer to each other. Although it might not be possible for all meals, due to hectic schedule, but families must sit together for at least a meal in a day. A dining table gives the perfect setting for all the family dinners.The homeowners can find a wide range of wooden dining tables online at Khaticraft. The Shessham wood dining tables will add grace to your dining area. Moreover, these durable and strong tables furniture is a life time investment So choose from a great variety of dining table based on the dining room size and as per your family size. We at Khaticraft have a 2 seater dining table, dining table 8 seater, for a bigger family. Choose from different designs and styles and give you home a new makeover.

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Indeed, a sturdy wood Sheesham table is a good option if you use the table daily. You can select the size of the wooden dining table based on your usage.


The ideal shape of a dining table depends on the space available in your dining area. For example, a rectangular dining set is perfect if there is no spacious issue while for a small room, a square or circular table would look better.


If you don’t want to spend much on the maintenance and want to use the dining table daily, buy a wooden dining sets. On the other hand, a glass table is recommended if you can take care of the maintenance.


Since traditional dining rooms have rectangular dining tables, which are the most common style of table. The rectangular dining sets easily fit in the dining rooms and dining areas. Also, the buyers get enough table top space to keep several dishes together.


Homeowners can use tablecloths and placemats to protect their dining set from all kinds of marks, stains, and scratches. Also, use coasters under cups and runners under dishes as it helps avoid all kinds of scratches.


The dining table sets available at Khaticraft meets your budget. We have different styles and varieties of designs available at Khaticraft from which you can choose the best dining table. Buy what you exactly what and pay the price you are comfortable with, only at Khaticraft.


There are numerous factors that must be considered when buying the right dining table set including the available space inside the home. And the second is how to take care of the overall décor as well. Also, consider your needs and usage of the furniture you want to buy.

Solid wood sheesham dining tables

Choose the best Dining: The homeowners can find a wide range of wooden dining tables online at Khaticraft.

The Shessham wood dining tables will add grace to your dining area. Moreover, these durable and strong tables furniture is a life time investment So choose from a great variety of dining table based on the dining room size and as per your family size. We at Khaticraft have a 2 seater dining table, dining table 8 seater, for a bigger family. Choose from different designs and styles and give you home a new makeover. Table Set Online from Khaticraft.

The dining table is an important piece of furniture in our homes and it helps transform the personal space into a professional space. A dining table is a place where all the family members sit together and enjoy tasty meals. A dining table is the centerpiece of your dining room, hence make the selection carefully. Today dining table is much more than just a breakfast table; it’s a place where all the family members meet and discuss their entire day’ activities. The dining sets are the most elegant furniture in our home.
When it comes to dining table sets designs, shapes, and sizes, we at Khaticraft has many designs to choose from. But, before investing in a wooden dining sets, make sure that it matches your aesthetics. We at Khaticraft completely understands the need of every house, and curate the best pieces as per their requirements. From a round dining table set to an 8 seater rectangular dining table set, Khaticraft’s collection of dining tables is unlimited and innovative.
In today’s digital world, buying a wooden dining table sets is very easy. The homeowners can buy the best design dining table by sitting at their home. Sit back and place an order online to get the best dining table set.

We aimed at making the best wooden dining set accessible to all homeowners. Now there is no need to hop from one shop to another when you can get attractive deals on furniture shopping only at Khaticraft. Check out Khaticraft’s finest selection of elegant dining sets now.
Know all things to consider while buying a dinner set, what shape and size dinner set to buy, and much more.


Since the dining area is an important place in your home, so make sure the kind of furniture you buy for the dining area matches with the overall décor as well. Whether it is formal or informal, a dining table talks a lot about your style and personality. Thus it is crucial to pick an elegant dining table height set that personifies your taste and style manifolds.
When it comes to purchasing the perfect dining table, always look for its style, material, shape, and size. Of these factors, size is the most important element as you must invest in a perfect size dining table, neither too big nor too small. The space of the area maters. Also, consider the total number of people who will sit at the dining table. Based on the thickness, materials, color, and seating, make a firm selection of the dining table set.

Some of the questions to keep in mind while making the final selection include:

What dining table height and design are you specifically looking for?

Will it accommodate the number of people you want to buy it for?

Does the chosen dining table set fit in the dining room?

Does it match your interiors and your comfort?

What specific material are you looking for when you are planning to buy a dining table?

Does the dining table set fits into your budget?

Factors to consider while choosing the best Dining Table


The dining table you plan to buy must meet the purpose, you must look at the functionality prospectus as well while buying it. Whether you want the dining set for formal meetings or want to keep it inside your home, make sure you are clear about the purpose of buying it. If you want to use it daily, look for a more durable design.


The design and overall material used in the manufacturing of dining sets set are important. Based on the size of your family, you must buy the dining table set. Dinner is an important meal of the day and it is the time when all the family members meet with each other. Therefore, invest in a table that is large enough to set accommodate all the family members.
Also in case, you keep on organizing dinner parties and get-together in your home, buy a large dining table that comfortably accommodates the number of diners coming. No matter what style and size of dining table you are looking for, we at Khaticraft have an unlimited dining table and chairs styles and designs to choose from.


Color is an essential element in the orchestration of every home. But along with color, we must also take consider the longevity of a dining table and how well it goes with the overall décor. Look for vibrant color that goes well with the kind of furniture you have in your dining room.


The kind of material you select for your dining table depends upon its usage. If you want to use the dining set daily, invest in durable designs and the ones that require low maintenance. For this, buying sturdy heavy-duty wood like Sheesham is an ideal option. Not only this kind of wood is more durable, but you can easily clean it without any sort of hassle.
You can keep a glass top to add a statement piece for home decor. The Glass top tables not only matches with most of the home décor but it is also very easy to clean. Different styles of dining table sets are available on Khaticraft.

Dining tables based on seats

Rectangular Tables. Rectangular dining sets can easily accommodate several people, and due to their linear shape, they can easily move from one corner to another. The rectangular table works best in more spacious dining rooms.
Since most of the dining rooms are rectangular in shape, so rectangular dining table sets remain the most popular choice. Investing in a rectangular dining table gives more space to move freely. If you look for a rectangular table but are worried about space, then invest in a compact dining table and bench set rather than buying chairs. The wooden benches are also an ideal way to add extra seating around a table without compromising on the style at all. So choose from unlimited wooden benches design only at Khaticraft.
Square Tables. Square tables are perfect for four or fewer people. This kind of dining table s a statement piece and gives a royal look to the home. The square dining table looks very well suited in a square-shaped dining area.

Round Tables

Round tables look good in any dining area. They are best for limited diners in the home. Also, this kind of table is perfect for parties.

Additional Features

At Khaticraft we also have dining table sets that are characterized by some additional features

Foldable dining table sets

A foldable dining table can be attached to a wall and swing downward when needed, making it the best option to save space. Check out some great folding/foldable wooden dining table sets on Khaticraft

Dining table set with bench

Give your home a rustic and homely vibe with a bench next to your dining table. Plus, more people can be easily accommodated on a bench.

Why one must purchase Dining Table Set Online?

Purchasing a wooden dining table online is a wiser decision as this way you can explore unlimited designs and styles from your home. While shopping online, also buyers can compare the prices of dining tables across different websites and make a better deal.
Also, invest in a Wooden dining sets Design as it lasts for years and goes well with your style. A solidly built hardwood dining table made of Sheesham can withstand weather tears, scratches, and stains.

Explore Modern and Stylish Dining Table Sets at Khaticraft

Khaticraft is the ultimate online website for buying elegant pieces of wooden dining table sets. The homeowners can easily purchase the best quality and designer dining sets based on the price that fits in their range. Khaticraft keeps on introducing lucrative offers and discounts at regular intervals to pamper its customers.

Unique Dining Table Designs at Khaticraft

Khaticraft offers quite amazing dining table sets at different price ranges, such as:

  • 2 Seater Dining Table Sets: A two-seater dining set is perfect for homes having small spaces, like a breakfast nook in the kitchen. A family of 2 people can buy Sheesham dining table 2 seater sets available in various styles and designs only at Khaticraft. Have a look at some of the best 2-seater dining table sets on our site.
  • 4 Seater Dining Set: The stunning piece of dining set 4 seater is perfect for a family of four people. This kind of dining table is a practical option for a moderately sized household, the best size for most dining rooms. To enjoy the maximum space by keeping dining sets 4 seats, invest in compact chairs rather than bulky ones. At Khaticraft we have 4-seater dining table sets of all shapes and sizes.
  • 6-Seater Dining Table Set: This gorgeous 6-seater will add that block colour effect and will surely be the statement furniture of your home. A six seater dining table set is the best option for bigger families who love enjoying at least one meal together. Rectangular-shaped dining sets 6 chairs can be placed on a patio or backyard to enjoy family lunches together.
  • 8 Seater Dining Table Set: To enjoy regular lavish dinners or get-togethers, invest in an expansive dining table 8 seater size. The dining set available at Khaticraft is perfect for large families, this big size dining table set ensures that each one gets enough seating space in the home

To buy the best 8-seater dining table sets, have a look at Khaticraft

Choose Wooden Dining Room Furniture Online for Your Modern Homes

Purchase dining sets online India at Khaticraft and choose from unlimited options based on your preferences and designs. To give your home that magical look, choosing the best furniture set is important.
From tastefully traditional to modern dining sets, you can have explore unlimited designs and patterns at Khaticraft. With a wide vogue collection in different styles and prices, no buyer will feel disappointed while searching for the furniture at Khaticraft. Browse our exclusive online store and get amazing discounts on wooden dining room furniture sets. The buyers can explore different options of dining tables in India and choose from the latest dining table designs including dining table 2 seater, dining set 4 seater, dining set 6 seater, dining table 8 seater size at Khaticraft.


Rather than purchasing a wooden table and later placing it in some different chairs, invest in complete dining table sets by buying the same from Khaticraft. This way, you can easily decorate your dining room and enhance the overall look of the place manifolds. From modern design to traditional style, the wooden dining table set at Khaticraft comes in various shapes and sizes.
When we have showcased different designs in wooden dining sets at Khaticraft, look no further than buying the same at an affordable price from us. The dining table set price on Khaticraft is fairly considerable and pocket-friendly addressing the needs of all the buyers.
So choose from the widest range of modern and traditional-style dining tables that comes in various shapes, materials, designs, sizes, and finishes. Give your dining area the much-required look by buying the best dining set.