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Niwar Solid Wood Sheesham Bedside Table

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Product description

✔100% Authentic Solid Wood Sheesham
✔Treated and Seasoned Wood
✔Free from Termite and Borer
✔Shipping Time 2 Weeks
✔Pan India Delivery
✔Product Comes with Warranty

Buy Niwar Solid Wood Sheesham Bedside Table online from Khaticraft that is 100% Authentic modern bedside table design, Treated and Seasoned Wood, Free from Termite and Borer, Shipping Time 2 Weeks, Pan India Delivery and Product Comes with Warranty

Dimensions in Inches:  L18''*D14''*H22''
Primary Material: Solid Wood Sheesham
Secondary Material: Hardware, Plyboard, Adhesive
Frame Material: Solid Wood Sheesham
Legs Material: Solid Wood Sheesham
Storage Type: Drawers
Total number of items in a Product: 1
Polish Type: Lacquer Based
Wood Finish: Honey/Walnut/Natural(No-Stain) Finish
Assembly Type: Not Required
Product to be used in room section: Bedroom and Living Room

The actual product might vary slightly from the image.


Why To Buy

The Colour: One of the most important aspects of wood, Reddish to golden brown patches with white portions of the wood. The best natural look is the mix of both heartwood and sapwood.
Hardness: The core of the heartwood in Sheesham trees is very hard and tough. The density of the grains which stay interlocked is too high to give in the way to wood-eating insects and even the toughest termites. Once made it would go on and on for years, and even generations can use the piece when it’s maintained well.
Easy to carve out: Tough and durable from the core, and yet easy to shape and carve is what makes Sheesham wood a great choice to make aesthetically nice furniture.
No Warping: One great thing about Sheesham wood is that it does not warp.
A sign of elegance and taste: It’s a known fact that solid wood has always been attached with royalty, elegance, style, and class.
Tensile Strength: The Sheesham wood has high tensile strength and is heavy in weight making it sturdy.
The Sheesham wood has natural pest resistance and termite control once the wood is properly seasoned.

Basics of Sheesham?
Well, Sheesham is the common Indian name for a wood derived from the Sheesham tree. The tree has many other popular names, by which it is known in India, the Asian subcontinent, and also in other parts of the world. The most commonly used names are, Dalbergia, Sissoo, Indian Rosewood, Penny Leaf Tree, and also the Himalaya Raintree.

Care & Instructions

  • Do not move or push without dismantling.
  • Do not use a wet cloth to wipe furniture.
  • Do not lift the furniture by holding the top.
  • Do not put water on it.
  • Do not expose it to extreme sunlight.


Warranty Period: This product comes with a 12 months warranty which covers manufacturing defects, inherent termite and borer issues.
Warranty is limited to manufacturing defects only. The product will either be repaired/replaced based on the issue that occurred and examined by the executive solely khaticraft’s discretion. In response to seasonal climate variations, solid wood will contract and expand throughout the life of the product and is thus not warranted for this purpose.

This Limited Warranty Does Not Apply To:

  • Small cuts, scratches or damage during the cleaning process
  • Damaged caused by the incorrect installation of a product
  • Cracks during the random displacement
  • The product kept in contact to direct sunlight and water, resulting in decaying of wood
  • With time solid woods are encountered by minor cracks, called checks, which are not included in faults and warranty as these checks do not hamper the life of a product.
  • As per the industry standards, unevenness up to 5 mm can happen because of the difference in surfaces and floor levels. In that case, there is no warranty.
  • There is no warranty on upholstery/ coverings/ cushion covers

Delivery & Installation


  • Our support and delivery teams will be in touch with you for a hassle-free delivery.
  • Free delivery is only applicable for the first attempt to deliver at your shipping address. If a customer misses this delivery, an extra visiting charge will be applicable for the second attempt.
  • In absence of a service lift, our delivery partner shall only make a delivery to the ground floor of your apartment. Extra charges are applicable per floor on delivery to the customer’s floor (on request) in such cases.
  • Extra charges are applicable for the weekend or time-specific delivery.


  • Depending on the delivery condition, your product may or may not require installation assistance upon delivery.
  • If The Assembly Status Is:
  • Pre-assembled – no installation is required. The product comes fully assembled and ready to use.
  • Carpenter Assembly – expert assistance is required, for which Khaticraft will provide carpenters to carry out proper installation and assembly.
  • Self Assembly/DIY – the product requires minimal installation/assembly, which can be carried out by the customer using simple tools and assembly instructions provided. No expert assistance is required.

Return & Cancellation


If you change your mind after placing an order, you can cancel the order (or part of the order) within 03 (three) days of the order confirmation, or before it is shipped, whichever is earlier.


A cancellation fee of 2.5% will be applied on the amount paid by you while processing the refund. Any cashback earned on the order prior to the cancellation will be deducted. If the same cashback has been used completely or partially to place another order, the cashback amount will be deducted from the refund amount of the canceled pro


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Niwar Solid Wood Sheesham Bedside Table

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