Why KhatiCraft

We Love Design and Space

Practically, we get inspiration from daily life and nature that brings best in shape and sizes. We see so many shapes, forms, textures, patterns, etc. on a daily basis – often we pass by them and don’t give them much thought.

  • Khaticraft offers
  • Product Designing and Planning
  • Books of Accounts Management
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Knowledge Centre for Business
  • Business Management & Skill Development
  • Digitisation of the Processes
  • On request 3D Model Printing
  • On demand Manufacturing
  • Consultation and Renovation

Our Practical Steps in Designing Furniture # Inspiration from nature # Inspiration from humanity # Incorporate different materials into your furniture # Use models to work out an idea # Add some asymmetry to your work # Add curves or angles to your work # Feel free to experiment # Look at other furniture # Don’t rely heavily on exotic/figured woods # Use a sketchbook to explore ideas # Use non-standard dimensions when appropriate