Why Buy Sheesham wooden furniture For Homes?

Why Buy Sheesham wooden furniture For Homes?

We all use Sheesham Wooden Furniture For Homes; either wooden tables, chairs, bed frames, shelves, drawers, cupboards or something else, we always prefer to buy wooden furniture rather than investing in any other kind of furniture. For most of us, wood offers a unique combination of aesthetic appeal, durability mad peerless structural integrity that other materials which make it one of the most preferred styles in furniture. Being a part of nature-connected interior design, wood is always special to us and wooden furniture helps in giving a homely and welcoming feel to our homes. Sheesham wooden furniture is being used for the last so many decades and it can be used from generations to generations. . 
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Sheesham wooden Furniture is surely a long-lasting and robust material which is preferred by everyone who looks for longevity from their furniture. The durability of Sheesham ensures that the furniture offers you are buying will deliver an excellent value for your money and well-looked-after furniture can maintain its value over the years. With the growing popularity of Sheesham, buying elegant pieces of furniture has become easier; the customers can check a variety of designs, categories, sizes, functionalities, and colours while buying them. In case you are among the ones who don’t want to compromise with the quality and design while buying furniture for your homes, then you have landed on the right page as we are the best place to buy furniture. You can choose the furniture by room, as every room inside your home differs in style, size etc and you must have specific requirements in terms of occupancy, functions, space, and budget while choosing the furniture for your homes. To ease the buying process at Khaticraft, we have compiled a list of few FAQs which might arise in your mind while buying the furniture online. Beneath answers to your questions will make your decision of buying wooden furniture from us more firm.

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Some FAQs

Why Buy Custom Sheesham wooden furniture for Homes from Khaticraft?

By ordering custom furniture from Khaticraft, you can get the desired furniture that matches your taste, budget and space availability as well. Many times while visiting a store for buying the furniture, you might have noticed that all colors look the same. That is due to the stain added to the finish to make it look similar, but by choosing the custom made furniture from us, you can choose from a wide variety of designs and colors. By ordering from Khaticraft, you can get an option to choose from different designs and we pay attention to every detail of our customers who trusted us as their furniture partner.

What kind of wood  types can I choose from?

You can choose from a range of colors for your residential and commercial places. Some of the types available to you at Khaticraft include cherry, Hard Maple, Padauk, Quartered Mahogany, Quilted Maple etc. 

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Why should I buy Sheesham wooden furniture against other types?

Sheesham wood furniture is very versatile and durable; it is the most famous wood used by the artisans since past so many decades for making furniture. Sheesham wooden furniture is used mostly for home or office purposes.  

How do I order?

You can call at +91-9999783949, 9999784595 to order our custom design furniture as you see it on our website. You can also call us with your ideas and we will work with you in creating a custom design to fit your specific needs.

How will you ship my order to me?

We offer blanket-wrap packing for your furniture and assure that the furniture will be delivered to you on or before the committed time. We don’t charge any shipping costs for buying the furniture from us. Though we try to make sure that the product reaches you within the committed time of delivery but circumstances like transport strikes, heavy rains, floods, natural calamities, border clearance, etc are beyond our control which might arise resulting in a delay. In such cases, we request you to not worry and get in with our Customer Support Desk for the latest updates and information regarding your shipment.

Can I return the item if I do not like it?

Only defected or damaged items can be returned. For further details, you are advised to check our “Domestic Shipping & Returns” section. When the product has been delivered to your doorstep, we request you to kindly ensure that products are free from all kinds of breakages, cracks, chip-offs, unfinished patches or insect infestations.

Khaticraft is not responsible for any kind of damage that occurs due to mishandling or rough usage. Any self-mishandled or damage issues reported post successful delivery and installation of the product, will not be our responsibility. 

What are the tips you want me to follow to take care of the Furniture?

Buying furniture is a significant investment and once purchased, Sheesham wooden furniture retains its originality even after ages. Though you need to properly care and treat your pieces of furniture so that they maintain their original beauty and finishing as well. 

Some of the Furniture Care Basics 

  • Keep the furniture out of direct sunlight and avoid placing it in front of or under windows. 
  • Also, keep the furniture away from heating and air conditioning vents, you can use placemats and tablecloths to protect furniture while using them which will increase their life.
  • Lift and place items rather than sliding them on the surfaces; also avoid prolonged use of plastic and rubber items on your furniture.
  • Use a dry cloth to remove dust from the furniture.

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