Beautiful Wooden Temple for Home At Best Price @ Khaticraft

Beautiful Wooden Temple for Home At Best Price @ Khaticraft

The Puja Ghar is the pride of every, no matter whichever religion we follow, we all try to make our temple inside home look beautiful. Besides serving as the daily place of worship for family members, Mandir is also a source of positive energy for the house. Just some planning while creating an area to worship can do wonder to your home. If you plan to buy wooden temple for home, then check out some great temple designs that are suitable for your residential spaces.

Ira Solid Wooden Temple for home

This one is the top option in the wooden temple for home available at Khaticraft, it is a combination of shades of all wooden work. What’s more, it has a drawer that helps keep your puja samagri, important pooja books, or other prayer books, Agarbattis, etc. here.  You can keep this wooden temple either on the floor or you can also hang it on the wall.  This wooden comfortable is for all size rooms.

Also if you love jaali panels for your pooja unit, then this wooden temple is perfect for you. While this design fits seamlessly into any living room, you can also keep this compact temple near the kitchen or in some other place. Use the drawers to store pooja samagri as well.

Beautiful Wooden Temple for Home At Best Price @ Khaticraft 5

Sell Out At INR 10500

Som Sheesham Wooden Temple for Home

This wooden temple in the home is made of Sheesham wood and some craftwork enhances the overall look of this temple giving it a beautiful finish on its doors. This beautifully carved wooden temple can be yours at a discount. The homeowners looking for minimal yet beautiful designs can buy this Sheesham temple. Sheesham wood is durable and it retains its originality for years. There is enough space to keep God’s pictures and idols of different deities inside the drawer.

You can buy this traditionally carved wooden temple for home to make the space look beautiful. Additionally, do not forget to enhance its beauty by adding focus lights and lovely bells attached to the wall over the unit.

Beautiful Wooden Temple for Home At Best Price @ Khaticraft 6

Sell Out At INR 6500

Um Solid Wood Sheesham Temple

This solid wooden temple for home is guaranteed to give your praying area that simple yet classy look, which you might have dreamed of. This small size temple is ideal for those who like to install the picture or idol of a single god or goddess. Elegantly designed, this wooden temple comes with a door that can be closed when needed. You can close the wooden temple in your home in your living room when not in need. This is a great idea for all those who like to have an elaborate home temple and want to keep the temple away from dust.

Beautiful Wooden Temple for Home At Best Price @ Khaticraft 7

Sell Out At INR 12000

Other kinds of Temple Design Available At Khaticraft

At Khaticraft, we completely understand the sentimental, religious and aesthetic value of people with the temples. Thus keeping this in mind, we curate different designs in temples so that you can get the best-modified designs ensuring easy accessibility, maximum utility, a convenient size, and a grand style. All the temples at Khaticraft are made using durable materials like Sheesham.

Beneath we have mentioned some of the features of the designer mandirs, based on which you can choose the kind of wooden temples you want for your home.

With Door

Many people want to cover the god’s and deities’ idols in the mandir, so we give them the option of a fitted door as it helps keep the dust & pollution away. You can maintain a clean mandir that has doors and also shut the doors whenever required.

Without Door

All the ones who prefer easy accessibility to the god’s idols can choose temples without doors. We have numerous designs in mandir without doors to cater to your choices. While some designs come with lower shelves, compartments, etc., some have a minimal design to keep it simple.

With Dome

The ones looking for temples with domes can choose from great designs in wooden temples. There are numerous wooden temple designs in home available at Khaticraft for you to choose.

Without Dome

The ones looking for a box-style, simple, and elegantly designed mandir, can choose temples with a wide assortment of mandirs without a dome.

So this time, decorate your home with the most transcendental designer wooden temple design products available at Khaticraft. If you look for a unique and stylish mandir design for your home, you have landed at the right place. From intricate jaali designs to modern wooden mandirs made to small-size mandirs, we have it all. Have a look at some of the best and most stunning mandir design ideas by exploring our website.

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