9 ways to turn your Bedroom into a Luxurious Suite

9 ways to turn your Bedroom into a Luxurious Suite

We all dream of revamping our bedroom like a luxurious suite but many times could not able to give the desired lavish look. There is just something more than the overall ambiance of the room that helps turn your bedroom into a luxurious suite. Well, this dream of most homeowners can come true if they transform their bedroom design into a luxurious suite.

To revamp your home, you don’t need a lot of elements in your room, just the right bedroom decor ideas and the right items to convert it into a luxury bedroom design. Adding minimum items inside your bedroom is the key when giving it luxurious look luxury. So let’s quickly check out some of the awesome ways to make your bedroom look like a luxurious suite:

It all starts with the bed in bedroom decor ideas

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The centerpiece of every world-class hotel room is certainly the bed and you can also head off to dreamland instead by making the bed your centerpiece of attraction. With unparalleled features like customizable support systems and the Sheesham look, no wonder the double bed design is the choice of so many prestigious hotels all over the world.

Plus, research have also shown that those who sleep on a comfortable bed not only fall asleep faster but have a good day. So invest in the best and most comfortable bedroom decor ideas that will give an enhanced look.

Get into the Chic Mode using Modern Wardrobes In bedroom design ideas

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Remember the key to giving a luxurious makeover to your room is to add minimal designs. Gone are the days when homeowners prefer investing in big and bulky wardrobes. Now sleek and elegant wardrobe bedroom design looks good, they not only make the place incredibly spacious but give a classy rich look as well. The wardrobes in bedrooms from Khaticraft can be added to enhance the overall décor of the place.

Get a luxurious headboard

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An eye-catching bedhead not only helps make your bed a more comfortable space to sit and relax, rather it will grab everyone’s attention. While creating a focal point in your bedroom, give utmost priority to your bedroom decor ideas.

Also if there is enough space inside your bedroom, you can use wooden benches and ottomans that look versatile and are also a great style addition. From being used for storage purpose to being used as a coffee table, these benches add a style statement.

Use some chic style Mirrors In bedroom decor ideas

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Let’s admit it- the first thing that gathers our attention in luxurious suites is the big-size mirrors. They simply make things much more interesting, and like the way, they are placed in hotel rooms, we can incorporate them into our bedroom decor ideas. Using a wooden mirror frame is great for small spaces, a mirrored wall will virtually enhance the overall look. If you don’t like the idea of having a wall-to-wall mirror in your bedroom, you can buy one on the top half of the wall, which will be placed just above your headboard.

You can get inspired by some wooden mirror frame design and add a gigantic mirror to your bedroom to enhance the overall look and style. You can get sleek and designer wooden from the brand Khaticraft and make it the center of attraction in your bedroom.

A Bedside Table to Keep Small Things Organized

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We all have small items kept in our bedroom that need to be organized properly. These are the items that we need daily but can’t keep anywhere as they can easily get misplaced. So it’s better to invest in a premium bedside table that not only helps keep things organized but is a purposeful bedroom design idea.

Purchase a nice bedside table whose top can be used to keep a flower vase, or a table lamp and the drawers can be used to store things. Check out the wooden double bed in exotic Sheesham finishing at Khaticraft.

Perfect Lighting

Ensure that there is perfect lighting in your bedroom. Luxury hotels keep enough lamps around the bed to ensure perfect lighting inside the home. This helps create a cozy look and stylish lamps also lighten up the space. Similarly to the way, table lamps are placed in a luxurious suite, you can also give a luxurious and contemporary style to your bedrooms by ensuring proper lighting.

Rather than a lone source of light in the middle of the ceiling, you can create various layers of lighting, and use small lamps around the room. The warm light coming from the table lamps and alcove lights in this image will give a soft touch.

Use a rug

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The majority of the hotel rooms have carpeted floors as they are soft, and warm and help with noise reduction. If you have hardwood floors in your bedroom, you can get a soft rug to save your toes from chilly mornings.

Our bedroom is all about comfort and indulgence, so you can invest in a luxuriously soft carpet for flooring. Shaggy or deep-pile rugs in light shades are dual-purpose. They not only reflect the light but catch the attention of others as well. You can use a smaller and fluffier rug right on top to add extra comfort as part of bedroom decor ideas.

Choose Neutral Curtains

The curtains play a crucial role in setting up the right mood inside your room. You can choose light colours or neutral curtains to give your room a much more sophisticated look. But don’t keep curtains all day, rather pull over the curtains away every morning to let some sunlight comes inside your home. Whether you believe it or not, adding the right style of curtains will make your room look more classy and modern.

Don’t use very bright colored curtains, rather opt for some easy to go light color curtains to highlight other items in your house.

Invest in wall art

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While stepping inside a luxurious suite, the first and foremost thing that catches attention is the wall art. One way to turn your bedroom into a luxurious suite is to hang an oversized piece of art that reflect your style of living and make the room appear bigger in size. The larger the canvas or framed art, the more luxurious the place will look. The large ideas for wall decor in bedroom create a gallery look which tends to look expensive. Upscale hotels mostly display artwork and décor that have a strong connection with the overall décor.

We all at some point in time wish to settle into a five-star hotel permanently due to the kind of ambiance we get there. But there are plenty of ways through which we can replicate the overall ambiance of the room too. Why pay so such a huge amount for a five-star hotel suite when you can have vacation-worthy sleep all nights.


Our experts have just shared the best bedroom decorating ideas simple and makes the bedroom look sophisticated as possible. Use these 9 tips on how to transform your ordinary bedroom into a luxurious suite.

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