Looking for signature furniture pieces? Explore Khaticraft

Looking for signature furniture pieces? Explore Khaticraft

Consider your home as a place to showcase your style, presenting your vision of life. So how about revamping your home with some signature furniture pieces that can make the environment beautiful? Styling up your home can fetch good returns, whether you want to rent it or want to live. Here’s the ultimate guide to styling your house with some signature furniture pieces like a bar cabinet, coffee table, sofa set, dining chairs, etc.

The first and foremost thing is to focus on a style when it is about selecting the best furniture. If your home is transitional, then you must pick a hybrid of modern and traditional pieces. However, in case you want to give your home a modern look, earthy wooden furniture will solve the purpose. For bigger homes, invest in cozy and comfortable furniture since there is no shortage of space. Try maintaining a customized theme and color combination for every room, and you will see that your home will transform in no time.   While revamping homes, the finishes of wooden furniture play an important role in deciding the overall aesthetics of any space. When selecting wooden furniture, the overall tones, finishing, and look are the most important things to consider. The home-style preferences play an important role in deciding the finish to be used.

Some creative ideas to select Signature Furniture Pieces for Home

Have a look at some of the ideas mentioned below to select Signature Furniture Pieces for different corners of the home:

Compare and Contrast

The choice of finish can make a dramatic or more subdued statement regarding your style and help you make a firm decision. For instance, you can install a brown finish TV unit in your living area and form a focal point.

Similarly, you can use a bedside table with a wooden finish and glass top and pair it with some other furniture. Try black and white contrast which always remains in fashion.

Look Down on Floors

If you have wood floors, then it can really work wonders. Invest in some dark wood finishing furniture like a chest of drawers or vertical bar cabinets and pair it with the lighter tone wood floor. You can even use the opposite color combination.

Same Shade

Always give importance to shades as using the right balance of colors inside the home is very important. Buy some dark color furniture with lighter color accessories to give that desired dramatic look to your home. But, in case you don’t want contrasts, then without a doubt go for a single color.

Start Big

Invest in a stylish room’s anchor piece. For example, a coffee table in the center or a study table near the desk can do wonders. To give that desired look to your home, you can choose custom-made pieces from one of the popular Indian websites, Khaticraft which has a lot of wooden Sheesham furniture available at a pretty affordable rate.

Main Signature Furniture Pieces

A Comfortable Couch

Looking for signature furniture pieces? Explore Khaticraft 6

A stylish couch or a lounger with enough sitting offering maximum comfort, is a perfect choice for a living room, in all-size homes. The homeowners can accessorize the couch with designer cushions and throws. In case you live in a small apartment, you can buy a sectional sofa for the living room. This kind of sofa is compact in size and comfortable as well. You can choose unlimited designs and styles in a designer sofa at Khaticraft.

Soft-Edged Bed

Looking for signature furniture pieces? Explore Khaticraft 7

Always choose an ergonomically designed bed so that you can have relaxing nights and good sleep. Invest in a bed that is fully upholstered and doesn’t have any hard edges. A wooden bed equipped with a storage unit doubles its purpose, making it ideal for small rooms as well. Invest in a durable Sheesham single bed, double bed, or king-size bed with storage beds as Sheesham beds are easy to maintain and retain their originality for years.

A Statement Chair

Looking for signature furniture pieces? Explore Khaticraft 8

For all design enthusiasts, one thing that never goes out of fashion is a signature chair like the ones showcased at Khaticraft. You don’t have to burn your pocket while buying a cozy armchair for your room. These kinds of chairs ensure maximum comfort and also adds style and sophistication to your space. A statement chair can quickly enhance the overall look of your home.

Console Table

Looking for signature furniture pieces? Explore Khaticraft 9

Invest in a console table to showcase your prized memorabilia or artifacts in an ideal way. You can choose console table designs as it is the perfect accessory for your living room or entryway. In case you have limited space, you can buy nested tables which are a great space-saving option. You can use them as center tables as well as side tables.


This furniture store stocks curated pieces within a budget suiting all kinds of interior requirements. The company offers customized furniture based on the requirement of the customers. It has a huge range of furniture options to choose from when it comes to large furniture or transitional pieces. The homeowners can buy elegant pieces here that can add an element of drama to their homes.

Moreover, one can get online consultation and take suggestions from experts while revamping their home with the best décor. Khaticraft sells only wooden Sheesham furniture at affordable prices as Sheesham is one of the best materials used to make wooden furniture. So if you look for some unique and outstanding pieces at a good rate, you must definitely check out this online store. Khaticraft also has its store in Kirti Nagar where you can check out their collection of an exhaustive range of furniture with Sheesham wood finishes.


If you are planning to buy a property, you must consider furnishing your home with the perfect blend of traditional and modern furniture. Browse through Khaticraft, take your pick, and design your home in your style. Fromwooden beds, bed study tables, bar cabinets, side tables, 3-seater sofas, etc., you can have a full range of wooden furniture to choose from.

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