Unique Double Bed Designs Ideas for Different Tastes

Unique Double Bed Designs Ideas for Different Tastes

After having a long hectic day in the office we want to take a rest at home and simply lay on the bed. When you are at home, you don’t feel like leaving your double bed as it is the most comforting thing for you to do at that moment. For people, the bed is the most comfortable place in your house, and thus make sure it matched your house’s style. Well, in this blog we discuss some of the unique wooden single-double bed designs ideas for different tastes that you can have in your house.

For Contemporary Themed Beds

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The contemporary theme bedrooms are the ones that are the perfect blend of rustic and modern theme units. For creating unique wooden double bed designs ideas for different tastes, you can invest in a wooden bed. Look for bedroom furniture that has some classic look and yet minimalistic features for a more balanced feel. You can also opt for interiors matching the overall look of your home. Get the walls painted in a soft color for this themed bedroom.

High Rise with extra bed

This kind of double bed designs ideas are one of the coolest solutions for small spaces like guest rooms or compact living rooms. High rise comes with a top mattress and has an extra bed. This double bed designs ideas is a multi-functional piece ad can be your comfy double bed or a king size bed on raising the extra mattress.

Low-profile Zen-inspired bed

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This style of bed comes without legs, as we know them, and doesn’t have feet- and headboards. The ultra-minimalist design of the bed makes the home look simple. All you need to complete this bed for a night is to get the matching mattress with it.

The Elegant Headboard

For your master bedroom, you can create a rich look in your bed design by giving it a cushion-like feel. Moreover, go for a criss-cross pattern as it looks more royal and keeps a small couch and pillows side by which matches the bed sheet design. You can opt for some light colors such as white, soft grey, or snow white.

Window Side Bed for small space

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Do you love sleeping under the moonlight and peeping through the window on your bed? Well, with this style you can surely sleep under the stars without worrying about camping in mountains. In case you have a small space, you can have this double bed designs ideas where you have to put a proper fitting bed with some cute pillows placed at a cubical near a window in your small bedroom.

Platform bed with lift-up storage 

Today, contemporary/modern beds come in a lot of varieties to choose from. This kind of storage wooden double bed designs ideas have, it gives a minimalist style and helps keep away from a visual mess such as under-bed storage drawers, visible hardware, moldings, etc. The storage is enough to keep bedding, clothes, pajamas, pillows, bedside items, and other items organized in one place. It’s a great way to enhance the functional/comfort level of your bedroom without compromising on modern style.

Cabinet bed

Though simple but functional in design, cabinet beds are a great value and an ideal bedding solution for a guest room or small apartment. The standard storage cabinet, buffet, etc. all provide a comfy sleeping surface during the night. The wooden cabinet bed is durable enough, and the full-length queen mattress is the best great alternative for a bulky Murphy or wall bed.

A Crib Style Bed

A crib style bed makes even the small space look super cool and comfortable and you can even decorate it with some ceiling decor by having various other things like a rustic chandelier or a cloud décor. But make sure that you don’t overdo the décor as if you overdo it, you will make the place look small in size. Choose some vibrant colors on the wall with contrasting colors for the bed.

Folding bed

Folding beds are easy to transport, store and keep clean. If you have limited space in your house, and are looking for some effective designs, the folding bed is an ideal investment. Moreover, folding beds can easily be stored in a place when not in use.

Adjustable double bed frame

These wooden beds come with an adjustable bed frame, and all you need is a matching mattress. This kind of bed offers unlimited adjustable positions and helps get rid of the back pain caused by a hard day or hectic work at home. The bed frame is designed using premium quality material with high weight capacity, wired remote control, and much more.

How to decorate a bedroom in an affordable way?

If you plan to renovate your room in an affordable way, you can use some things that are cheaper or would not have to be bought, or simply do so DIY tasks.

  • Experiment with the overall look of the room.
  • Change the mattress and the bedding style.
  • Purchase the wooden furniture post checking king size bed dimensions
  • Opt for some handmade painting or craft to be used as wall hanging
  • Try to reuse waste things
  • Change the arrangement of the things in your bedroom.
  • Unique Double Bed Designs Ideas for Different Tastes

How can I make my bedroom luxurious?

Having your bedroom look luxurious depends upon how and what type of things you have in your bedroom. For an interior to look more lavish, you must:

  • Include some indoor green plants in your room
  • Don’t overdo your floor
  • Keep the vanity look more reorganized
  • Focus more on the pieces of accessories placed in your bedroom


Are you tired of standard beds and look for something extraordinary or a space-saving option? If yes, then you can choose from the above-mentioned double bed designs ideas which are a great solution for your modern master bedroom, guest bedroom, or kids’ room.

To know more about the kind of wooden double bed, single bed, or king size bed with storage, get in touch with the experts at Khaticraft. We design different kinds of beds using Sheesham wood, the most durable kind of wood used for making furniture.

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