A Must Buy Sofa Set: Top Sofa Set Under 30K

A Must Buy Sofa Set: Top Sofa Set Under 30K

Looking for sofa set under 30K. A sofa set is one of the most important pieces of furniture that welcomes your guests. So it is obvious to invest in a premium-looking wooden sofa set. Apart from offering a welcoming sitting space to the guests, a good sofa set plays host on cozy movie nights with BFFs or just turns into a reading place. 

Selecting the best kind of sofa adds to the overall look of your home. And more often than not, the decision to buy must be taken wisely after considering all the factors like space availability at home, budget, color preference, style of furniture, and purpose. The sofa you plan to buy must also complement the color of your walls, and the rest of your furniture.

Though choosing a designer sofa set is not an easy task, still we have tried to make things easy for all the homeowners who plan to buy a sofa set in the near future. We at Khaticraft, have presented some of the best Sofa Set Under 30K, which every Indian home must have.

Tadoba Solid Wood Sheesham One Seater Sofa set under 30k

Today, when we look at home decorations even with limited space option, one Seater sofas is used frequently by people who prefer modern and minimalist homes, while taking care of the overall look as well. Using this kind of sofa is one of the most effective ways to create that woe look in your living room, whether it is small or has an expansive space, you can place a one seater sofa. If you have a big living room you can place this sofa in the corner of the living room area, making room for more decor.

A Must Buy Sofa Set: Top Sofa Set Under 30K 6

Sell Out At INR 17500

Ideal For: This kind of sofa is ideal for an individual or can also be kept along with the main sofa in big size room.

Hansa Solid Wood Sheesham 3 Seater Sofa set under 30K

If you look for something bigger than the previous option, consider purchasing this accent wooden 3 seater sofa set under 30k from Khaticraft. Three Seater Sofas can be placed  perfectly near a window or a balcony in your living room as it does not occupy much space either.

A Must Buy Sofa Set: Top Sofa Set Under 30K 7

Sell Out At: INR 28,000

Ideal For: This 3 seater sofa set is ideal for small families, and placing it in a living room will make the place look more spacious.

Molia Solid Wooden Sheesham 2 Seater Sofa set under 30K

When it is about choosing the best quality material for a sofa, Sheesham Wood needs no introduction. Sheesham is the dominant material in the majority of sofa sets due to its sturdy and durable look. This wooden sofa is quite traditional and you might have seen this kind of sofa in your grandmother’s home. This style sofa set is preferred for its durability in most Indian homes too and when it’s about choices, you can explore unlimited options in Sheesham wooden two seater sofa set under 30K. This Molia sofa set is made using solid Sheesham wood and comes with a warranty as well. Two Seater Sofas are ideal for medium-sized homes.

A Must Buy Sofa Set: Top Sofa Set Under 30K 8

Sell Out At: INR 25,000

Ideal For: This 2 seater sofa set is ideal for small homes, as their empty-bottom and no storage option make it look sleek.

Netra Solid Wood Sheesham 2 Seater Sofa set under 30K

If you don’t want to invest in a regular sofa set then buy this 2 seater wooden sofa set that doesn’t take up much of the space in your house. Moreover, you can keep this sofa set in any room, like bedroom, study room as well. Made of Sheesham wood, this sofa set comes with a comfy spongy mattress and two big-size cushions. Also, the curvy legs of this sofa set give a traditional look to Indian homes, thereby making it a perfect investment.

A Must Buy Sofa Set: Top Sofa Set Under 30K 9

Sell Out At : INR 25,500

Ideal For: All homeowners looking for a compact and traditional style sofa set can buy this item. Also, Two Seater Sofas help save space.

How to Buy Wooden Sofa Sets?

Keep in mind the space available in your living room and the design you want for your home. Obviously, we don’t want our living room to look under-furnished or cramped, thus choosing the best wooden sofa design is important. Let’s see how we can finalize the best wooden sofa

The Number of Seaters

For a small living room, you can either buy a one-seater or two-seater sofas made using Sheesham wood. You can keep a two/ one-seater sofas in such a way that they point towards the TV or you can keep it near the window.

For medium-sized living rooms, you can invest in a two or three seater sofa set and keep it in the corner so that your living room does not look cramped. Pick such sofas from brands like Khaticraft offering an unlimited variety of sofa sets.

The homeowners can buy a one-seater, two-seaters, three-seaters, or even a 5 seater sofa set, but always keep in mind the overall size of the space while buying the sofa. A large-size sofa will not look good in a small room and might lose its aesthetics and charm and vice- versa.

Wooden Sofa Designs

Based on the overall home décor style, you can pick wooden sofa designs. Let’s check out:

  • Vintage Designs. Give a vintage look to your home by buying a vintage design sofa set for your living room. Give your living room a traditional look with Sheesham sofa sets from Khaticraft.
  • Contemporary Designs. To add a contemporary charm to your living room, consider purchasing wooden sofas of Sheesham as there are unlimited designs and styles to choose from.
  • Outdoor Sofa Sets. At Khaticraft, you can also consider buying a sofa set for your patio. In case you want to keep the sofa set in some covered area, then you can buy a wooden sofa else opt for some other design.

Choose from unlimited Designs in Sofa Sets From Khaticraft

Explore wooden sofa designs and couches online on popular shopping sites like Khaticraft. You can even get a sofa set online for less than INR 20,000 or one ranging anywhere between INR 50,000- 70,000.

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