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Buying furniture becomes easy if you have sorted preference for wooden furniture. Sofa is one such piece of furniture that gives you a relaxing space. Buying a durable wooden sofa set is one ahead in creating the much-required relaxing atmosphere. Along with making the space look more organized, the wooden sofa set design gives a modern look to the place as well.

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While shopping for a wooden sofa set from Khaticraft, the wooden sofa set price is something you need not worry about the same. The wooden sofa sets available at Khaticraft are designed keeping different budget types in mind without compromising on the budget at all. At our online furniture store, you can check out different furniture options from the comfort of your home.


Before purchasing a sofa, you must consider the size, style, shape, color, material, design, and more. Make sure that the sofa set design you are buying matches your room décor and suits all the requirements.


The size and kind of the wooden sofa set you plan to buy depends on the area of your room and the seating arrangement you need. At Khaticraft, you can choose the sofa set meeting your needs from a variety of options, including a wooden sofa, an L-shaped sofa, a U-shaped sofa, a straight sofa, and much more.


Yes, an L-shaped sofa is a good option for corners. The homeowners can keep a table in the center and corner tables near the armrest to ensure maximum utilization of the available space


Yes, a sofa-cum bed is a good option in case you have limited space. This kind of space-saving furniture provides additional sleeping space when your guests arrive.


In case you have a small family, a four- or five-seater wooden sofa set is perfect. While, the seven-seater and eight-seater options are perfect for you if case you look for something that can fit in a large space, like a large living room or a huge office reception.


The shape and style of the majority of the sofa sets are chosen to complement the interior design of your room. Make sure the sofa set you are buying meets the overall décor of the home. You can select traditional highlights with a wooden frame and can go for either L-Shaped or U-Shaped couches with angular lines. To give your home a royal look, invest in a Sheesham sofa set in wooden.

Sofas play a vital role in enhancing the living room décor. Out of the available options, wooden sofas always remain the most popular option in sofas among home owners. Khaticraft offers beautiful wooden sofa sets made using premium Sheesham wood as it helps make the living room look more inviting and stylish. When it comes to wooden sofa set design, the home owners can explore unlimited options in wooden sofas only at Khaticraft. The best part about shopping for furniture at Khaticraft is the affordable prices. The wooden sofa set price here are quite affordable and the durable quality wooden pieces retain their originality for years. No matter what kind or style of furniture you need, Khaticraft is here to offer the best range of solution. All the wooden sofa designed at Khaticraft are made using the superior quality wood and comes with professional finishing. If you’re facing trouble finalizing the best piece of wooden sofa set design for your home, get in touch with the experts at Khaticraft.

How To Select The Best Sofa For Your Home?

Wooden sofa set are certainly considered luxuries, and they can uplift the décor of the home manifolds. If you also plan to buy a wooden sofa, then beneath we have mentioned a few essential tricks to buy a wooden sofa for your home:

A sofa must have a strong frame

The ideal wooden sofa set design must have a strong and durable frame so that it can last for many years. The sturdy frame ensures remains as it is for years, and the strong frame also enhances the overall look of the bed manifolds

Quality of wood

The quality of wood is the priority of all the home owners and they leave no stone untouched in investing in the best kind of furniture. If you also plan to buy a wooden sofa, invest in Sheesham wood sofa after knowing the wooden sofa set price, so that you can use the same years and years. Look for the colour, shade, etc. so that sofa matches with the rest of your room décor. A wooden sofa combines the beauty of traditional forms and a modern look. Made of solid wood, these sofa sets have an unmatched charm about them which adds to their unique appeal.


The craftsmanship of the sofa set in wooden must not be neglected at all. Along with the durability, the sofa must also be functional and purposeful. Ergonomics plays a crucial role in making the sofa look more elegant, after all, it is the place where most people spend the majority of their day.


While buying a wooden sofa set, don’t underestimate the comfort of the sofa. Make sure that the sofa is made of comfortable angles, it has some good backrest and supports your posture.

Kinds of Sofa set available at Khaticraft

When choosing a wooden sofa set, you must keep two things in mind. First, the sofa must be large enough to accommodate all the family members. Second, it must not be too large or too compact for the room. The kind of sofa set models available at Khaticraft include:

  • 1 Seater Sofa Set Single seater sofa takes up very less space and can be placed anywhere around the house, like bedroom, living room, study, etc. You can even buy 1 seater wooden sofa set and keep it near your study table to create an inviting reading nook.
  • Each piece of Sheesham furniture has its own unique color and you need to get it polished after some years.
  • 2 Seater Sofa Set
  • 2 seater wooden sofa set is large enough to accommodate 2 people and compact enough to be placed in any small space, including your bedroom, study, home office, etc.
  • 3 Seater Sofa Set Given that these wooden sofa set can accommodate three people, they are perfect for any medium-sized drawing room or living room.
  • 4 Seater Sofa Set A 4 seater sofa is a good investment for big living rooms. You can invest in 4 seater sofa set to create a style statement and give your home that complementary look.
  • 5 Seater Sofa Set The 3+1+1 wooden sofa set is a good investment for large families as this gives them a chance to spend time together. This sofa set can be arranged in different orders on your preference.
  • 7 Seater Sofas Set If you have no space problems in your living room, then you can buy an elegant 7 seater wooden sofa set meeting your style and overall décor.

Get the best Sofa Sets As per the Price

Many times while buying a premium sofa set, we have to compromise as the design we like slightly fall out of budget. But this is not the case while purchasing the wooden sofa set online as we have different designs catering to all segment of people. With Khaticraft, the homeowners can directly begin their search by choosing the best wooden sofa set based on the price range.

Sofa set under 10000

We have sophisticated wooden sofa set design and flattering designs in quite an affordable range.

Sofa sets under Rs. 30,000:

Invest in a premium sofa set from the elegant collection available only at Khaticraft.

Sofa sets under Rs. 40,000:

Choose from a lavish range of wooden sofa sets under this price range.

Sofa sets under Rs. 50,000:

Invest in the premium range of sofa sets online only at Khaticraft and give your home a new look.

Sofa sets above Rs. 50,000:

Redefine your luxury and comfort by purchasing these exquisite sofa sets and enhance the overall décor of your home manifolds.

Get the Best Wooden Sofa Set For Your Home

The wooden sofa sets available at Khaticraft are made using classic designs and can easily be placed in all size of homes. If you have a small living room, you can buy a 2 or 3-seater wooden sofa while a 5-6-seater wooden sofa set is ideal for families having larger space. The homeowners can buy premium wooden sofas for their living room by choosing the best products at Khaticraft. At Khaticraft, we completely understand the needs of our modern homeowners and design the best furniture.

How Designer Sofa Sets Can Suit Your Home

The urban apartments have limited space, therefore, decorating your home with a sofa sometimes become quite a daunting task. Thus we have different variety in teak wooden sofa set that you can buy based on your room type.

Sofa Set For Your Living Room:

The living room is a place where the entire family meets and shares their day-long activities. It is the room to watch TV, play games, or do some chit-chat. Thus the sofa set design for the living room must be comfortable and provides enough seating arrangement. The wooden sofa set design must also complement the rest of the living room interiors. The homeowners can choose from a range of l-shaped sofa sets at Khaticraft..

Sofa Set For Your Drawing Room

The drawing room is a formal room, it is used mainly for entertaining the guests. Hence, sofa sets must be a mixture of aesthetics and luxury. For homes with small size drawing rooms, a compact sofa would look perfect.

Sofa Set For Your Bedroom

The bedroom is all about comfort and luxury, so placing a sofa set in this room helps make the place look more comfortable. A sofa cum bed or a mid-century modern sofa is ideal to be kept in the bedroom. You can also choose some wooden side table to create a perfect look.

Sofa Set For Study Room

The study room or office features an ambiance that is more comfortable and peaceful. Thus the selection of sofa sets must be taken wisely. Make sure the color scheme of the sofa set matches the overall interiors of the study room.

Explore the best Range of Modern Wooden Sofa Designs At Khaticraft

No home is complete without a premium sofa that is the lifeline of every living room. Whether the purpose of keeping a sofa set is to entertain guests or spend some quality time with your loved ones, the ideal wooden sofa set is a place for socializing and relaxation. To find out the best wooden sofa designs that complement your style and home interiors, shop online at Khaticraft.

Wooden Sofa Designs That Will Fit All Your Wooden Sofa Needs

A wooden sofa set comes in various finishes and styles, and with different grain patterns as well.

Teak Finish Sofa

Teak wood is popular due to its unique honey brow tone which is able to meld with all types of home decor. The homeowners can keep this wooden sofa set design in rooms with darker furnishing, to create a balanced atmosphere.

Advantages of Selecting Best Sofa Sets for Living Room

Sofa sets always remain the key attraction of every home. The sofa sets are kept in the living room as it is the place where we welcome our guests. The sofa set furniture plays an important role in creating pleasant and luxury home decor inside every home. Khaticraft has hundreds of sofa set designs helping customers choose the best piece of furniture. At Khaticraft, you can find everything online, from sectional sofas to traditional Sheesham wooden sofa sets to modern wooden sofa set, you can select anything that perfectly blends with your home decor requirements. So invest in affordable and durable sofa sets by buying them online from Khaticraft.

Some reasons why you must invest in the most suitable sofa design for living space:

It gives a welcoming feel

Wooden sofa sets can be used anywhere, inside homes or offices as well and they always give that ‘wow' look. For instance, if you want to have a meeting in your office, elegant wooden sofa sets can be used to make your visitors feel comfortable while sitting on the same. And in homes, a comfortable sofa set lets you enjoy family get-togethers, and watch your favorite shows and movies altogether. No matter what style or size of wooden sofa set you want for your home, you can always create a welcoming and homely warmth by choosing the best wooden sofa set price.

Anchor unit in the whole room

A quality wooden sofa set is all about elegance, and style, and every other furniture unit revolves around it. Whether you want to keep the side and end table alongside the bed or want to keep the coffee table, the reference of the sofa sets is something we all consider.

The Statement Piece of every home

Sofa set is the main highlight of every living room as it is the furniture, which gets noticed at first by the visitors. Choosing the best wooden sofa set online from Khaticraft helps enhance the overall look of the interiors as well. Buying extravagant sofa sets for the living room gives a new luxurious look to the place. So purchasing the best wooden sofa set design is not only about going for fancy designs, but it also means enriching the overall look as well.

Maximum comfort

The sofa set is about comfort as well, thus this factor must not be neglected at all. A good and comfortable sofa set helps keep your back intact while sitting on it. The main purpose of a wooden sofa set is to create a comfortable and convenient sitting place.

Why Buy Wooden Sofa from Khaticraft?

Khaticraft provides all homeowners with the best home furnishing choices that are unique, versatile, and durable. Here you can find a wooden sofa that fits the dimensions and decor of your space with ease, you can browse our vast collection of a sofa set. We have a lot of variety of designs in wooden sofa sets, from sofas with curved armrests or ones with stylish textures, you can decorate the spacious living room more gracefully. And once you have selected your preferred design, we deliver and install the wooden furniture at your home.

  • EMI option: Our EMI policy on wooden furniture helps you enjoy the luxury of premium-quality furniture without burning your pocket. Now you do not have to compromise on the overall look of your home because we provide with easy EMI options to pay in installments.
  • Discounts: We keep on introducing special discounts and sales on the purchase of wooden furniture thereby reducing the price of wooden sofa set.
  • Product Warranty: Our product quality of sofa furniture is something we never compromise at all. We provide a limited warranty on all the products.
  • Doorstep Delivery: No matter how many products you have purchased from us, you will get them securely delivered and installed in your house by our expert installation team.
  • Customer Support: We stay dedicated in serving to our customers. Our support team is here to provide solutions to all the issues and queries within 48hrs

Invest In Sheesham Wooden Sofa

Considering the durability of a good Sheesham wood sofa, most homeowners treat Sheesham purchase as a long-time investment. A Sheesham wooden sofa set is a stylish and elegant piece of furniture that can be passed down for generations. At Khaticraft, you can explore the widest variety of Sheesham wood furniture sofa sets. If you hunt for the nearest wooden furniture shop near you, then Khaticraft can be your trusted furniture partner.