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Solid Wood Sheesham Furniture for Dining Room

A wooden Dining table plays an important role in giving a comfortable place for sitting and enjoying all meals together. A dining table set curated by the experts at Khaticraft will surely blow your mind. Whatever your taste and preferences are, you can get the best designs in wooden furniture for your dining room. The wooden dining table sets available at Khaticraft matches the overall theme of the interior of your home. Whether it’s about buying 4 Seater Dining Sets, 6 Seater Dining Sets, dining tables 8 seaters, or bar furniture for your dining room, every wooden piece of furniture can be found online at Khaticraft.

Explore the Huge Range in Wooden Dining Table Sets Online

Wooden Dining Table sets online come in various varieties that easily blend with the interior of your home. All the solid wood dining sets maintain quality and are highly suggested for day-to-day use. The dining table sets online available on our platform are extremely adaptable based on the needs and requirements of the buyers. Some of the highest-selling dining table sets at Khaticraft include:

  1. 4 Seater Dining Sets
  2. 6 Seater Dining Sets
  3. 8 Seater Dining Sets
  4. 4 Seater Dining Table
  5. 6 Seater Dining Table
  6. 8 Seater Dining Table
  7. Wooden Dining Chairs
  8. Dining Chair Table
  9. Armrest Chairs
  10. Rocking Chairs
  11. Dining Chairs
  12. Bar stools and chairs
  13. Folding Chairs

Invest in Dining Table Sets: A Place to Meet with your Family Members

A set of curated wooden dining tables and chairs and tables consists of a complete wooden dining table set that packs more perks than you that gives you so many reasons to enjoy meals together. Along with providing a cohesive style, the elegant wooden furniture adds stars to your dining space and makes the place look attractive.
Khaticraft presents some amazing small and large dining set designs that can be purchased based on your needs. The best dining table set can make mealtime more interactive. Our varied collection of wooden dining sets online features different designs for all households.

Explore Various Kinds of Wooden Dining Table Sets Online at Khaticraft

The quality used while making dining room furniture is the backbone when it comes to shopping for an elegant piece. Because the chosen material determines the dining table set sturdiness and durability. Thus make sure that you invest in a good quality product so that you don’t have to replace it with a newer one anytime soon. The best material used for designing dining table sets at Khaticraft is Sheesham.

Sheesham Wooden Dining Table Sets

The wooden dining table sets curated by the experts at Khaticraft are known for their fine craftsmanship and durability. With amazing durability and robustness, the designer wooden dining table sets are available in a wide spectrum of designs. We offer premium solid wood dining table sets made using Sheesham Wood.
Furthermore, the divine finishes help make the décor look more enhanced. Some of the wonderful picks for you include dining table 8 seater size, dining set 6 seaters, 6 seater dining sets, dining set 4 seaters, dining sets 4 seats, etc.
If you look to add some contemporary style furniture to your home, then our wooden dining table set and dining chairs design are the sure bet to pick. They are numerous designs and styles available in vibrant color finishes that match the overall appeal of your space and can be chosen as per your needs and space availability. The wooden tabletop and cushioned seat with a wooden body bring a touch of sophistication to your home. For instance, in case you have bigger space, you can buy a dining table 8 seater for your home, while the ones with limited space inside their homes can buy a dining table 2 seater.

Choose from great and Impressive Dining Table Sets

If you need a space for premium dining table sets but do not have much budget then worry not as we at Khaticraft curate the best pieces of furniture in every range. Now budget will not restrict you from fulfilling your home dreams.
One can shop for wooden dining table sets, and 2 seater dining tables in case they have limited space. There are numerous wooden dining table set designs varying from Rs. 20,000 to 25,000, which are available in a variety of colors and finishes.
Our collection isn’t restricted to only small dining table sets, rather you can also buy dining table 8 seater size if you have bigger families. You can get the design customized as per your needs.

Key factors to keep in mind while buying the Dining Table Set?


The basic rules to apply while buying the perfect dining table set online include:-

Check the Rooms’ Dimensions


The first and foremost important thing to consider is to check the available space inside your home. Measure the dimensions carefully, so that you can decide the perfect kind of dining table set for your home. For example, a dining table 2 seater set is perfect if you have limited space inside your home while can buy a luxurious wooden dining table 8 seater set that goes best for a palatial bungalow.

Choose The Dining Table Set By The Capacity


The next step is to decide on the dining table set by the usage of family members. If you are living in a joint family, then 6 or 8 seater dining sets are a good option, you can also invest in a dining table extendable. Whereas dining set 4 seater is an ideal choice for a small to mid-size family.

Dining Set by Shape


As per the available space and style of the interiors, you must select the shape of your dining table set. Though most home owners prefer dining tables and chairs which are rectangular in shape you can also buy square and round shape dining table with modern dining chairs to give your home a modern look.

Choose the Design and Color


Today also most Indian homes prefer wooden dining table sets in light and dark finishes as this color goes well with all kinds of furniture. But, this time why not experiment with modern dining table set designs and choose some lively color finishes to create the much-needed style statement in your home? You can also buy separate dining tables and chairs or dining tables extendable to create a mix-and-match look.

Why choose Dining Table Sets from Khaticraft

Khaticraft provides a huge variety of wooden dining table sets to provide a happy shopping experience to all customers. We aimed at satisfying our customers by designing the best pieces for them.

Solid Wood: We use high-quality solid wood like Sheesham while curating the dining sets. The durability of Sheesham makes it the most popular kind of material when designing wooden furniture.
Customization: Customization is something we at Khaticraft are highly specialized in. We curate the furniture as per our customer’s choices and give the appropriate dining table height and shapes.
So what are you waiting for? We at Khaticraft believe in designing the best pieces of furniture for all of our customers. Khaticraft has a huge range collection of designer dining sets available in different finishes.
So choose Khaticraft owns the widest range in other dining room furniture such as dining sets, dining table sets, dining table 8 seater, dining table, and chairs, dining table extendable, wooden bench, dining table 2 seater, dining sets 6 chairs, dining sets 4 seats, dining chairs, dining chair table, wooden dining chairs, armrest chairs, and much more.


How do I select a wooden dining table set?

The most important thing to be considered while buying a wooden dining table set for your home is space availability. Then, look at the seating option you want to have and make sure that the style of the dining sets matches the theme of your interiors.

The round and rectangular-shaped dining chair table is considered the best for modern homes.

The round and rectangular-shaped dining chair table is considered the best for modern homes.

Do you have wooden dining table sets under 25000?

Yes, Hina Hima Solid Sheesham 4 Seater Dining Set, Hina Ulka Solid Wood Sheesham, Sira Solid Wood Sheesham 4 Seater Compact Dining Sets are some of the best dining chair table sets available under Rs. 25000.

Which Wood should I choose for a dining table set?

Sheesham wood is the best material for dining table sets.

Which dining table set should I buy, wood or plastic?

If you talk about durability, then, of course, the wooden dining table always remains the most popular kind of furniture. But, yes, wooden furniture is more expensive compared to a plastic one.

Can I buy only the table or wooden dining chairs?

Yes, at Khaticraft you can buy only the dining table, dining chairs set of 6, wooden dining chairs, or something else based on your needs. If you buy only the dining chair, get in touch with our experts.

How can I clean the wooden chair?

In case you have a cushioned chair then you can use a vacuum to remove dust. To remove any stain please it is advised to call a professional cleaner to clean the product. Also, please avoid spilling any kind of liquid or some detergent on wood as it might fade the wood.


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