7 Modern Living Room Decor Ideas For 2023 | Diwali Special

7 Modern Living Room Decor Ideas For 2023 | Diwali Special

Diwali is the most awaited time of the year which is celebrated all over the country with great joy and excitement. The flocking shopping markets, cleaning homes with full enthusiasm, preparing sweet boxes, and of course, decorating homes is all about Diwali- the festival of lights.

As you read this, we are sure that have starting imagining Diwali preparation in your home. Diwali is the time to getting your homes ready for polishing and painting. Well, the most fun part is gracefully decorate your home in such a way that it leaves a vivid impression in front of the furry guests and relatives.

If you look for some decor ideas for living room this Diwali, then read this blog as we have discussed top 7 living room decor ideas for modern room that will not burn a hole in the pocket.

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Dazzle Up the place with Embellished Sofa Throws

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Perhaps, getting a new sofa set for the living room with new and vibrant fabric has cost attached to it. Since its Diwali, you can be a little adventurous and place some sequins and embellished sofa throws that give a new life to your living room sofa. Also, you can invest in Living Room Decor Ideas from Khaticraft and get some great deals and offers on this festive day.

Also, you can change the Cushion Covers of living room chairs or sofa sets by giving them some ethnic touch. It will give the contemporary vibe of the festive season to your modern living room.

To echo your Diwali decorations on your living décor, add some ethnic prints and traditional Indian designs. Diwali is a good time to pull out simple accessories like embroidered or block-printed cushion covers, candle stands, and other decorative pieces for the home, especially when the market is flooded with so many designs.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Diwali Decoration Ideas for your Living Room

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If you are an expert on eco-friendly practices, then you can opt for this living room decor ideas for Diwali. You can design your own paper diyas and smartly place them on columns of string lights to get that wow factor. Alternatively, you can use battery-operated Diya-style lights to decorate the corners of your room. Opt for some traditional wall painting to enhance the living room décor instantly with home Living Room Decor Ideas.

Decorate Your Center Table

The center table in your living room is the main attraction of the living room. When its about the Diwali party, centre table plays an important role. So, begin your conversations with a beautiful setup by investing in the best Diwali wooden items from Khaticraft.

Go ahead with Creative Rangolis

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The festival of Diwali would not be considered complete without different types of Rangoli designs. You can try on flower rangoli decorations or rangoli with some colors to greet your guests. You can make the rangoli either at the entrance or in the center, and even you can decorate your corners. To give a final look, place some diyas or candles.

To create a lively mood in any space, you can opt for the simplest elements like candles/flowers for your Diwali decorations. Not only candles are and flowers are evergreen accessories that are easy to find and decorate with, but you can use them after Diwali as well on various good occasions.

Add some spark by adding String Lights

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Most of the time, we hung the string lights in the outdoor area of our home, but placing them inside the home is also a way to add some glow in your living room. This time, experiment with string lights in your living room and create a new look. Thinking out how? Drape them over the walls, chandelier, and curtains and even you can make a divider with them.

Also, you can be creative and instead of using simple diyas this Diwali, go inventive by using living room decor ideas. Acrylic paint them in bright colors to add some spark to the place. Also, you can place the diyas on wine stands or glasses to show your creativity during the Diwali season.

Amp Up Your Bare Walls

Transform your bare walls into aesthetically appealing by adding wall accents like decorative plates, wall hangings, etc. Also, you can utilize the area near the room dividers to lighten up each side of the main entrance using lace lanterns, floor lamps, string lights, and flower garlands, among other things.

However, make sure that you don’t overdo the place by adding too many things. You can change the old frame of your bulbs with some patterned designs so that they emit light in mesmerizing patterns. Change the overall color scheme of this living room this festive season by including elegant living room decor ideas.

Bring some plants home

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There is a graceful yet striking beauty while keeping things minimalistic also. This living room entrance looks super festive and appealing with some indoor plants. You can also use artificial flowers and soft lights around the curtain to give a vibrant look to the place. The tone of the furniture and flowers also complement each other and improves the overall aesthetics of the space.

Immerse life into your static home decor by simply placing a potted indoor plant in a brass/copper bowl full of water and some nice floating candles on this modern center table. It is believed that copper and brass (precious metals) are used to please the gods who bless us.

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