What Is the Importance of wooden temple for Homes?

What Is the Importance of wooden temple for Homes?

Astrological Aspects of Placing wooden temple for home

For the past so many decades, to have our mind clear of all the clutter and to get some peace and stability in life, each Indian Home has its own place of worship where they mediate to clean their souls from all kinds of impurities. Temples inside our homes bring positivity and peace and temples are the most common that can be seen in not only homes but at the places or work as well including hospitals, café, restaurants, offices, colleges among many other places. 

We all know how important it is worship to the ultimate power, so the correct placement of temples is also important and it should not get unnoticed. It is correctly said that choosing the right place and way of keeping the temples is important as it can affect our quality of living as well. There are many aspects that we should follow while keeping a wooden temple for homes and offices. This article will help you in understanding the correct ways of placing a temple inside your home and will have a more peaceful mind by correctly worshipping to God.

Things to consider while placing wooden temple for home

The Appropriate Height of the Temple:

The wooden temple inside the homes should be kept at the height appropriate to the seating arrangement. The height of the temple should be appropriate according to the person’s chest sitting position. The main reason for this is to have the Pooja Idols to be kept in front of the person as lowering the height of the temple, means disrespectful to the Lord. Also, in case the height is more than the person’s height it would be difficult for them to actually see the Deities and offer prayers to God. Thus, the basic thumb rule which you should apply while placing the Temple inside your homes is that make Idols’ feet higher than the devotee’s chest.

Why wooden temples are preferable?

The Temples are considered ideal when they are constructed using superior quality wood, as is considered as more religious. As per Vastu Shastra, a Sheesham Wood temple apart from other wood types is considered more auspicious for Home Temple and thus people prefer buying wooden temples for their homes rather than buying any other kind of temple. The temple can be made in any wood types that include Sheesham Wood, Teak Wood, and Mango Wood. Marble Temples are also being preferred but they are a bit more expensive as compared to wooden temples. 


It is better to consider correct Vastu Compliant directions at the time of keeping the temple inside our homes. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping the temple at the north-eastern or eastern corner of the home is perfect as it is considered that placing the temple in that direction brings good luck to the place. Also, you should place the diya in the south-east direction of your home. The worshippers must use a mat or carpet or a small stool (pooja chowki) at the time of worshipping.

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Some important Vastu tips that needs to followed while offering prayers inside your temple

  • The temple inside your home should be kept in the east, the north or the northeast corner of the house.
  • Pooja room should not be located in the south direction. Also, the temple should not be kept inside your bedroom; neither should it be placed above, below or next to the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Also, the Pooja room should not be built under the stairs.
  • The Pooja Mandap inside your home should have doors and windows in the north or the east.
  • Make sure that the idols of the God which you have kept in your temple are not damaged in any form.
  • Prefer to have wooden temples with a dome at the top. 

The temple is considered as the most essential part of any Hindu family and it plays an important role in everyone’s life. Keeping a temple inside the homes and at the workplaces as well forms the basis of Hindu Dharma. Whether you have a luxurious temple, simple Pooja temple or small worship place, make sure that you respect God and devote some time daily to offer prayers to God.

The Pooja room is a sacred space in Indian homes and the prayer room is the special area within the house that is dedicated to offer prayers to the God. There are many things that you can consider while designing your Pooja room so that it can create a more positive and peaceful environment. We, at Khaticraft, are specialized in customizing the wooden temples are per the astrological aspects. You can choose from a variety of temples including small wall hangings to large floor standing for Halls and Gardens. We use superior quality wood, Sheesham wood for constructing temples that can bring peace and good luck into your lives.

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