Things to Consider Before Buying a Sectional Sofa Set

Things to Consider Before Buying a Sectional Sofa Set

Sometimes while arranging your child’s birthday party, or any get-together inside your home, you realize that you don’t have less seating arrangements and thus many of the guests have to stand. So in most cases, you decide to buy a new sofa for your home. But have you ever wondered what kind of design you should look for in a sofa, whether you should buy an L-seater, a symmetrical sectional, a wooden sofa set design, or a sectional sofa?  So, here’s a complete buying guide regarding the parameters one needs to consider while buying a sofa set.

Why a Sectional?

A sectional is a great piece of furniture offering an enhanced seating area as compared to traditional couches. Sectional sofas look great in large spaces and in small spaces where one can get the maximum seating in a limited space. One of the best things about purchasing a sectional sofa is that you can use it to strategically break up an open floor plan into different areas. A sectional sofa separates your sitting room from your dining room and so on.

Questions that you must ask yourself

You must know the answers to the questions before considering buying a sectional sofa:

  • How many people you want to accommodate?
  • Do you want to rearrange or reconfigure the sectional sofa often?
  • How do you plan to use this sofa set and room?
  • Will a sectional sofa set fit in your space?

Kinds of Sectional Sofas

The sectional sofas come in various shapes, which work better for your space. Check out the shapes available in sectional sofas that would work best.

L-Shaped Sectional

Things to Consider Before Buying a Sectional Sofa Set 7

An L-shape sectional sofa, similar to the name, looks like 2 sofas merged together in an L to create a 90-degree angle. Usually, this style of sofa has 3 cushions on one side and 2 cushions on the other.

U-Shaped Sectional

Things to Consider Before Buying a Sectional Sofa Set 8

A U-shaped sectional sofa is an ideal purchase for a big family. This style of the sofa offers plenty of seating capacity and can be fitted in big rooms. This sectional is ideal for a large space and for places where maximum seating is needed.

Chaise Sectional

Things to Consider Before Buying a Sectional Sofa Set 9

The chaise sectional sofa looks like a traditional sofa having a chaise on either the left or right side of the couch. The placement of this sectional pretty can be similar to the seating of a regular sofa.

Curved Sectional

The curved sectional sofa set gives an appealing look to your home. It is an excellent choice for people who love to make the space look more spacious. The curved sectional sofa is an ideal piece of furniture for huge open-concept living areas or large rooms.

Modular Sectional

Things to Consider Before Buying a Sectional Sofa Set 10

Today, modular sectionals have gained wider popularity among modern homeowners. The main USP of modular sectionals is that they can be rearranged as often in different formats. Mostly these sofas come in 5 pieces that can be configured in numerous ways making them multi-purpose.

Sleeper Sectional

Things to Consider Before Buying a Sectional Sofa Set 11

Sleeper sectionals consist of a queen size bed that can be used for your overnight guests. You can also look for a sofa cum bed that has a bed that pulls out whenever required.

Factors to consider while buying Sectional Sofa set

Once you get answers to all these questions, think about its components. Each one must be considered thoroughly keeping in mind the floor space, style of your décor, etc.

  • Colour: Wooden sofa set sectional comes in a variety of colors. Whether you want a neutral or a vibrant color, you can buy the same based on the overall décor color scheme.
  • Shape: Sectional sofas come in different shapes including L, J, U shape, L shape or curve, symmetrical. You can choose from the desired shape based on the floor space you have in your living room.
  • Design: The sectional sofa comes in different designs and styles to choose from. Some of the features that you can look at while buying a sectional sofa include stationary, storage compartments, convertible, reclining, modular, sleeper, etc. Since each design differs in terms of functionality so make sure to consider the space inside your home before buying.
  • Check the dimensions of the Sectional Sofa: The homeowners planning to buy a sectional sofa set must measure not only the length of a couch but also the depth. The sectional sofa provides sufficient seat depth, so make sure you measure and compare the dimensions of your current seating.

What are the benefits of buying L shaped sofa?

Once you have decided on the kind of sectional you want, you need to look at the pros so that you don’t make costly mistakes.


  • Sectionals are great for places having different unique shapes.
  • It is an ideal choice if you want to view the TV from a right angle
  • This piece of wooden sofa set can accommodate a lot of people.
  • It gives a clean & modern look.
  • They look finest in large rooms with high ceilings.
  • They give a more casual look to the place.
  • You’ll require less furniture as a sectional sofa can accommodate more people.
  • Gives a cozier look.
  • Better alternative to the normal configuration of seating arrangements.
  • The seats are wide and spacious and are best to sleep and relax
  • You can maximize the corner space, freeing up corner seating space.
  • Sectionals are versatile when it’s to shape and size; they are ideal for all kinds of rooms.


Consider all the above suggestions before buying the new wooden sofa set sectional sits in your living space. Whether you want to buy a sectional sofa or prefer buying two small-size sofas, it’s all about your taste and preference. Visit Khaticraft and find out the best wooden sofas from our extensive collection of the finest furniture. Check out our sectional collection by visiting the online furniture store, you can check the price of a wooden sofa set before buying!!

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