How to Take Care of Wooden Furniture?

How to Take Care of Wooden Furniture?

Solid wood furniture such as table furniture online, furniture for drawing room India, home furniture online, living furniture, furniture dining table, and latest bed design furniture and latest living room furniture is a perfect way to invest in your house. Like any investment, it requires proper attention and care. Wooden furniture, with the vintage charm, enhances allure to your home. It is for this reason that one must provide maintenance, extra care, and attention.

By taking all the precautions would not keep sitting furniture for living room, bed furniture online, home furniture online shopping, office table furniture, solid wood furniture, latest drawing room furniture, double bed furniture design, office table, and furniture, living room sitting furniture, wooden dining furniture, storage furniture online, and bedroom furniture from getting dirty. Using cleaners with harsh chemicals is too aggressive, whether it scratches surfaces or takes the shine off the finish. The proper care needs the right technique and the right product when taking care of your wooden furniture.

You can follow these simple steps for taking care of your wooden furniture. The hardwood furniture is a long-lasting symbol of sophistication. Maintaining furniture is an important task but extremely rewarding. Here are a few tips to make sure that your wooden furniture lasts long.


Dusting- Regular dusting is the best way to keep the furniture looking shiny.  It prevents dust from settling on wood. Feather dusters and Soft cloths work best, but move the dust from furniture.

Cleaning- The finish is resistant and durable to most household spills. However, spills must be wiped promptly to avert potential problems. For routine cleaning, soft cloth is dampened with warm and soapy water. The use of cleaning products, without abrasives, is effective for those with tough cleaning tasks. If using the products, a follow up with the soapy water and soft cloth help extensively. Remember that it is essential to refold the cloth to a clean side.  Avoid products with ammonia-based or silicone. A good annual cleaning help to protect the finish.

Control the Environment- Your furniture wood furniture, living room furniture, home furniture online sofa set, dining room furniture, bar furniture, home furniture dining table designs, bedroom bed furniture, dining area furniture, and balcony garden furniture responds to alterations in humidity and temperature by expanding and contracting slightly. You should keep indoor humidity in 30 to 45 percent range and the temperature in 60 to 80 degrees. Ultraviolet light and fluorescent fixtures cause chemical changes in wood or finish. Avoid placing drawing room furniture set, furniture for sitting area, full furniture set, wood dining room furniture, bar furniture online, cheap and best furniture online, and bedroom furniture set in the area where the sunshine directly on it. Avoid storing furniture in a cellar-type environment.

Quick Repairs- One reason wooden furniture, furniture, furniture dining table and chairs, living room storage furniture, furniture with the bed, home furniture sofa set, full bedroom furniture sets, online dining table, can last for a long time as the damage is easy to fix. Anything made from cheap material break easily. The biggest challenge to repair furniture is what to use.

Minimal exposure to sunlight- Be careful while exposing wooden furniture to sunlight for long time periods. It leads to a phenomenon known as spotting’ where dark spots appear across the cross-section. On a dining table set for 6, 2 seat table set, folding dining table with chairs inside India, dining table and set, stylish dining table and chairs and wooden table, you could use a tablecloth to effectively mitigate the effect.

Be mindful of temperature- Avoid using hot and cold objects on the wooden furniture for better maintenance. They leave an impression that can distort the original texture of the surface. Make sure that the exposure is limited to permissible time intervals.

Let it age with grace- Furniture gets aged with time and needs to let it age. Some wood can lighten and some can darken with time. So when you are buying wooden furniture the next time be mindful of the aging habits.

Keep sharp objects at bay- You must be careful for not letting sharp objects close to wooden furniture.

Oil and Wax Regularly- Oiling and waxing wood are recommended as it gives a shiny varnish.  Also, it adds a coating on the surface by enlivening the appearance.

Use Warm Water For Cleaning- You must use warm water and dish soap to clean furniture. Don’t soak it for longer and clean until the dust wears off.

Tips to take care of your furniture
  1. For the clean finish on the wood furniture, use mild dish soap and warm water. Clean furniture with water would not destroy your furniture. Use an old toothbrush and wipe dirt off the surface with paper towels or soft cloths until they come up fairly clean. Then dry any residual moisture with a soft cloth.
  2. After a good cleaning, the best manner to protect is to use high-quality soft paste wax. Apply a thin coat. Wait for five minutes and buff lightly with a brush or cloth. Wait for another 30 to 60 minutes and brush again. You’ll see a beautiful shine to the finish that lasts for many months.
  3. Keep furniture out of the sun. The temperature of the sun coming from a window can go above 140 degrees.
  4. Don’t place wood furniture near the heating units. Dry heat will cause wood to shrink and dry leaving cracks. You can use a humidifier in drier months to bring moisture up to the 40 to 45 percent level.
  5. For a quick-fix touch, use appropriate color shoe polish on chips to make them less visible on the furniture. Carefully use a matching-color felt-tip marker to hide it better.
  6. When polishing metal, take time and make a note to remember what furniture piece goes back. Use a quality metal polish. Once it’s buffed, put it back. Be careful not to scratch wood surfaces.
  7. You cannot feed the folding dining table. Wood cannot be nourished or enriched with oils or polish. Once it has a protective finish for protection and beauty, the wood is sealed. Polishes and oils will not penetrate.
  8. There are many ways to remove white hazy spot that hot coffee mug has made on your table. The way is to rub with a mild abrasive, like non-gel toothpaste that is mixed with baking soda. You can rub in a small spot with a finger or use a soft cloth on larger areas. Another method is to place a soft towel on the spot and iron it for 10 to 20 seconds at a medium setting. You can turn iron up if needed. Always keep iron moving and check progress frequently.
  9. When shopping for furniture, look at the back, inside and underside of furniture and drawers.
  10. Restoring an older or antique piece of furniture seems like a good idea. But it’s important to get advice who is knowledgeable about items. You may find that the piece is valuable and needs proper cleaning. Any more extensive work must be left to a professional.

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