How to Take Care of the Furniture During Monsoon?

How to Take Care of the Furniture During Monsoon?

If you have dinner table 6-seater wooden, latest sofa set, double bed designs, and other wooden furniture and also you know that it’s not that easy to maintain them, especially during monsoon season. Solid wood sofa online, Wooden 4 seater dining table, and other wooden furniture requires extra care after its polished look and prevent damages in the structure. Even a scratch or rough patch can alter the entire look and feel of the precious office furniture online, drawing room wooden furniture, home furniture set, Kids room furniture online, dining table wooden furniture, furniture online sofa, and low price furniture online. Another factor that affects wood is moisture. High moisture content during rains, can lead to termites and other pests to make havoc. So if you want to keep your table furniture online, furniture for drawing room India, home furniture online, living furniture design, and furniture dining table protected, then follow these easy tips:

  Moisture control

The latest living room furniture has a tendency to attract moisture from walls that affect the wood. It helps to pull new latest design sofa sets, stylish beds online, wardrobes or cupboards six inches away from walls to prevent damage during the rainy season. When not raining, you must keep windows open to allow sunlight to enter the room. This will reduce humidity in the room.

Use pesticide deodorant

Camphor and naphthalene balls are moisture absorbers and help to protect clothes and wardrobes from termites. In case you want to go for natural things then neem leaves or cloves serve the same purpose.

Use humidifier

Humidifiers are great when it comes to keeping temperature and dampness in control. Having a control on the humidity levels help your bed furniture online, office table furniture, low-cost furniture, latest drawing room furniture, double bed furniture design, office table, and furniture last longer.

Avoid wet clothes

Avoid wet clothes for cleaning living room sitting furniture, wooden dining furniture, storage furniture online, bedroom furniture at your home. It’s advised to use clean and dry fabrics. Moreover, dust must not be left uncleaned at the time of monsoon, as it has a tendency to stick to wooden things.

Use lacquer

Depending on the polish of the furniture wood furniture, living room furniture, apply a coat of varnish at least once in two years and to fill the pores and enhance the longevity i.e. it prevents wood from swelling.

The basics

Move your glass dining table wood, living room wood storage, unique dining tables wood, wooden bed online, wood and glass dining table and chairs, wooden shoe rack, and other wooden furniture away from doors and windows where it will not come in contact with raindrops or leakages. Garden chairs must be kept indoors during monsoons to prevent cracking or chipping off paint.

Keep them clean

 Keeping the house clean helps to ensure that you have the right moisture level that is conducive to wooden furniture in the house. Also, air conditioners are of great help since they prevent the rise of humidity levels by keeping home air fresh and cool.

Keep wooden unit for a living room away from walls

Always keep the furniture a few inches away from the wall. Walls tend to get damp during monsoon and transfer this moisture to the surface of wood dining room furniture, 4 chairs wooden dining table, queen size wooden cot, and wooden cabinets for living room. 

Keep them oiled or waxed

Wood dining table with bench and chairs, round wood table, and cheap wood dining table tends to swell up during monsoons due to the moisture absorption. This causes drawers and doors to stuck. This is avoided by waxing or oiling the modern wood dining table. Try spray-on-wax for a neat finish.

Stick to maintenance

Don’t initiate any beautification work during monsoon as activities such as painting might not give the best output with high moisture levels and can spoil the wooden bed design with storage. Instead, just stick to cleaning and maintenance.

Keep it smooth

Ever wondered if the living room wall cabinets with doors expanded during monsoons? That’s just the moisture absorption. You can prevent this from oiling or waxing your furniture.

The window pan

Make sure that your wooden furniture is kept away from the window. Your painted wooden furniture is at the huge risk of losing the rich color by fading due to moisture.

  When is the right time to go for water leakage solutions?

We all know what humidity does. It is equally damaging for your wooden furniture. Use a dehumidifier to get rid of the moisture in the room and say goodbye to molds on wood.

Seepage and leakage are the most enduring problem that occurs from time to time. It is found that hard efforts of the construction team are highly affected due to the problems that can occur due to many reasons. The leakage can occur in the bathrooms, underground basements, toilets, balconies, terraces and other areas that are affected by rainwater or overhead water tanks. It is the right time to go for waterproofing solutions when you encounter the below-mentioned damages in your house.

  1. When water penetrates in the foundation, cracks develop that may result in structural failure and are difficult to repair. 
  2. Dampness in-floor results in uprooting or cracking floor tiles but can also create safety and health problems.
  3. Marks that appear in the wall face as a result of dampness and seepage. The paint will peel and the room will look ugly due to discoloration. Hence, you must contact waterproofing contractors.
  4. Damages to furniture and other household items are some of the undesirable examples of damages. Dampness attracts termites resulting in unhygienic conditions.
  5. When the durability of the structure is seriously affected then you require water leakage solutions. The steel corrodes and concrete deteriorates. Because of corrosion, the cracks start developing that invite additional moisture that will further aggravate corrosion. 
  6. Due to dampness, the safety problems occurred in the electrical installations and wiring that can lead to a short circuit. This may lead to accidents like an electric shock. Hence, you require bathroom waterproofing products in your bathroom.
  7. The moisture in floor tiles can result in an expansion that can lead to tenting or buckling of tiles and can affect your precious furniture.
  8. The moisture causes wooden membranes to expand, leading to difficulty in the closing of windows and doors. In order to save this situation, use basement waterproofing products.
  9.  There can be cracks everywhere that will make you feel unsafe and invite other non-structural and structural problems

Therefore, special care must be taken to make the structure free from leakage. You must understand the causes of occurrence and the treatment to resist water seepage and leakage. The waterproofing treatment is done at the time of construction or in post-construction. Hence, the above-mentioned situations are the indications that it is the right time to go for water leakage solutions.

As the monsoon weather is perfect to stay dry in the comfort of your home, similarly your furniture must be safe from the ever-dreaded monsoon.

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